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Submission + - The importance of feedback in climate modeling (

MSTCrow5429 writes: Predictions of future global warming trends by government-funded climate scientists have been entirely consistent in one area; they've all been wrong. Empirical data indicates the climate models assume amplification feedback that does not exist and overestimate carbon-dioxide's role in increased temperature by at least 300%. Based on observed results, climate skeptics are pointing the way to furthering research in climate science.

Submission + - Heartland Institute documents have evidence of forgery (

MSTCrow5429 writes: Slashdot ran a story earlier this week claiming damaging documents had been leaked from the Heartland Institute. Review of the documents has indicated a likely hoax, due to unlikely phrasing of disputed issues and metadata revealing such oddities as being created outside of the Institute's timezone and lacking authors as in all other Heartland documents.

Submission + - Next Up for Nationalization: the Internet (

MSTCrow5429 writes: "Network neutrality, or net neutrality, is the beneficent-sounding name for sweeping new government regulatory power that would prohibit Internet service providers from innovating in their own networks. This could lead to much less broadband investment by private companies, and could potentially force government subsidization, control, and outright nationalization of the Internet. The implications of this are chilling."

Submission + - DonorGate Scandal Latest to Hit Wikipedia (

MSTCrow5429 writes: In the latest of a long train of scandals to hit Wikipedia, the "Sydney Morning Herald" has accused founder and Wikia President Jimmmy Wales of trading multi-thousand dollar donations for article re-writes. Jeff Merkey, formerly of Novell, claims that Mr. Wales approached him in 2006, and that for a fee, Mr. Wales would personally see to it that the article on Mr. Merkey, which had cast him in a negative light, would be re-written in Mr. Merkey's favor. Mr. Merkey claims that after he donated $5455, Mr. Wales followed through on this quid pro quo. The Wikipedia edit history does indicate that Mr. Wales wiped out the article on Mr. Merkey, and then personally re-wrote it.

Submission + - Al Gore III Busted for Drugs, Speeding in a Prius

MSTCrow5429 writes: Al Gore III, the son of former Vice-President Al Gore, has been arrested in California, early Wednesday morning, for speeding at 100MPH in a Toyota Prius on the San Diego Freeway. Inside the vehicle, police found "marijuana along with Xanax, Valium, Vicodin and Adderall." Al Gore III does not have a prescription for any of those substances. He was previously arrested for possession of marijuana in December 2003 in Bethesda, Maryland, while attending Harvard University. show_article=1

Submission + - Environmentalists Decry Man's Usage of the Sun ( 1

MSTCrow5429 writes: A rather curious report from Australia reports on a published paper, -takes-lions-share-of-solar-energy/2007/07/02/1183 351126304.html, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Essentially, it boils down to humans are using too great a share of the sun's energy, 24%, inclusive of harvested plant life. A Mr. Snow Barlow, agriculture professor at the University of Melbourne, questioned whether such statistics indicate humans are "probably being a bit greedy." This raises obvious questions, such as how such a mindset would affect renewable resource usage, and whether this is an overt expression of radical anti-humanist environmentalism. If we can't use the sun grow plants to feed ourselves and our livestock, and a far lesser concern of not being able to use solar energy, that would fairly effectively spell the end of human civilization, which critics of radical environmentalism have long held as the intentional end-game under radical environmentalist theory and philosophy.

Submission + - President Bush Gives Self Dictatorial Powers

MSTCrow5429 writes: WorldNetDaily ( 825) reports on National Security Presidential Directive NSPD-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, issued by President Bush, which effectively would give the Presidency dictatorial powers during a declared national emergency, without any Congressional or other oversight, over all levels of government throughout the United States and its territories, as well as over the entire private sector. It apparently is meant to override the National Emergencies Act, which gives Congress the power to check Presidential power during national emergencies. The office of National Continuity Director has been created, without authorization from Congress. Frances Fragos Townsend, the assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, would be appointed as the National Continuity Director during a national emergency. Perhaps most worryingly, the President can now unilaterally declare a national emergency, and proceed to implement directives, answerable to no one, not even Congress.

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