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Comment Re: I buy lots of ebooks - Cheap "unix" books on H (Score 1) 47

Fantastic deal. Mind you, you don't get free updates as you would from directly purchasing from O'Reilly. I think you can upgrade for $4.99 per title, so pick the ones you want (or are likely to need upgrades) and do that. Still save a lot.

Would have been nice to have Apache (or nginx) and Samba books though.

Comment Overblown (Score 2) 170

First of all, there was ONE "less than stellar" review. The Ars review was pretty pathetically trollish, I have no idea why. Check Google if you don't believe it.

I used it in beta testing and its head and shoulders above other remote access tools. Their pricing is out to lunch, but it is an excellent tool.

Second, Parallels always has done stuff like this. The last version or two has been popping up ads. It's lazy of them and stupid but it's not really an "unrelated daemon".

Don't expect their support to give you instructions on how to uninstall it, just run something like CleanMyMac2 and move on.

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