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Comment Re:show me the money $$$$$$$$ (Score 1) 188

The drivers are for the hardware you're building, no reason you can't contribute the drivers back to AOSP or even the core Linux kernel... Even if you're buying parts, you can demand open drivers for them and suppliers would comply if enough big customers demand it.
Aside from drivers, most of the application software will continue to run fine if you update the core os so even if a basic usable core is open you're far better off and can always replace/remove buggy apps if necessary.

Comment Re:No Great Loss. (Score 1) 210

Not only complicated, but different for the sake of being different...
Pretty much every other system has the same standard shell with the same standard commands, maybe adding a few of their own but the basics still all work the same. Why reinvent the wheel (poorly) rather than starting with a standard unix like shell and maybe adding some extras?

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 210

The problem is that general purpose computers with general purpose operating systems are geek toys, and are far too complicated for the average guy on the street... In their failing attempts to make windows more suitable for such users, they are making it less palatable to the more technically minded users too.

Comment Re:Updates (Score 3, Insightful) 188

That would work too, if the phones were running the google version of android in the first place...
Most of them are running hacked up versions made by either the carriers or the handset vendors, if you replaced them with stock google code they simply wouldn't boot at all in most cases. The same is true with any other platform, it's just a far less common scenario.

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