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Comment Re: as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 4, Informative) 163

I have been living and working in the bay area for about 25 yrs, now. before that I spent a bunch of years in the boston area, doing the boston software thing.

when I work at some of the big names in the bay area, I see who is working there and what their skill level is. I hear the talk in meetings and see the tech discussions. I see the writings on whiteboards left from meetings. I hear hallway talk. I see the bugs from co-workers. I see the lack of qa and testing and blatant bugs in routines that have 5 lines of code. I see docs that were clearly not written by native english speakers.

the best and brightest? h1b? you HAVE to be shitting me.

big huge lie. they are the cheapest warm bodies you can buy and dominate and boss around. but they are not, and never were, best and brightest. their curve is like our curve; we have some that are stars and most are average. the ones that come over have the same bell curve. some really good stars, but for the most part, you could find the same level of quality here, already.

h1b is bullshit. we all know it.

Comment Re:as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 4, Interesting) 163

It sounds like you don't have relevant skill sets anymore

I am not a web gui jokey, if that's what you mean. I can hold my own in C, C++, I can do ok enough in python, and probably get by as well as others in the languages they don't use regularly.

I am pretty in touch with computing in most areas. and I don't even insist on specialist jobs. there are a ton of 'can you write C code?' jobs and I'm be ok doing that. they won't give it to me; I'm too qualified, then. even when I beg for the job, I'm too overqualified and they won't give it to me.

there has been writing and teaching in my background and I'm happy enough to do that. nope, once you write C code, they won't take you as a tech writer. I'm happy to do it! I enjoy it. but the stigma stops them from taking me on. I'm not making this stuff up, either.

I can design hardware, do board bring-up, order parts and eval things. write the firmware, do the networking, solder the parts, document it, write the host based back ends. ensure the whole system works. take it to trade shows and demo it. write the docs for it, do the RMA service. in other words, I can do a whole company's worth of jobs and in some ways I act as a whole hardware/software company of size 1. I can do most anything.

and yet, here I am. unemployed and finding it very hard to break thru that 'but you are an older expensive american' boundary. its a killer, even if you're highly skilled and capable.

I will confess, I'm over 50 and that's a major 'problem' right there for silicon valley employers. they mostly don't hire us anymore and if they do, its always as contract and never fulltime. they're afraid to touch us, in effect. (when you let go a person over a certain age, they have to document a lot more and show that it wasn't due to age. other things come into play when you take on an older guy, and I realize this crap is going on, but its still a show-stopper in your goal of getting employed).

I also know that its common to say 'you are not keeping up' but that's a BS line. I am keeping up. that's not the issue and it never was.

Comment Re:Current laws not enforced (Score 1) 163

I would personally volunteer to work as a 'secret shopper' for the government in order to weed out these bullshit companies that screw over our own people with this h1b crap.

I'm qualified for a lot of jobs and I have a ton of who's-who names on my resume. I can do the job, in more cases than not. and yet, when I apply, its the same as you - some BS excuse and you never hear from them again.

I would love to help weed out this unpatriotic selfish bastard companies and really sock it to them where it hurts, in fines and even jail time. if there is no pain, you don't change behavior.

I've had to live on unemployment for a while, live on my savings for much much longer and I'm sick and tired of this crap. I'm qualified, I want to work and yet I can't get work. all around me are h1b's and I see tons of job listings. but no one hires me. and my peers, we're all in the same boat (so I know its not personal).

I'd love to help be that secret interviewer. and when I get turned down, I should have the authority behind me (via the government) to have a full investigation done to SHOW ME the real proof of why I'm not qualified for this job.

a few rounds of that hitting the papers and - PROBLEM SOLVED FOR GOOD.

anyone else game to do this? lets start a movement!

Comment Re:VISA program is GOOD. H1B is NOT. It is a joke (Score 2) 163

I don't think we need a visa system, either. you think we're UNDER POPULATED here in the US? maybe in the flyover states we are, but in the tech area hubs we are overcrowded in a way that is not beneficial to anyone but the corps, who prey on us like vultures.

when we have locals who can't get or keep a job and you have 90% indians and chinese walking around in google, intel, cisco, facebook, twitter, etc - there is something really wrong, here. locals can't get work and we import people who don't really understand our culture and actively avoid being part of it, in fact.

we have no right to hand out jobs to non-citizens when citizens are going hungry, begging to be hired. yes, its true, I speak from personal experience here.

do we need more citizens? really? why would you think we need more people here? a lot of the world is overcrowded. are we supposed to be the world's solution by letting everyone come work and live here?

