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Comment Re:IoT is an unnecessary security risk. (Score 1) 114

Yes this is how it should work, although because of NAT and the difficulties of setting up a VPN etc most of these products talk to an external server somewhere and then your mobile app communicates with that.
What's worse is that these devices often communicate with random target addresses (eg the vendors host their stuff on amazon and just allocate more machines on new ips as load increases) so you cant set up sensible firewall rules.

Comment Re:How do IoT manufacturers... (Score 1) 114

And how are consumers supposed to identify which devices are more secure at the pre-sale stage, and which vendors take security seriously?

Also in what way do you take security seriously? A lot of vendors go to great lengths to prevent anyone (including the legitimate owner of the device) from loading alternative firmware or gaining shell access to the underlying system etc. Vulnerabilities will still be found, but if you can't replace the firmware and the original vendor no longer produces an update or bundles the update with unwanted changes then your device remains vulnerable forever.

I've extended the useful life of various routers and access points by loading dd-wrt or openwrt on them, which will often continue to be updated long after the original vendor has given up on the device. The hardware is still fully functional, more than adequate and available very cheaply.

Comment Re:I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination iss (Score 2) 314

You need to discriminate on appearance when it comes to acting roles, having someone with wrinkles and remnants of grey hair playing a teenage character would just look stupid.

There are plenty of roles for older actors because plenty of movies and tv shows feature older characters. You don't hear young actors complaining they weren't chosen to play a grandfather character.

Movie producers are just choosing actors who are appropriate to the role as envisaged in the story.

Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 4, Interesting) 277

Keep routers and access points separate, there's no need for them to be the same device...
Get a low power atom device to run something like pfsense, a cheap managed switch (the hp 1800 series are good and quiet), use any wireless ap as a dumb bridge so it doesnt need any routing capabilities.
Create separate VLANs for guests and other untrusted devices, you can connect to devices here via the firewall but don't allow any outbound connections from the network containing these devices.
Buy new wifi as/when (eg 802.11ac), add multiple access points to cover different areas if necessary (even in a small house, wifi doesn't travel well through floors) and link them together via ethernet. Use ethernet whenever possible, wifi is only for portable devices.
You can also setup a VPN so you can connect to your stuff from outside, having authenticated using both a certificate and a user/pass. Far less chance of compromise than some unknown black box device from china.

Comment Re:Bottom line... (Score 2) 183

In order for encrypted data to be used the decryption key must be somewhere, failure to protect the keys can occur just as easily as any other form of security failure.
Also as users we have no idea how companies are storing our data anyway, so the only option available is for us to not hand it over in the first place.

Comment Re: Don't blame the courts. (Score 3, Interesting) 222

The entity that installed the infrastructure in the UK was the government, who then sold off the infrastructure to a private company.
This private company has only upgraded the infrastructure in areas that would be profitable, or when the government has further subsidised the upgrades.
Commercial entities have installed their own infrastructure too, but only in certain profitable areas, other areas are left in the dark.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 176

The only thing that I agree to is that if someone finds smoke in their vicinity objectionable, smokers should go and smoke elsewhere.

Exactly this, everyone should be free to do whatever they want to themselves, but should not be free to do something that adversely affects an unwilling party.

I always thought smoking to be a horribly inefficient and offensive method of consuming a drug, since the majority of it goes into the air and affects those nearby. Not only is it inhaled by others, but the residue also settles on objects and the smell lingers.
Why not find a more sensible method that doesn't result in most of your drug spreading into the surrounding area?

Comment Re:Spoken by a genuine idiot (Score 1) 138

For the same reason americans frequently complain about china, but still happily buy the products manufactured there...
For the same reason russia has recently been allowed to annex part of another country, while its business as usual with them.
Too big to ignore.
North korea is small enough that you can afford to ignore and boycott them.

Comment Reduce travel (Score 1) 233

If you're truly serious about reducing the number of unproductive hours, then reduce the need to travel...

Encourage more home working...
Choose more sensible business locations so that staff are actually able to live nearby.
Have meetings via teleconf and videoconf.

For many people, myself included, a driverless car would be a very bad thing - many people get motion sickness, and reading while moving makes things much worse while actually driving and being in control of the motion helps greatly.

Comment Re:Shouldn't customers get 40% of their money back (Score 1) 120

Most people aren't aware of their consumer rights, and companies take advantage of this fact on a regular basis. When i bought some hardware that was DOA a few months ago the company initially asked me to send it back at my own expense, only when i refused and asserted my rights did they organise a courier to collect (which would have cost much less because they will get preferential rates from couriers).

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