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Comment Re:Well there would be a lot of it (Score 1) 61

One of the best! (Maybe spoilerish!)

Explores the relevance of consciousness to intelligence and highlights the possibility that alien life is so different from us that our mere attempts at communication could be considered an assault.

If you haven't read his other works I suggest the Starfish/Rifters series in it's entirety. Almost all of his works are free on his website by the way.

Comment Neural modeling made easy (Score 2) 53

This seems to say that by interlinking subsets of binary decision modules you can simulate (or create?) a silicon based system that will approximate the decision tree of a biological entity. Toss in an additive memory system that enhances pattern recognition based on past experience (machine learning compatible?) and you have a system that will grow in discernment the way biological systems do. The trick would seem to be in modeling the appropriate type and number of these underlying modules, designing them to revise their output based on the relevant memory experience, and then assigning priority to the outputs from those modules, giving self preservation and threat detection precedence for instance.

(Half cocked speculation) I can see custom cores designed to evaluate input based on their own narrow realm of specialization (food, friend/foe, threat/non-threat, shelter, etc. could be analogous to other machine relevant inputs) and with their own memory stores of experiential reference material. These feeder cores would process input with regard to their own specialization and then hand off their individual result to another coordinating core designed to integrate results from the feeder cores. The coordinating core would have a prioritization system to weight the inputs and handle conflicts. The coordinating core would also build an experiential database comprised of inputs from the other core modules and the results of the decisions made from those inputs and the viability of the decisions.

Emergent phenomena and complexity would seem to be a logical result of the combination of a large array of interacting modules provided the output space is varied and robust.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 4, Insightful) 493

Nice post. It seem that modern journalism, instead of informing the public, is selling our biases back to us in a mad rush to produce page clicks. The result is an echo chamber effect on a national scale that balkanizes the electorate into self-selecting political entities, blind to the overall facts and hopelessly spun in the direction of their original predilections. See also the rise of Facebook as an adjunct to the news media, where users control what news they see by blocking uncomfortable or non-congruent sources.

Not only does this create division, but the inherent bias that draws in the targeted groups serves as a mental barrier to entry for non-aligned groups. As long as there is a safe harbor for intellectually and politically similar ideas from one news source, and other sources violate the entrenched norms and standards with biased reporting designed for another group, mobility from one ideological clade to another is limited. Plainly stated, when news outlets produce content which is canted towards a politically limited audience the underlying facts are presented in a way that prevents consumption by individuals with non-aligned ideals. This produces extremely polarized individuals, not only blind to any other interpretations of the issues, but also belligerent to representatives and outlets that contradict their viewpoints.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1042

Those childless couples, regardless of their sexual predilections or ability or decision to reproduce, are paying for the basic intelligence of the people they interact with on a daily basis with those taxes.

Do you want a cashier that can count your change? How about a taxi driver (omit obvious joke about international drivers please) that can read street signs? What about neighbors that have been exposed to the cultural implications of lawlessness and violence through studying history? Maybe even the expediency of using actual spoken English to conduct business in your workplace, instead of various dialects and pidgins based around different localities in the US?

You can thank our education system for that. If you don't want to participate in civilization I suggest you move somewhere without taxes. You pay your taxes and in return you receive civilization. Thinking that the education of the citizens of the US is merely the responsibility of the people who have them is so incredibly moronic and short sighted I can't even believe you would utter that nonsense in public, even on a relatively anonymous board like this.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1042

I remember enjoying sexual play with both males and females from the age of around 4 onward. I certainly don't remember choosing to enjoy looking at both male and females as attractive, yet I do. I certainly do remember all of the snide comments about homosexuality, all of the subtle pressures and expectations wrapped in coded language fomenting heterosexuality, and all of the overt actions and words used by parents and peers that conveyed a heteronormative presupposition. All of that could be considered cultural hypnosis, a psyche mold forced on to myself and others without the knowledge of the ones doing it or the consent of the ones they are doing it to.

If you are used to going with the flow, following the herd, and submitting to authority I can easily see how you would not see a choice there. You would do what was expected of you, as most do when presented with pervasive subliminal persuasion compounded by cultural norms and standards. I have been distrustful of humans and authority since I was very young - that I did not choose. As for my sexuality, I still haven't "chosen." Also, just because you don't remember your imprinting doesn't mean you didn't participate in it.

A further example: A friend of mine was raped at gunpoint by a man most likely in his mid 20's to early 30's. He was 17 at the time and identified as heterosexual and had heterosexual experiences with young women. As he relates the experience he enjoyed the rape so much that he now identifies as homosexual. He has not been with a woman since and has had, by his account, innumerable sexual encounters with men. He is in his 40's now. He calls it a choice. Who am I to question him?

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 586

I could have stopped you early on. My jokes are bad and just keep getting worse the longer I go. The baseline you took could be indicative of the highest quality available from this source. To whit, your responses were infinitely more humorous than what I can generate. I particularly like the "since it's pure shit and didn't even make me twitch" part. I have no ego when it comes to my lackluster attempts at humor and I do appreciate a good roast.

