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Comment What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 2) 31

This is not the first airline this has happened to, I think now something like three airlines in about a year? How on earth do all of these separate companies have the same problems where ANY breakage of the system mean planes with schedules pre-determined ages ago cannot fly? Is there some kind of Intuit Turbo Airline Manager software they all run??


This is probably the strongest demonstration yet that we are all living in a computer simulation.

Comment Let us rephrase (Score 1) 134

Should extremely targeted software be priced according to the broadest possible metric?

All of this should essentially be up to the software developer, to price things according to who their customers are in various markets.

Now what I have read about is some app developers out of a spirit of charity, making apps free in some extremely poor markets (like Africa and India) to help out the population there.

Comment Re:As a tech worker with kids... (Score 1) 281

Actually, SF has some pretty awesome schools. There's a great number of 9/10 and 10/10 schools from elementary to High School. Unlike, say, Oakland or Berkeley, where there's some good elementary schools, but middle schools are so-so at best, and you basically have to go to private school for High School.

And of course there are a great number of jobs based in SF. Many tech companies have offices there, even if it's not quite Palo Alto. Square and Uber come to mind, just because they're big companies and I have friends working there, but there's also banks and lawyers and a great many other well-paying jobs.

Comment Madness (Score 1) 281

Government provides better services for a fraction of the cost compared to capitalism

You are utterly insane and I do NOT want to subscribe to your newsletter.

That statement is so breathtakingly ignorant it boggles the mind. But not too much because believing that titanic lie is why California is the way it is, and is becoming moreso.

Comment Even programmers should know better though (Score 1) 102

I would say having a 32 bit number as some kind of ID for activity is not even a database design issue, it's almost a pure programing issue. Any programmer should know better than to keep a unique ID in some kind of 32 bit value... heck the "fix" to move to a 64-bit value is better but not as good as using a for-real UUID which is really more of a standard (and even larger than the 64-bit value), and also something any programmer should know about.

Comment Re:I was in the room for the first surgery with R2 (Score 1) 40

Fine and good. Now, let's look at outcomes before we get all wound up about it. The DaVinci experience should lead one to perhaps hit the pause button. Hundreds of these nice, expensive machines were sold. At least in the US, Medicare allows an additional payment for robotic surgery (wonder why?). Yes, DaVinci is supposed to be tracking outcomes and costs but it has been very, very slow at publishing them. The earlier studies didn't show much of an improvement.

There are lots of shiny new tech inventions in medicine that seem cool, ground breaking even and turn out to be not terribly useful.

It may well turn out for the better, but it is anything but clear that this is the case. And you wonder why medical costs are what they are.

Comment Re:Unutterable bollocks (Score 1) 40

Thank you. This points out the problem with PR releases (and Slashdot 'editors' and the entire 'journalism' echo chamber. TFA will get picked up by Reuters, Google, Yahoo (well, that was last year) and Bingo. It will filter to thousands of blog sites, get picked up by the search engines again and echo back and forth. Pretty soon somebody is going to actually believe it.

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