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Comment I can go with this, but for fixing one bug (Score 2) 797

There is a bug in GNOME which screws up the window manager if you double click the title bar.
Noted here:
"clicking in upper right corner closes window in background - very unexpected"

Very frustrating and GNOME is doing the wrong thing.

I suppose it will be good to remove the other buttons so that more people experience this, and hence a fix can be found.

Comment Microsoft can choose their own policies (Score 1, Interesting) 566

Microsoft, like any other company are free to choose their own policies of course.
This puts the onus on the open source communities to actually show innovation and for users to speak up and expect specific apps and features.

In many environments around Open Source, companies often use the term "differentiation" to clearly mark their closed source products as superior and reason to hide away.

Is it possible for Open Source to actually differentiate?
What apps or must have features are created and exist in the Open Source world that users of Microsoft phones will need?

As a long time slashdot reader and wise community member, I hear everyday how Open Source gives us freedom, however that is not really a must-have app as most regular people would not know or care where the source came from as long as it were actively maintained and had people at the other end supporting it.

(disclaimer, I am an OSS developer working for Collabora, contracted to Nokia around MeeGo)

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