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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Apple's Reality Distortion Field Relocates to Wall Street (

MBCook writes: "Apple is the most profitable company, can’t make enough products to meet demand and is the most admired by its peers. Yet Wall Street and media fanatics are claiming Apple is doomed. The reality distortion field is in full effect. Apple has a lower P/E ratio than Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and now Dell, to name a few. I find this baffling and I would challenge any analyst to articulate to me how Apple is not healthier and stronger, competitively, in the long-term than many of those companies."

Submission + - Is This Really The Future of Magazines? (

MBCook writes: "Interfacelab has put up a review of Wired's new iPad app, and declared "The only real differentiation between the Wired application and a [1990's] multimedia CD-ROM is the delivery mechanism[.]" While providing little interactivity other than a fancy page-flip, the application is made of XML and images, including two for the text of each page in portrait and landscape mode. This seems to be why the application is 500MB. The article suggests this was done to get the app out quick after Flash was officially vetoed by Steve Jobs."

Submission + - Apple Tech Note Details H.264 Decoding Framework (

MBCook writes: "On March 29th, Apple added Technical Note 2267: Video Decode Acceleration Framework Reference. The note describes

...a C programming interface providing low-level access to the H.264 decoding capabilities of compatible GPUs [...] intended for use by advanced developers who specifically need hardware accelerated decode of video frames.

, an issue Adobe has been citing as one of the main reasons for the slow performance of Flash video on OS X."


Submission + - iPhone: 46% of Japanese Smartphone Market (

MBCook writes: "Despite claims earlier in the year that the iPhone was hated by Japan (later disproven), the iPhone has been doing well in the land of the rising sun and the evidence is in. Apple has taken 46% of the Japanese smartphone market, cutting the 27% market share of the previous lead, Advance Sharp W-Zero3 (Japanese site), in half. The article includes a large chart of the market share of Japanese smartphones over the last 3 years."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Why Apple Leaves Low-End to the Competition ( 1

MBCook writes: "Apple's approach causes it to neglect huge swaths of the market. For example, the company serenely ignored analysts' advice that it "had to" break into the hot netbook market. It has avoided the fast-growing segment of low-cost, lightweight consumer notebooks. Entering those markets could boost Apple's share even further. But the move would take a toll on profit margins and fight the company's commitment to choose what types of products it believes best serve its customers' needs. CEO Steve Jobs has dismissed the low end of the market, saying: "We don't know how to build a sub-$500 computer that is not a piece of junk." Apple has clung to its retrograde philosophy, fighting a tide in which manufacturers target products at minutely sliced-and-diced subsectors of the market. But the philosophy still works, and, happily, Apple is unlikely to outgrow it."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Herd Mentality: Why Only Apple Can Be Different (

MBCook writes: "Yesterday John Gruber posted a great article titled Herd Mentality. Following up on a piece earlier in the week on the calls for an Apple netbook to join everyone else, the article makes an observation on why Apple is so different. As the only computer manufacturer with it's own OS, only Apple can differentiate themselves from the pack on software.

It should be embarrassing to companies like Dell and Sony [...] that they're stuck selling computers with the same copy of Windows installed as the no-name brands.


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