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Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - Star Wars and Mayan Temples Intersect (

kodiaktau writes: Mayan temples located in the Guatemalan rain forest near Tikal are expected to be flooded with visitors during the last rush or tourist excursions leading up to Dec 21st. The Tikal Four were the same temples that Lucas sent his production crew to capture to represent Yavin 4 in the 1977 production of Star Wars: A New Hope while the country was enduring a civil war.

Submission + - What do you buy a 90 year old, tech-savy Dad who has everything? (

Bearhouse writes: My Dad amazes me with (a) his longevity & energy, and (b) his continued ability to mess around with electronics stuff. Since he already has things ranging from valve amps made from war-surplus, via an original IBM PC kit to an Android tablet, I was going to buy him a Raspberry Pi for Christmas. Turns out he's already got one. I saw nothing that really got me excited in the attached link, so your ideas would be appreciated, thanks.

Submission + - Google boss says tax avoidance IS capitalism ( 1

Bruce66423 writes: Eric Schmidt said £2.5 billion tax avoidance 'is called capitalism': is totally unrepentant. One must admit to being impressed by his honesty, unlike Starbucks who are gratuitously giving the British government money. So the question is — how can British geeks ensure their displeasure is demonstrated — apart from making sure that ALL their friends have Adblocker software installed

Submission + - Damage from Hurricane Sandy Still Hurting Bloomberg LP & Other Wall St. Firm (

Cara_Latham writes: "It's been more than a month since superstorm Sandy hammered the New York metropolitan area, but the city still isn't back to normal. Sections of the Rockaways on Long Island continue to rebuild and recover. Portions of the Jersey shore are still devastated. PATH train service from New Jersey to lower Manhattan is disrupted, forcing thousands of financial services employees who work in and around the financial district to figure out another way to get to the office.

Most surprising, yet unknown to many, is that many buildings in the areas flooded in lower Manhattan remain without power to this day. Yes, some 40-odd days later, some buildings are still waiting to get the lights turned back on. It turns out that almost everything that was touched by flood waters in these buildings needed to be removed, replaced and inspected before being connected back to the power grid. Wiring, transformers, telecom equipment, boilers, insulation, sheetrock and carpeting, to name a few of the most common items, all need to be replaced before city inspectors will allow workers to return to their offices.

As a result, some financial firms, including Bloomberg LP, are still waiting to return to their primary offices and are working in back-up facilities scattered around the tri-state area."


Submission + - Dell's drops price of Ubuntu Ultrabook; Now Costs $50 LESS Than Windows Version (

McGruber writes: ""Dell's has lowered the price of its 'Project Sputnik' laptop ( The XPS 13 Developer Edition comes with Ubuntu 12.04 pre-installed. It originally listed as $1,549, but after complaints that it was more than the Windows 7 version, the price has dropped to $1,449 — a $50 discount on the Microsoft edition ("

Submission + - Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself (with a bad trip)

carmendrahl writes: "In Austria, people can submit their street drugs to a lab-on-a-bus to ensure they got what they paid for. The government is using the bus to track emergence of new variants of bath salts and other drugs. Now, researchers have developed a test they'd like to add to the bus's offerings: it assesses drug action instead of just reporting chemical structure."

Submission + - US pastent Office head Honcho says "Give it a rest" (

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: David Kappos tells patent opponents to "give it a rest" He further goes on to say that the present smartphone patent litigation is the way the patent system is supposed to work.

Mr Kappos, if this is the way that the patent system is supposed to work, then speaking for those who would eliminate patents altogether: the prosecution rests.


Submission + - Infamous Chinese Hacker Heads Antivirus Startup (

tsu doh nimh writes: Questions about who is in charge at an antivirus company startup called Anvisoft prompted an investigation into the company's history. Digging through the company's registration records and other clues, offers compelling evidence that the firm is headed by Tan Dailin, an infamous Chinese hacker "Wicked Rose," who once ran a Chinese government-sponsored hacking group that developed zero-day Microsoft Office exploits for use against U.S. Defense Department contractors.

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