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Comment Advise you get a "throwdown phone" (Score 1) 28

Because putting your phone number out there will probably pollute it and soon you'll be getting telemarketing calls 24x7 effectively killing the number.

They'll promise to take care of your number but they'll sell it to a "business partner" or they'll lose the list due to poor security or when they go bankrupt it will be sold as an asset.

I've had multiple email and one phone number polluted like this so far. I don't trust'em any more.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 591

The trend towards war is down.

But as we run out of non-renewable resources over the next 100 years, global warming won't matter.

The loss of pesticides, fertilizers, stainless steel, etc. all will limit our growth, lead to population declines, and possibly pretty terrible war (we have a lot of ugly stuff we agree not to use but as history shows, we will use during total war).

80 years from now, we may be at 12 billion and 80% likely to still be rising.

200 years from now, the earth is more likely to have a population of 3 billion than 20 billion. To avoid that we'll have to invent a lot of new technologies really fast as we hit multiple limits. Consumption of non-renewable resources by a population of 12 billion will be terrific.

I think most of the breakdown happens after I die. But I think we do have a breakdown- things have gotten visibly more brittle over the last 20 years. There's not as much slack in the system as their used to be. Which is fine until you have a problem.

Comment Funny bit was the turnover (Score 1) 181

The feeling was that young people had a better promotion path.
Old people might quit.

The reality was that young people repeatedly quit after 2 years so their resume would look like they were "go getters".

The old people kept the department going (including one in his 70s).

The young people turned over like crazy.

Comment Re:The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 2) 181

Expense isn't the issue. OIder employees with similar experience (and similar compensation) are also discriminated against.

It's really blatant in some of the ads.. "Looking for YOUNG, dynamic, candidate who works to deadline" has actually be used by someone who was stupid in placing their ad. Usually they use dog whistles or (Infosys) require your resume have the date you graduated high school (so they can cull you before you wall in the door - and yes it's illegal to do that).

IT is incredibly low status, good play, but lacks a career path for 90% of workers. 20 years is insufficient. Being dumped on the street at 52 when you haven't been saving over half your salary means homelessness and dog food (or public assistance) by the time you are 70.

Avoid IT.

Comment Re: Popcorn's ready... (Score 1) 525

It would be nice to know if the person we may vote into office has engaged in tax evasion or if they actually pay what they owe.

If he wasn't, there'd be a case filed by the IRS against him. If there's not, than what evidence is there to imply that he hasn't paid? I'm no Trump fan, and I do wish he'd release them, but this whole issue is just bloviating from the DNC campaign.

Comment Re:I've seen this before (Score 1) 410

the law of averages means that there are going to be the odd extremes here and there but the rest of the data points will cancel them out.
Pretty odd law, never heard about it. Did you make it up?

Obviously not, but the fact that he knows about it, and clinges to it, would seem to indicate a clear lack of understanding.

Comment Re:The H1B program could easily be fixed (Score 1) 332

You are a little confused all right!

Companies won't find H1B candidates as appealing if they had personal minimum in their pocket salaries of a minimum of $120,000 per year. It is the absolutely most direct way to stop H1B abuse and to return it to the original intent of bringing in rare and top quality talent which wasn't available locally.

The rest of your post sounds like word salad.

Comment Re:Here's a simple thought (Score 5, Insightful) 332

So let me get this right..

You are voting for a guy who regularly stiffed laborers of their pay (hundreds of cases on record), who stiffed subcontractors and other businesses on their pay, and who said he was using u.s. labor when he was found to be using foreign labor.

P.T. Barnum put it best. There's a sucker born every minute.

Fortunately, Trump has basically lost the race.

Just for funsy's go to Youtube and search for "trump praise clinton". You'll see only 7 years ago he was saying she was terrific and would make a good president or vice president.

Comment Re:The H1B program could easily be fixed (Score 1) 332

H1B is easy to fix.

H1B are supposed to represent rare talent unavailable in the u.s. market.

Simply set the pay for h1b equal to the top 10% pay band. So that would be about $120,000 today.

That way the companies that really need geniuses (like google) won't get shut out.
That way sub par 3 year bachelor's degree candidates won't get the jobs for $60,000.

The H1B originally HAD a $60,000 floor on wages. But that was so long ago that adjusted for inflation, it would be close to $120,000 today.

Comment Re:If You're not rich, have a bright future! (Score 1) 366

The luddites were replaced -- they mostly died of starvation and exposure.

People may find new work (vanity work, stuff that's hard to automate) but I think a key difference is the velocity of change.

When automated trucks are ready, almost 3 million jobs will vanish in a couple years.

Every field will be like this and 38% of jobs are expected to be automated over the next 20 years.

That's a lot of jobs really fast.

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