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Comment Re:Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 1) 207

"What I have difficulty with is understanding what software of any significance in my life is actually written in Java."

Well if you've never used Amazon, eBay, Google, most Android apps, Minecraft, or used just about any bank, made any transaction via Visa/Mastercard, been served in a shop at a till point, or made an appointment and had your records tracked at a hospital or doctors, then I can understand why you'd think Java is irrelevant. I suspect most people have used those things, and as such, have used Java, even if indirectly.

Java is everywhere running so many key systems, you just don't see it, and that's because it's great at doing what it's supposed to do on large back end systems.

If you use Windows and just use desktop software, then yes, you're probably unlikely to see much other than C, C++, and .NET stuff (i.e. usually C#).

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 3, Insightful) 207

TIOBEs index is fundamentally flawed, I've posted here analysing why on numerous occasions and in great detail, and whilst my posts on the topic have always been modded to +5 Slashdot still regularly posts drivel based upon it, and people still seem to debate those stories even though they have exactly no merit whatsoever due to the fact the data behind the story is fundamentally broken.

I still have literally no idea why Slashdot posts stories based on TIOBE, and why anyone bothers to debate those stories as if the premise they're dragging from the index has any merit whatsoever. I can only assume TIOBE pays Slashdot for Slashvertisments at this point.

I'll give TIOBE credit, it has in the last year or so updated it's methodology to be slightly less than worthless rather than just completely worthless, but it's still ultimately just a shade of worthless in it's methodology. It looks like they're now using someone who passed high school statistics, rather than someone that failed it. They really need at absolute minimum a statistics graduate though if their index is to be of any value.

I've long said that if they want to drastically increase the value and worth of their index, then rather than counting how many results they get for "C Language" on YouTube, Amazon, Baidu, and Wikipedia which tells us pretty much nothing about it's usage, that they at least switch to using results from Jobsites, and open source project sites. That way they can start to measure what's actually being used, rather than what a bunch of unrelated search engines are confusing their search for.

Consider this, C++ is a (relatively) old language, but one that has been updated, by searching Amazon for "C++ Language" you may therefore get more books on it than any other language, but that tells us absolutely nothing about how much it's being used, as many people who read the early books may have long retired and the books may be entirely irrelevant now, but Amazon still lists them whilst newer C++ developers are buying the newer books it's possible that usage has stayed relatively static for example - the increase in books does not necessarily correlate to an increase in developers. The same problem rings true in other ways for all their other search results.

By using job sites it may still not tell us anything about retirement, but it does at least tell us the trend. Using open source repositorites can be a good indicator of actual usage, though it misses out the entirety of the corporate closed source world which may or may not use a completely different set of technologies.

So whilst TIOBE currently tells us nothing of value, it could be changed to tell us what companies are hiring for and hence using or intending to use, which is helpful, or it could tell us what open source projects are using, which is useful information as it gives you an idea of what open source developers are choosnig to use even if it's not necessarily representative of the whole market.

Short version: TIOBE needs to change it's methology to be meaningful, or Slashdot needs to stop posting stories based on it that are almost certanily incorrect, or at least aren't verifiable by anything from TIOBE.

Comment Re:How to delete your phone number from facebook (Score 1) 103

Someone else suggested that when I've mentioned this before, but the issue is that MSN used a Hotmail account that I had set up years ago specifically for MSN, whereas LinkedIn used one of my actual proper e-mail addresses.

If I had to guess it would be that MS was transferring IP address data of machines we connected with + real names.

Comment Re: What about the rest of us? (Score 1) 76

The cost of living on the Vinyard is insane - cheap housing would just be a cruel market distortion.

Let the grocery stores all go bare and then see if the employers really can't pay much above minimum-wage. I suspect the customers will pay what it costs. Your plan of taking money from working-class people in Worchester to subsidize the grocery prices on the Vineyard is classic elitist abuse.

Comment Re: Young engineers ... (Score 1) 242

Have you ever used a Dyson product? They suck (except the ones that are supposed to).

Good news that this little battery company had its own R&D staff, perhaps some of them who've had some life experience. If they just need a billion dollars to succeed, then I'm all for it and hope Dyson profits handsomely.

Comment I'm quite ignorant of the KKK (Score 1) 2

All I know about them is they hate blacks, Jews, and Catholics (presumably all non-protestants, but as I said, I'm ignorant). What views do they have that aren't hateful? I'm curious.

As to BLM, the entire reason that movement HAD to happen was because there really ARE people who think black lives DON'T matter, including black gangsters and bigoted whites. You have some citation for BLMers advocating hatred or violence?

Like the late humorist Will Rogers said in the 1930s, "all I know is what I read in the papers" and I have a LOT more newspapers available than he did, thanks to the internet.

Comment Re:Not until the laws are changed (Score 5, Informative) 185

Any employee taking this option is a fool. They would be voluntarily giving up the (sometimes meager) benefits of being defined as a full time employee under US law. Great for Amazon, terrible for the employee.

Under 32 hours and the law would say no benefits are required. Amazon is actually giving them a straight ratio of benefits instead of dropping them to part-time. It's the opposite of a dickish move, as far as the law is concerned (and Amazon is showing that the law need not dictate when businesses are competing for employees).

There are probably many parents who will jump at this kind of opportunity (plus others who want to start a business, do more volunteering, or just have more leisure time).

Comment Re:Government Networks (Score 1) 382

I worked at DEC back when cdrom was just coming out (DEC had a server called 'infoserver' that would be a bank of cdrom drives you could mount and get data from; back in late 80's, early 90's).

we had requests from customers to OMIT the vol control and front TRS jack so that music could not easily be played using those drives. the customers were 'afraid' their worker bees might be enjoying their work-time too much by endulging in some music while they work. DEC saw dollar signs and said 'sure! we'll let you treat your workers like shit. no problem!'. sigh.

wonder who those customers were? we (engineering) were not told, just that it had to be removed from the product for 'some customers'.

Comment Re:Speed or density? (Score 1) 145

Or cheaper. We've been hearing about SSD under 30 cents a GB "real soon now" for, what, five years now? At ten cents it replaces hard drives in all small capacities. The slope still puts that many years out.

Maybe 3DXpoint will depress the NAND prices for existing fab utilization next year. Here's hoping.

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