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Comment Re:Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 57

X11 reads the monitor DPI too, and also scales fonts, as did SGI IRIX back in the day...

Windows as you rightly point out, doesn't bother, and because of this a lot of monitors don't actually supply the required information.

People now seem to think that the point measurement used for fonts relates to pixels on screen rather than any physical size, and it's a commonly held belief that a larger monitor just makes everything bigger rather than providing more space.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 1) 124

Is the movie somehow worse if it's viewed two months later?

Yes, as by then you're likely to have seen or heard spoilers... On the other hand, if a movie is over hyped garbage you're likely to have heard this from your friends and might not bother seeing it at all.

I always disliked how some countries got movies much later than others, as you'd end up reading all kinds of spoilers online before you could watch the movie yourself. This has actually improved a bit later - not for the benefit of consumers, but because the studios are greedy and know that word of a lousy movie soon gets out which results in very poor sales in those countries getting the movie later.

Comment Re:Interesting how few controls there are (Score 2) 124

Another problem is the way in which legit companies do business... If legitimate companies communicate with their customers/suppliers insecurely, then it becomes easy for scammers to do so as well. The more difficult it is to identify the scams from real requests, the more likely people are to fall for the scams.

Comment Re:Interesting how few controls there are (Score 1) 124

Because legitimate companies conduct business in the exact same way - emailing invoices around and unexpected phonecalls chasing them up etc...
Quite often larger companies have a high staff turnover so you're frequently dealing with different people each time so you'll get invoices from names you've never heard of...
If people do their due diligence and try to verify each one then they end up behind on their work and get in trouble, especially if a payment is late and it ends up causing trouble.

Comment Re:Tractor investors, not breakers. (Score 1) 492

Part of the reputation for things going wrong in luxury cars is due to there simply being a lot more *to* go wrong, as well as features being implemented in such cars while they were still cutting edge tech (by the time a feature makes it down into lowend cars its been refined over years)...

Another thing worth considering is cost/availability of parts... Jaguar parts are easy to source in the UK and relatively cheap, but in other countries they can be difficult to find and expensive for instance.

Comment Flaws.. (Score 4, Insightful) 70

Perhaps ebay have become aware of a security flaw in the keyfob, and are thus trying to migrate users away from them?

Any keyfob that just displays a different code over time depends on the security of the initial seed value... If these values were compromised then so are all the tokens, and it wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened.

The trouble with saying "less secure" is that it's highly subjective, even if you're in full possession of the facts (which we may not be)...

A lack of transparency is a problem as always... These companies are a black box, and we the users/customers are expected to just accept what they tell us without having any idea of their internal processes or code etc.

Comment Re:Prepare for reduced productivity (Score 1) 297

You need to keep track of the work employees are doing, irrespective of where they're doing it... You assign them work and give them a deadline by which to complete it, and expect them to have either completed it or come up with a valid reason why not.

I've encountered office workers who did nothing all day, but always looked like they were working (they were browsing slashdot or similar, all day)...

I agree about the constant office distractions, seeing and hearing people constantly move around is extremely distracting, also them having the ability to disrupt your concentration at any time.
There are the other factors, commuting is a colossal waste of time and energy, and offices tend to be located in the most inconvenient locations (lots of other offices nearby, but no affordable residential property - long commute and over congested travel routes).

I used to commute an hour each way on an over crowded train and sat in a large open plan office, i hated it, could never concentrate and always sought to leave at the earliest possible time. It was always either too cold or too hot, there was always noise and random movement, always people interrupting me.

Now i do a mix of working from home, and working in an office ~5 minutes away where i have my own room. My office is quiet and comfortable, people generally don't interrupt me unless it's urgent.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 297

This ability to defer reading the message is actually very useful in 95% of cases, being disturbed by someone who wants to ask you a non urgent question is extremely annoying and derails your concentration... Being able to ignore these distractions until you have time to respond to them is extremely useful.

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