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OpenSSH 5.4 Released 127

HipToday writes "As posted on the OpenBSD Journal, OpenSSH 5.4 has been released: 'Some highlights of this release are the disabling of protocol 1 by default, certificate authentication, a new "netcat mode," many changes on the sftp front (both client and server) and a collection of assorted bugfixes. The new release can already be found on a large number of mirrors and of course on www.openssh.com.'"

Doom-Like Video Surveillance For Ports In Development 56

oranghutan writes "A research and development group down under is working to develop an advanced video surveillance system for ports around the world that uses video superimposed onto a 3D map. With 16-megapixel high-definition cameras on a distributed (cabled) network and a proprietary system written in a variety of languages (C++, Python, SQL, etc.), the group from NICTA is aiming to allow security teams at the Port of Brisbane — which is 110km long — to monitor shipping movements, cargo and people. By scrolling along a 3D map, the security teams can click on a location and then get a real-time video feed superimposed onto the map. Authorities from around the world with the right permissions can then access the same system. The main difference from regular surveillance systems is the ability to switch views without having to know camera numbers/locations and the one screen view."
The Media

Submission + - State of Play: Violence and video games (bbc.co.uk)

IckySplat writes: From the BBC article

Puzzle Quest is a hypnotic 'violent' game The debate around video games and violence rears its head every few months. But are the right questions being asked?

Ever caught yourself looking for good sniper spots after playing many hours of HitMan2
Driving like a maniac after GranTurismo?
Most people can separate the fantasy of games from real life.

But what about the people who can't?


Submission + - Begun the Smart Phone War has

mattatwork writes: "Sun Microsystems just recently announced plans to port a newer version of Java (called Java FX) for the next breed of internet-connected phones. There are also rumors of Google developing their own software to compete with the likes of AJAX, Symbian, Microsoft, Palm and Research in Motion. With Java's history, is this a good thing?"
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - WoW Teams with Visa to Make WoW Credit Cards

LordBafford writes: "World of Warcraft Rewards Visa
The card that pays you to play.

"Blizzard Entertainment has teamed up with First National Bank of Omaha to bring you a Visa card that rewards you with World of Warcraft game time! Sign up today, and once your application is approved, you will be eligible for special card rewards and benefits." Get all the details here http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/visa/ Who doesn't want an axe wielding Tauren on their credit card?"

Submission + - European Galileo program in serious trouble

elrous0 writes: CNN, the Inquirer, et. al. are reporting that Europe's "Galileo" program is facing a serious financial and technical crisis and may be permanently stalled. The European program, designed to be a superior answer to the United States' "Global Positioning System" (GPS), has faced numerous hurdles since its incenption. To date, the Galileo program has succeeded in launching only one of its 30 planned satellites and has been beset by delays and cost overruns. Apparently, squabbling between the eight companies in the consortium behind the project is responsible for many of the problems. The project is now threatened with an EU takeover. But many are skeptical that even the EU can save the flagging program.
The Media

Submission + - Time of use rates and solar power

mdsolar writes: "The LA Time is running a story about how California is seeing a big drop off in applications for rebates for solar power systems. It seems that to get a rebate you have to also switch to a time of use rate with your utility. The math is not working out, especially for smaller systems that don't fully cover use during peak hours and so people are deciding not to go with solar. From the article:

The difference between peak and off-peak rates is particularly large in the 11 counties of Central, coastal and Southern California, where Edison provides electricity service to 13 million customers.
Edison charges summer time-of-use rates that range from 29.7 to 35.9 cents per kilowatt-hour between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. It drops to a range of 16.3 to 18.6 cents per kilowatt-hour from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. weekdays and all weekend days and holidays, according to documents filed with the PUC.
There is likely an optimal system size that reduces consumer costs, but with things in flux you'd want some flexibility in your system."

Submission + - World's First: One Trillion Pixel Image

entrepreneur.md writes: Medgadget.com is reporting on the world's first tetrapixel image developed by the leader in digital pathology technologies, Aperio Inc. Even more impressive than this trillion pixel image of breast cancer tissue, is the fact that Aperio has made an unprecedented move when it opened its brand new digital pathology imaging file format to the open source software community!

Submission + - 22000 SSN's stolen from Univ. of Missouri Database

Anonymous UM Employee writes: 22000 records containing Social Security numbers have been stolen from a database at the University of Missouri. The records affected were of employees employed at any UM campus in 2004 and who had attended the University of Missouri — Columbia as students at any time before that. The compromised database was one used by IT services for tracking help desk quality. See the Press Release or the IT Services QA page for more details. This was the letter that I received:
Dear University of Missouri Employee:
A University of Missouri database was breached beginning May 3, compromising more than 22,000 names and social security numbers. Those affected include employees of any campus within the UM system during calendar year 2004 who were also current or former students at the Columbia campus.
Of those employees affected, nearly 9,000 are still employed by the University of Missouri. These employees will receive an individual e-mail outlining the specifics of the incident along with detailed instructions about how to proceed. Emails to affected employees have already been sent. If you did not already receive a separate email, you are not one of the employees affected and no further action is required.
The University of Missouri is committed to protecting the confidentiality of all employee information. A recent project has been in progress to remove social security numbers from university databases in an effort to avoid such breaches of confidentiality. As this extensive process continues, please be advised the university is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of its data.
For more information about the security breach, please access the Computer Security Web page that includes a question-and-answer section regarding the event at http://doit.missouri.edu/computersecurity.

Submission + - Blame women for bad TV

IckySplat writes: Seen on UK Yahoo

From TFA

Eccentric astronomer Sir Patrick Moore has claimed that TV is worse today because the BBC is run by women.

Is he right? Is there a bigger market for blokes TV other than SKY sports?

"The trouble is that the BBC now is run by women and it shows: soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen-sink plays.

I must admit there seems to be less and less on the tube these days thats worth watching.
Am I just getting older, or could there be something here?

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