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Comment The *real* question... (Score 1) 51

The real question here, which shouldn't even need to be asked but does...

Which of these plans is the least-limited version of "unlimited"? I've already discovered that Verizon won't offer their plan for 4G access points (even though I can buy a five year old sacrificial phone and tether to it 24/7). AT&T apparently doesn't allow tethering at all (which I thought the FCC had previously spanked them for, but, no surprise they went for a "Hail Mary" pass after this past January).

So, which of these plans really will let you use it as close to unlimited as possible? I have no delusion any of them will actually give me the upper possible limit of a solid 42.8Mbps for 13TB/month, but will any even realistically let me use 3-5Mbps sustained for a few hours a day, with 50+GB/month total?

Comment Re: Non-removable battery (Score 1) 96

The G3, G4 and G5 are also supremely easy to repair. It's not just the loss of the removable battery, although that's also a huge issue. The G-series was a huge favorite for me because I could fix one in just seconds with nothing more than a precision Philips head screwdriver.

But yeah, since I don't want a phone any larger than a G4 or G5 and I can't get both removable battery and SD reader, I guess I'm done upgrading my personal phone.

Comment oh no! (Score 0) 64

Oh no! All the people whose job description is to be 6 feet tall, to lift 100 pounds, to jump 4feet into the air and to be able to travel at 9 miles per hour are no longer economically viable...

Time to upgrade that resume.
Skills: can lift up to 101 pound jump 4 feet 5 inches into the air. Can travel at 9.5 miles her hour. Will cost no more 10% of a robot doing the same thing a year. A bonus feature: can travel at least 30 miles on a single charge!

Comment Re: No surprise... (Score 0) 215

collectivism isn't theft. property is an illusion anyway

- so is collectivism not theft *or* is property an illusion? AFAIC property is a fact and it starts with your own body, so this nonsense is just that - nonsense:

you belong to nature and it will reclaim you one day.

- the chemicals, molecules and atoms I am made of are as much 'me' as any number of notes thrown together into a hole in a ground is an opera.

*You* are not just water and trace chemical elements you are made of, you do not belong to anybody. You are an entity that was organized into existence via a complex procedure that took billions of years + 9 months and whatever your age is and everything you have experienced since you were conceived and until the moment you die.

Once you die the corpse that is left after is no longer *you*, it's an empty vessel that can no longer be you, you are gone and definitely are not a possession of anybody.

You may want to rethink that dumbass ideology of yours, it's idiotic.

Comment Re:The benefits of Single Payer (Score 0) 112

Single payer in Canada costs about half as much than multiple payer healthcare in the US,

- let me put it this way: I do not care what it 'costs', the real question is *who pays*. Nobody should be *forced* to pay for anybody else.

while yielding better overall outcomes.

- let me put it this way: I do not care about 'overall outcomes', I only care about 1 outcome and that outcome is related to myself. The 'overall outcome' never comes into the picture, it's irrelevant and it's completely misleading.

The only question that matters is this: if you need healthcare can you get it by paying for it without anybody else forcing you to do anything else or to pay for anybody else. All these other considerations are destruction of individual freedoms and destruction of quality in healthcare and they are *not* reducing the cost to those who are paying the large share of it. Nobody should be forced to pay for other people's healthcare and nobody should be prevented (as is done in Canada) from buying healthcare out of pocket.

Comment Re: No surprise... (Score 0) 215

every one else has to sell themselves into permanent lifetime servitude just to temporarily use their product

- if you feel that an Intel processor is worth selling yourself into slavery then you really must need that processor, don't you? Even then you are getting something out of the transaction that is beneficial for you, otherwise why would you sell yourself????????????

Comment Re:Bring 'em on down... (Score 0) 215

The mainstream 'economists' and the Federal reserve and the government disagree with you. They will tell you that bringing prices down will cause you to stop shopping because you will expect further price cuts instead of buying what you *need* now (even if you buy on credit, which means that the final price is much higher, which completely undermines their idiotic claims). But didn't you hear the official party line? 2% inflation is good. 0% inflation is bad. Because the Fed is supposed to provide a dual mandate of fucking you in the ass while coming in your mouth.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score -1) 215

Gouging? What the hell is gouging? Competition brings the prices down as long as competition can exist without subsidies of any kind. Once the competitor is no longer profitable the prices are at the lowest possible level (given the modern state of technology, laws, taxes, inflation levels and such).

But what the hell is 'gouging'? You are free to try and sell your wares (or your labour for that matter) for any price at all and if there is somebody buying then they see value in that. The people who are buying, the paying customers are not being gouged, they wouldn't purchase the service or the product if it was not beneficial to them to fork out whatever the price is because the product would provide them with more benefit than the cash they paid for it.

Comment Personally I will wait (Score 1, Informative) 215

I've had AMD in the past, when they were good (pre Phenom days). Then I switched to Intel. It seems like AMD are finally getting serious again, that's good. Because with the rumors flying that Intel is soon going to be supporting Windows only on their chips, there is no fucking way I will continue to buy from them if this turns out to be true.

Price is only a secondary concern. It was important when you were buying a new rig every year. But since the pace of progress has slowed, I don't mind shelling out more for a CPU because I know it's going to last me a good 5+ years and then some. Now what I find important is retaining control over my machine.

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