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Submission + - Help Defuse Earth's Nuclear Suicide Vest ( 1

DeviceGuru writes: While better known for his invention (with Diffie and Merkle) of public key cryptography, Stanford's Martin Hellman these days is focused on seeking ways to jolt society out of its passive acceptance of nuclear weapons. His most recent effort utilizes striking imagery: "If a man wearing a TNT vest were to walk into the room, everyone would head for the exits, even if they knew that the detonator was under the control of Obama or Medvedev," writes Hellman. "Why do we not seek an escape route just because Earth's explosive vest is not directly visible?" In order to build a critical mass of people who recognize the unacceptable risk posed by nuclear weapons, Hellman sees the Internet as essential for spreading the word. That's where Slashdot comes in: if even a small fraction of this community were to answer Hellman's call to action, we would stand a chance to defuse Earth's nuclear suicide vest!
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Submission + - Federal Judge Rebuked for Porn Distribution 3

anagama writes: "While Robert Zicari and Janet Romano got a year and day for obscenity, Federal Appeals Court Chief Judge Alex Kozinksi only got a non-criminal slap on the wrist for running a private website which he inadvertently made publicly accessible and included "two naked women on all fours painted as cows". While there are clear differences between Zicari/Romano's distribution intentions and the judge's intentions, it is interesting that his possession of simulated bestiality porn is treated so lightly."

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