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Comment Re:"Built to think like a reporter"... (Score 1) 114

Unfortunately, true. Also interesting to note that journalism as a whole is sexist (many more males than females), racist (declining and way under-representative of minorities), and opposed to equal pay for equal work. So while they tend to champion such things as equality for all in theory - they really don't carry through in actions.

Comment Re: Trump! (Score 1) 505

Cool, so we can say more than 1,100 jobs were saved with the maintaining and expanding of the Carrier factory in Indiana as well, then! So now we can say that Trump has already saved 6,800 jobs (using the same ratio of direct-to-indirect jobs saved as for the GM calculation). So around $100 per year per job saved - that's a massive return on investment!

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 505

Again - it's the participation RATE. That's a percentage. I know it's hard to understand - but if there are 100 workers, and 90 have jobs, then the unemployment rate is 10%. If we add 20 more people to the mix, and still have 90 jobs, we have a 25% unemployment rate. If 20 of the 30 that were unemployed are now off of unemployment, and we still have 90 jobs, we now have an unemployment rate of 10% again - but we actually have 20 also no longer "counted". So we have 30 people without jobs, but only "officially" have 10 without jobs. That's why the labor force participation rate matters - not just the unemployment rate.

Comment Re:Or Facebook could just pay taxes (Score 0) 58

I am 100% against all forms of taxation, have been 100% against all forms of taxation. I am not against charity though and this is charity.

I wonder why you don't see that this type of charity is much better than any form of taxation for the purposes outlined in the story? So if FB had to pay more taxes than it managed to pay (legally, but I don't care, I think everybody needs to hide 100% of their money from all forms of taxation legally or illegally, whatever) why would it be better for your position? Why would it be better to take money from a company and use it for all the things that government uses it instead of using it specifically to attempt some form of charity that government pretends it's doing?

Let's say FB had to pay 10Million USD in income taxes (I don't know the numbers, could be many times that) so why wouldn't it be better to have that money go directly to the cause they are supporting instead of funnelling it through any form of government at all?

Is it because you cannot stand the idea that there is no oppression by the mob involved there?

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