It could be said that the funniest thing about my whole post is where I refer to Trump as the president elect. Hopefully its a lot funnier over there in Germany. Here its just sad and baffling. Kind of like my humor.

Also, props on your username.

Comment Re: In other news... (Score 1) 226

Another lens to view this through:

The one commonality between religions of all types that kill people and political pursuits that also kill people: people that kill people.

Funny how stupid humans point out religions and political ideas as the definitive reason that people are persecuted and killed throughout history. When someone does this they prove they are compromised mentally. Humans strive to create power structures that allow them to do as they wish without recourse. The ideology changes constantly. The behavior stays the same. That is a human quality, not a result of some external force.

Even religions that say "Don't kill people. Love all humans. Treat other humans as you would treat yourself. Love your enemies" have resulted in power structures that wage war, commit genocide, murder, and destroy. Only the ignorant would attribute that to a religion that specifically forbids it.

You want a definitive reason why these terrible things happen? Look in the mirror. Quit passing the buck. Realize this is what humans do.

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 586

Jesus do you need the damn joke broken down for you?

You said they didn't have the resources. Now that Trump is elected they magically have the resources from donations. Why didn't they do it before? Because Trump wasn't elected yet and they couldn't scare people into irrationally thinking the president elect had magical internet erasing powers (Well one of the candidates did, ha-ha-ha that's a joke too, get it? Please don't make me explain this one too.)
Democrats were using fear of Trump (Racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, inexperienced, etc, ad nauseum) to garner votes. It didn't work. Now that he's actually been elected (You mean the mother fucker won?!?!? (This is a reference to a bit by Eddie Murphy about elections (also a joke.))) some people are really scared, and even more so than they were when he was just a candidate. So, now it is easier to use scare tactics to raise money. Therefore, fear of Trump is even more of a "resource" now that he has been elected than it was before he was elected, as it allows websites like the Internet Archive to pay for their backup system in Canada.

Ta da! Now laugh.

Comment Re:One rule for them and another for us (Score 1) 313

Agreed wholeheartedly and thank you for noticing the facts. There are two parties in the US: The elected and the electorate.

Any other interpretation of the political landscape turns you in to a tool of the elected ruling class. They will use you against your American brothers and sisters, and ultimately use your political will against you and what you believe in. They try to keep you confused and angry. So much easier to herd and control that way.

People need to wake the fuck up.

Comment Re:"He is a criminal" (Score 1) 534

There are numerous issues. First, let's make sure you understand that the collection of protected data must be preceded by a warrant, not the other way around. For instance, you don't, as a law enforcement officer, get to search every house a subdivision without a warrant and then, once you find something illegal, go before a judge and get a warrant for the houses that had illegal items in them. To declare otherwise is exactly the opposite of the due process of law.

That being said, and to speak directly to your example of recorded "but not used in any way without a warrant" I have two words.

Parallel construction.

Or, phrased another way: You will never know if, when, and how illegally obtained information is used against you by law enforcement. They will make up a good reason, a plausible reason, a well thought out, even impeccable reason why they have the information about you that they do. It will be completely false. It will be designed with the intention of deceiving not only you and your attorney, but also the court, the judge, the jury, and possibly even the prosecuting attorney as well. And not just them, as we know cases are recorded. Precedent could be set for all time based on illegal and deceitful actions on the part of law enforcement.

Not only would you never know that it was or was not used, but now you have an obvious 6th Amendment issue, subsequent to a violation of the 4th Amendment. To whit, they illegally searched you without your knowledge or the proper legal authority of a warrant, took the information they gained illegally and designed a plausible but completely false narrative as to why they would have that information, prosecuted you based on a lie, and prevented you from ever knowing your "accuser" at all by their deception.

You don't see a problem with this? This is not egregious? Well, keep looking. The details are pretty atrocious for other things that were done in secret. Something will eventually strike through that jaded and callous exterior you have. I am more sensitive to the protections afforded by the Constitution and view slights toward it personally, as they affect me personally.

Comment Re:No, proud of - most times (Score 1) 280

Was probably not coding that took place to change the light duration. Though it would be very interesting, from a prosecutorial/find-them-and-kill-their-children-in-front-of-them-then-remove-their-genetials-so-their-genes-are-eradicated-from-the-gene-pool-forever-for-doing-that-shit standpoint, to see exactly what steps were necessary for government employees and elected officials to so callously and intentionally cause human suffering and loss of life just to make some budget slush fund cash.

I'm thinking it was just a simple slider or dial in some silly little GUI interface. Which raises the question, would responsible coding practices for the traffic control devices have resulted in a hard-coded minimum 3 second setting for yellow lights, which is the minimum recommended duration for yellow lights by the Institute of Traffic Engineers and required in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices?

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