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Submission + - Southern California Edison Lays off 500 workers- replaces with H1B Visa workers. (

Maxo-Texas writes: California Edison workers are being laid off and replaced with Infosys H1B visa workers. They will be required to train their Infosys replacements in order to receive their severance pay and they will be required to sign NDA's in order to receive their full payment.

This violates the premise of H1B visa's-- that the workers are needed to fill jobs for which employees cannot be found. The story is being widely reported on conservative talk radio as well so this event may actually bridge the political gap and bring about bipartisan corrections to the H1B programs

Full details:

Submission + - GPL risk shown when popular Minecraft plugins shut down by DMCA.

Maxo-Texas writes: One of the primary programmers, Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness), who contributed over 23,000 lines of code to the Bukkit project which enhances Minecraft server performance and allows others to write "mods" and "plugins" submitted a DMCA request September 5th, preventing use of his code in the popular Bukkit or Spigot (and numerous other Minecraft plugins, mods, and other open source enhancements that depend on them). This has the effect of freezing all further development for multi-player server Minecraft based on these addons until the issue is resolved.

The programmer says that Mojang must release the Minecraft server code to the public domain since decompiled, deobfuscated versions of the java code are included in the Bukkit project before he will withdraw the DMCA. Mojang has never released the real source code and has stated they will not opensource the server code to meet the GPL and LGPL licensing requirements.

Read more here:

This approach might be a risk for other GPL and LGPL projects out there which are derivative of or enhance non GPL programs or products.

Submission + - How Cohen & Grisby helps avoid American Worker (

Maxo-Texas writes:
As it says "Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers. See what Bush and Congress really mean by a "shortage of skilled U.S. workers." Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week."


Submission + - High Radiation Levels 35 kilometers from reactor. ( 1

Maxo-Texas writes: Video showing very high radiation levels in Japan was posted on Youtube yesterday. The video is not dated. It appears to show the ground is at over 2000 microseverts at multiple locations.
The alarms on the geiger counters are eerie. At 3 minutes, they state that at some areas people are getting a years radiation every 4 days and that these areas should be evacuated.
If this is like the chernobyl site, the random vagaries of the wind will have created some intense areas while leaving others relatively untouched.

Submission + - Singularity is coming in Diapers. (

Maxo-Texas writes: The singularity gets closer every day and looks to arrive in diapers. has replaced hundreds of human warehouse workers with hundreds of robotic warehouse workers.

And robotic forklifts are on the way...

How should the government tax when robots replace human workers?

Submission + - Wikileaks: Shell Corporation runs Nigeria

Maxo-Texas writes: The Guardian's analysis of wikileaks documents has revealed that Shell Corporation has inserted employees into every aspect of the Nigerian government and basically runs the company. In what is a view into our corporate controlled future, while the country has billions of dollars in oil income, 70% of the population lives below the poverty line.

"The company's top executive in Nigeria told US diplomats that Shell had seconded employees to every relevant department and so knew "everything that was being done in those ministries". She boasted that the Nigerian government had "forgotten" about the extent of Shell's infiltration and was unaware of how much the company knew about its deliberations."

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