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Comment Re:If I owned it (Score 1) 40

I install qBittorrent about once every six months, then uninstall it again because it just doesn't do what I want it to do (specifically in terms of the interface and its handling of RSS feeds). I actually kept it installed for a while before died, specifically because it was whitelisted there.

May I ask what you feel is missing? It got an RSS feed reader, you can set up automatic download filters - simple and regex, pick what feeds each rule applies to, you can set quite a few other options for your RSS downloads than your regular downloads. I see it doesn't really have a smart filter to prevent multiple versions of the same episode from getting downloaded, but usually I just amend the filter until there's only one version in practice.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 311

The last time we spoke you were quoting an article that claimed that climate model predictions did not correlate to actual temperature (and therefore the results of CO2 induced warming could be worse than the models predict). Now you say that Richard Lindzen has a model that's accurate.

What are you talking about, where did you get that? I didn't say anything about Richard Lindzen having a model, learn to read, no wonder science gives you so much trouble, your reading comprehension sucks. Holy fuck I swear you didn't understand a word I said.

Comment Re:Too Late? (Score 2) 40

What is going to make the next version of uTorrent preferable to what's already there? I'm thinking that uTorrent's best days are behind it, and as long as 2.2.1 lives on Oldversion or OldApps, that is its legacy.

That's what I'm thinking too, I switched to qBittorrent that is open source and... it's done? Or well I see there's lots of tiny little enhancements and bugfixes in the release notes but honestly I can't think of a single noticeable change in the last couple years... nor any that I'd want, really. They'd have to pull off some entirely new non-torrent downloading functionality out of the hat to make me go back to uTorrent, which then begs the question.... why is it mixed up with uTorrent in the first place? Then again, looking at my peer logs a lot of other people use it (and by far most use 3.4.9), so I guess they have an audience. Whether they have one that'll let itself be monetized, well... whatever. There's plenty good alternatives if they get intrusive or obnoxious.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 311

The conclusion remains the same when more appropriate statistical methods are used.

No, any proper application of statistics would have recognized the divergence in the tree record reconstruction, and not tried to cover it. Any high-quality scientist would have tried to investigate the divergence instead of publishing it.

There was bad science done here one way or another, although it wasn't outright fraud as some people claim.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 311

Why did it start to diverge? You can't answer that question. Here's why, I'll tell you why: because starting in the 1950s, the number of thermometers in the world increased dramatically, and we were able to make much more accurate readings of world temperature. Once our temperature readings became accurate, we could see that they didn't match the tree record.

When Mann saw that the tree record diverged from the temperature record, he should have begun an investigation into why not. That's what a good scientist would have done. Mann didn't do that, he published as was. Ergo he is not a good scientist.

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