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Comment Re:Bullshit isn't the same as "lie". (Score 1) 265

Well, you are ignoring polysemy here; yes "bullshit" can refer to tall tales like your drinking fifty gallons of beer. However there are other senses of the word, including topics of serious inquiry in the field of epistemics.

I refer you to Professor H.G. Frankfurt's seminal work, On Bullshit (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2005. ISBN 0-691-12294-6.) for more information.

Comment Re:Bullshit isn't the same as "lie". (Score 1) 265

I find that Socratic debate usually convinces the other person that you are attacking them and their stated belief fairly quickly even if actually just honestly wanting more information.

Well, you're in good company on that one. As I recall Socrates ruffled his share of feathers.

That said, I'm talking about satisfying yourself. Convincing others necessarily involves making allowances for their muddy thinking.

Comment Would you prefer an interpreted crypto library? (Score 1) 87

And how is that different than simply #including a crypto library, which has the added bonus that you can pick any number of crypto libraries.

I can see three ways to proceed:

A built-in crypto library
This runs at full speed and is available by default to the shared hosting customer.
An add-on crypto library compiled to native code and distributed as a PHP extension
This runs at full speed but requires the shared hosting customer to convince the hosting provider to install it.
An add-on crypto library written in pure PHP
This is available by default to the shared hosting customer but can run unacceptably slowly due to interpreter overhead.

Comment Defamation of title (Score 1) 101

If I made my livelihood on selling sheet music for my own songs, a handful of incorrect takedown notices that bumped me off Google would be devastating to my business

Likewise for a handful of incorrect notices of claimed infringement sent to your ISP. You can sue the bastards for defamation of title unless the claim is that your own song is substantially similar to one of their own.

Comment Re:Trump on Sweden (Score 1) 364

Except I have seen no data from the Swedish government, which publishes extremely comprehensive crime data (something we would do well to copy), to support the Syrian crime wave story. I've gone through Brottsförebyggande rådet data and it's just not there.

What I have seen is a lot of sloppy correlation and overprojection of statistical noise. For example Sweden amended its legal definition of "sexual assault" to be much, much broader, generating a spate of spurious stories about a Swedish rape epidemic.

Comment Re:Bullshit isn't the same as "lie". (Score 1) 265

Again, you're confusing "lying" with "bullshitting". Lying is about establishing belief in a false version of the world, which is best done, as you point out, by omission. That's because lying depends on peoples' regard for the facts; it exploits that. Being caught in a false assertion destroys a lie's effectiveness, so a smart liar sticks to the facts.

Bullshitting is about inculcating the desired feelings and attitudes in the audience. While a bullshitter doesn't hesitate to use facts when they suit his purpose, he doesn't hesitate to make shit up either, because it doesn't matter if he's caught. It doesn't even matter if he asserts two inconsistent things in the course of a single sentence.


Because bullshitting doesn't aim to establish belief in propositions; propositions are completely disposable. Once it has done its job, a piece of bullshit (unlike a lie) is a nullity. You can show that it is false, but the bullshitter's adherents won't perceive that as inconsistent; not as long as the bullshitter is conveying the same attitude.

That's why fact checking a bullshitter is a waste of time, once you've established that's what he is. It doesn't matter if you prove something he said was wrong, unless you do it in a way that changes his audience's feelings.

Comment Which FOSS paint program has adjustment layers? (Score 1) 148

Start now by using the same Free and Open Source Software on Windows as you will be using under Linux (to the extent that it is available on Windows).

And often it isn't.

Case in point: What free paint program for Windows or X11/Linux has a feature comparable to "adjustment layers" in Photoshop? An adjustment layer is a copy of the layers below it with some filter automatically run on it, which updates automatically whenever a layer below it changes. I couldn't find any way to make an adjustment layer in GIMP 2.8.16, which ships with Xubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Comment There is no "correctly" for W10 active hours (Score 1) 148

So you don't set your reboot settings correctly

It appears that for some, there is no "correctly". I've read stories of Windows 10 refusing to accept "active hours" that cross midnight local time or that span more than twelve hours, such as the sixteen hours from morning to bedtime when a home PC might be used by at least one member of the household.

Comment Re:vote with your wallet (Score 1) 148

Dell has some limited options, but they are nice systems -- the xps 13 and the precision line are available with linux.

And there's a few dedicated linux laptop guys out there; system76, for example.

Anything smaller than 12 inches that's warranted to run GNU/Linux? Last time I checked System76, their smallest was 14 inches.

Once you've accepted that you have to order it in, its easy to buy linux.

If you "order it in", and you find that the laptop's screen or keyboard doesn't agree with you, what are your options?

Comment Re:They also need to prevent unattended reboots (Score 1) 148

Rebooting a PC won't lose a damn thing, unless you're too ignorant to save your work. Ever heard of a hard drive?

Ever heard of regulations banning its use?

Sometimes people call an insurance agency to inquire about insurance, but they don't have all their necessary paperwork at the moment. So the agent keeps the incomplete information in an open Windows Notepad document. The agent is prohibited from saving this document, or from using an editor that automatically saves documents (such as Don Ho's Notepad++), because writing personally identifiable information (PII or "dox") to nonvolatile storage invokes regulatory compliance requirements that the agency is ill equipped to handle. Nor can the agent discard the information because prospective clients expect the agent to be able to pick up where he left off on a later day. Hence the use of an open, unsaved Notepad document to circumvent the regulation.

Source: unixisc

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