I was dinged on some of my previous posts when people didn't understand what my beef was. let me be clear; most countries give preference to their citizens, first. for some reason, we do not and I think that's quite unfair. a US person can not go to india and just get a job. you just can't. but indians can come here and get jobs no problem. does that sound equal, to you? why do we have to take everyone in? we can't even feed ourselves, as a whole nation. we are not in any condition to open our doors and let more and more people in. and especially not 'guest workers'. again, we don't have those rights in other countries. I can't just go to places in europe or asia and find a job, even at pay lower than locals. there are laws that stop them from hiring non-citizens. but the US does not do that, we let anyone in and give them first chance over jobs before people who spent 50+ years investing in this country.

most software and hardware jobs are not rocket science. we don't need 'the best and brightest in the world' to patch bugs and write for-loops. most of IT work is not genius-level stuff. and its clear when you walk around the hallways at places like the ones I mentioned that the people there are definitely not the brightest ones findable. they are average guys and girls, doing an average job. I can do that, too, but I can't get work because the companies have given up hiring locals and look to hire only h1b's. for even the simple software jobs, people like me can't get a company to hire them. and we all know why, too.

Comment Re:Sounds good on paper... (Score 2) 163

and in some time afterwards, when they realize that we have infrastructure that pretty much WORKS and they do not, they'll be back.

yeah, its cheap in india. when the electricity works. and when the workers actually DO real quality work.

let them go to india and china. once they realize that cost savings is not all there is, they'll be back.

perhaps they need to truly learn the value of having us, the US born workers who know this country and how to get things done, be in their employ.

I hope more companies do 100% offshoring work.

they will learn that its not all roses.

I think we need to experience more pain (damn) in order for us to get back what we all lost. and we ALL did lose; because if it did not happen to you yet, it will; and it most certainly is happening to people you know.

Comment Re:HOW much to start-up? (Score 1) 34

back when digital first came out and people were experimenting with OTA vs sat vs cable - it was obvious that OTA was pretty decent and everything else sucked badly.

what's the point in high def if its all motion smeared?


its why I prefer spinning media to streaming, for the most part. amazon video is actually pretty good, but most other streamers really compress things way too much.

Comment as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 4, Insightful) 163

I can only hope that our voices are STARTING to be heard and taken seriously.

I can't compete with an h1b. I have more experience, I know silicon valley quite well, I have good contacts and can get things done; but I'm 'an expensive american' because I have US healthcare to pay and US rents to pay, etc. and I'm not willing to have 5 other room mates and live-for-work just to stay employed.

we need a break from this heat wave. many of us who need work cannot get it. companies stopped caring about us and refuse to even consider us. we badly need relief from this or we'll find more of us slipping into the poorest underclass and that's just an absurdity. intelligent and capable thinkers and builders unable to get work because our corp overlords sold us all out.

I'll believe in the relief when I see it. so far, though, its killing many of us. in some ways, almost literally (I may lose my home soon, that's how bad it can get).

Comment snowden gives me some hope (Score 5, Insightful) 46

right now, life looks pretty dismal in so many ways. many problems in the world, problems at home; and for me, personal shit that is becoming hard to deal with.

but when I read about snowden, I feel a little bit better. it feels better knowing that the world is not 100% all corrupt and evil and that some few souls out there really do risk everything to make things better for us all.

I hope mr. snowden finds some peace in his life (sounds like its not all bad, there) and I consider him the #1 hero for our whole century, in terms of humanity and wanting to really improve things, at great personal cost.

mr. snowden: you are an amazing person and I'd do anything I could to help you in any way I could. we all owe you so much. and all we can say is a great big 'thanks!' (we can't even donate to you, which really sucks.)

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 393

OT: but in star trek, the enterprise crew are not the humans of the future.

the kingons are. in fact, its hard to tell many humans from klingons, if you ignore the obvious diff in looks and language.

the dog-eat-dog view is widely held by humans. 'its not enough that I win; you must also lose'. that summarizes much of humanity, sad to say.

there's no chance people will progress to star trek level of kindness, justice and understanding. we don't have it in us, by in large. the good humans are the tiny tiny minority in this world.

I don't take pleasure in saying this. but its just true, that's all.

Comment Re:Regs (Score 1) 29

Have you ever seen a regulation that you didn't like?

Of course I have. And other regulations that were too heavy handed. My question is how much of the price of a house where I want or need to live is from regulation, and are the regulations warranted. The price of Daytona's regulations is meaningless to anyone who doesn't live there.

Comment Re:Are you saying hatred doesn't exist? (Score 1) 7

Firstly, "turn down"?

Disavow. If Charlie Manson voices his support for you and you don't disavow his support, you're implying that you agree with his world view.

But there are other "protected classes", so if I murder a woman because I have a problem with women (and what Republican doesn't, amirite?), wouldn't that also be defined as a crime'o'hate?

To my mind, any murder is a "hate crime". After all, what other reason is there to murder someone no matter who they are except you hate them and the fact that they exist? When that black guy targeted white cops it was most certainly a "hate crime" and if Louisiana has hate crime laws and he'd lived, he would have been charged with a hate crime.

"Protected class", my ass.

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