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Comment Far scarier is the "concern" list... (Score 2) 386

Banning words is pretty bad, but what do you think the admin staff can do with a "concern" list? If you click through to the North Carolina google doc filter, you get the following set of words:

gun shoot stab knife kill hurt fight murder attack punch hate suicide cutting drug drugs pot weed marijuana grass blunt toke stoned beer alcohol booze drunk gay lesbian porn sex molest molested molesting naked nude

Based on the site, admins are forwarded messages with those terms but they are still delivered. If I was a parent I would not let my kids play in this sandbox...

Comment Re:Historical Record... (Score 4, Informative) 127

"Resolution isn't important for science"

Spatial resolution is very important in my field (Land Use/Cover analysis), mostly due to Modifiable Areal Unit ( / Ecological Fallacy ( issues.

That being said, I do agree Spectral resolution is very important as well, and a difference I shouldn't have omitted in my original post. Even radiometric and temporal resolution matters when you get down to it.

Comment Historical Record... (Score 3, Informative) 127

One thing that is frequently overlooked is the importance of comparable satellites through time for long-term environmental monitoring. This makes collaboration with other countries /sensors challenging, as to say Landsat ETM data's ~30m (for example) is comparable to SPOT data's ~10m (again, for example) is quite a stretch. Common tools for taking care of these differences are fraught with problems, and worse still many people don't care about or just ignore these problems during analysis....

Comment Re:Odd choice (Score 1) 256

I owned an iLiad for a while and, while it was GREAT for reading, its note-taking capabilities were not at all up to snuff for heavy useage. So, yes, while it CAN do it, I certainly wouldn't recommend it - the tech just isn't there. A few of the note-taking issues:

Slow to load sometimes
Had to specially format PDFs to give enough room to write in (a big deal if you read dozens of articles/week!)
Not all articles (in fact, not nearly enough) worked well with the special formatting
Pages are "smaller" than an actual notebook
Highlighting didn't really work

Now, again, the iLiad is a solid product, but I use composition books again now alongside a PRS-300 for leisure reading. I would argue NO solution is adequate yet for digital note taking.

Comment Re:The Sony (Score 3, Informative) 684

I've owned an Illiad and a PRS-300 now, and the PRS-300 wins hands-down for reading books. The Illiad was handy for taking notes, but really just wasn't up to snuff for heavy note-taking, and was generally slower than the PRS. The PRS also wins on price and battery life. And, yes, Calibre is a must with Sony's.

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