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Comment Re:Survey brought to you by (Score 2) 104

Even space travel they have focused on trying to do it cleanly. A big part of why their next generation of engines, the Raptor, uses methane as a fuel is that in the long-run one can synthesize methane directly and a straightforward way This has both an advantage in terms of Mars (can make more fuel on Mars) and also in terms of eventually making clean fuel on Earth.

Comment Re:Plex Pass - for what? (Score 1) 81

The only place where offline syncing is even all that interesting is iOS clients, since everything else has some kind of facility for directly copying the files you'd like to watch. You can't sync from a shared library, either. So either you have the technical knowledge to set up a Plex Media Server and point it to all your data but NOT the understanding of how to move a 2GB file on to a mobile device using an SD card or FTP/SMB client, or Offline Syncing isn't that big of a deal either unless your mobile OS prohibits FTP/SMB/SD Cards.

Comment Re:Plex vs Kodi for Audio(interface, FLAC, playlis (Score 2) 81

I'd say Kodi because I think Plex handles audio poorly; I don't really like its flat organizational structure and the ongoing inability to customize your view of that. Plex also insists on interacting with metadata I don't want it to. There's no way to fix Plex, so I just don't use it for music.

I'm a big fan of using the Music Pump Kodi Remote for Android. I like the way I can browse my music from that and send the output to whatever Kodi device I feel like using with it. How useful that is depends on where and how you access Kodi devices; it's glacially slow on an Rpi or other old ARM device, but it's fast, fast, fast if your Kodi system is running on a decent x86 box. Kodi also gives you better options for playing back DTS-HD and other exotic formats, which is something to keep in mind of you have a multichannel setup and a bunch of SACD rips somewhere.

Comment Re: Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 81

Plex is supported on hardware that won't run Kodi, like a lot of Smart TVs and iOS. You can also use it to share access to content with other Plex users, so for example my brother in Prague can watch stuff on my server without me having to walk him through setting up a VPN connection

Comment Re:English motherfucker (Score 4, Informative) 81

Re: Why run two?

Kodi for highly customizable local access and Plex Media Server for external access and transcoding for STBs, mobile devices and less capable clients (cough iOS cough)

Plex has had user authentication for a while, something that Kodi just got recently, and it's easier on Plex to track viewing where Kodi needs the gymnastics of a third-party database and some time investment to get that running.
On the other hand, Kodi is much more flexible for playback formats and presentation, and it has a much better addon ecosystem. Plex has Channels but they're an afterthought for most people, and the Plex presentation on a given client probably sucks unless you really love scrolling through long lists one title at a time.

Comment This probably isn't really news (Score 2) 81

I'm not sure why this is news, since PlexBMC has been an available plug-in for Kodi for at least the past several years.

I suppose it's just a matter of that the Plex plugin for Kodi was essentially a DLNA client, which the usual crummy presentation that goes along with that, but IIRC it did show friends' Shared Libraries.

I use Kodi at home for personal media access, but I have a Plex Server that shares the same content for external access as well. I hardly ever use it, but I certainly can. The libraries between the two are already lined up, though Kodi and Plex each have their own database and metadata storage. If the two can reconcile those two things so that I only need one back-end for both, that's something I care about.

(Why Kodi/SPMC over Plex? Kodi offers better support for high resolution audio and has support for third-party tools for video playback, just in case I feel like throwing a GTX1080 at 4k upscaling or something).

If, on the other hand, this is just about getting a more polished interface for Plex libraries in Kodi than the one I had via the old Plex plugin, all I can say is "meh."

I'm a lifetime Plex Pass member, but they haven't done anything in years that makes me think a Plex Pass is anything but a donation to the project. I don't care about Kodi integration. I'd rather they work on getting music libraries to suck less or improve content filtering than get cloud streaming or Kodi integration or whatever other bullshit they've been doing lately.

Comment Re: What could I possibly use it for? (Score 1) 84

I pay $2/month on top of Prime for functionally unlimited (250,000 tracks) music storage. I'm ok with that. I also have a 144TB file server in my spare bedroom that has all the music I could ever dream of hearing on it and a bunch of Kodi devices where I can play content. But you you know what I can't do with that stuff? I can't talk to it and have it do something.

Comment Re:What could I possibly use it for? (Score 3, Interesting) 84

I've bought pretty much all my audio CDs from Amazon (well, CDNow, originally) since about 1997. I buy a lot of music on disc. Turns out it's kind of hard to pirate contemporary classical music. In any case, I had a massive library of content available through Amazon's Cloud starting from the day they announced that everyone's music purchases would be put in there. That stuff just plays through the Dot. That's kind of great, really. I say "Alexa, play Kevin Puts And Legions Will Rise" and Kevin Puts plays. "Alexa, play Pandora; Alexa and set a sleep timer for 30 minutes." and I get a half hour of music random music.

Something else that's great? "Alexa, give me a news briefing" No more timing my shower so I catch the news at the top of the hour while I'm getting ready for work.

I can do that stuff about 10 different ways in my house, but the voice activation is legitimately handy. Especially since it's one step closer to getting to be Deckard in the middle of Blade Runner. Easily worth $50, anyway.

Comment Way to make them even harder to fix (Score 1) 155

Isn't it bad enough that one of the most common repairs on a $700 phone is a glass replacement? I know most techies won't even try, but the process of delaminating and scraping glass off or of unsealing the chassis to do a Display Assembly swap is obnoxious enough even for people who know what they're doing. I've done it a few times but I wouldn't even touch a Galaxy Edge device; I don't think I could ever get the fit close enough.

Apple is the exact poster child for repair-hostility, but not everyone lives near an Apple Store or has $300 for an authorized repair. I foresee a future where even more people live with cracked screens if only because third-party phone techs won't want to be bothered with the stupid things.

Comment Re:Yes, but it doesn't matter (Score 2) 1424

This isn't really how the history went The Democratic-Republican party wasn't really connected to the Republican party at all. The Constitution was written before any political parties existed at all, and they didn't originally intend for their to be political parties. And in the pre Civil-War era, the Republicans were primarily in the North, which was the area which had less proportional strength from the electoral college.

Comment Re:Electoral college does reflect the popular vote (Score 5, Insightful) 1424

There are two historical elements for why the electoral college was invented. One, discussed by Hamilton in Federalist 68 was to provide a final stopgap against demagogues like Trump The second was to give the slave states more power and it should be clear why that shouldn't be ok. As for the argument involving counties: that's just silly. There's no reason that amount of total area won should mean anything at all. Moreover, there's no reason you can reasonably object to cities dominating simply because they happen to be dense areas. Disagreeing with a group doesn't mean you get to use essentially arbitrary criteria to decide you'd like to ignore their wishes.

There are good arguments against having the electoral college change in this case (especially given that we don't know if Hillary would have won the popular vote if both her campaign and Trump campaign had optimized voter turnout rather than focused on swing states) but trying to make an argument that relies on county number is just awful.

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