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Comment Re:USA entering a brave new age of stupidity (Score 1) 395

* We should sustain local (i.e. American) jobs, even if at subsidy, to keep a modicum of manufacturing, textiles and high technology available for our own purposes.
* Lots of Americans owning weapons to fight against the government in an extreme scenario would be effective and repelling all-out totalitarianism. It's not just AR-15 vs. F-15.
* Many people complain about the government pissing away trillions on shitty fighter jet replacements.

Any more falsehoods?

Comment Re:Other opponents (Score 2) 446

A law effectively limiting information disclosure is really shady, regardless of which way you feel about GMO.

Knowing something is GMO DOES tell you it tastes worse and was created by Monsanto, who I'd love to see burn. It's the food world's equivalent of "Made in China" - sure, it'll do, and it isn't always harmful - but I'd rather avoid it.

And the Federal government prohibiting any requirement by states of a statement of fact on food labels is fucked up. Sucks to your overbearing commerce clause; read the 10th amendment.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 160

Culture and morale of the country, fostering imagination and a desire of technical pursuit for thousands if not millions of engineers, and so on. Would we have Elon Musk, Asteroid mining startups, thousands of small and misc. innovations due to zero grav, or the same knowledge of space and the moon without it?

If anything, it's sad we didn't do more with it and cancelled it after 17. We should have kept reaching, but it got too bureaucratic, and the unimpressive shuttle came into existence.

Comment Re:I think this is bullshit (Score 1) 1746

Because supporting prop 8 isn't "gay hating" or anything. It defines the term marriage. If gays want the same spousal privileges, fight for those. Don't call it marriage, and rename marital benefits to something that doesn't imply the blessing of God. This is not necessarily my view, but this is the issue many more moderate "God doesn't like them but the State has no place" crowds have.

You want visitation and will privileges? Ok.

You want insurance benefits and joint tax filings? Ok.

You want to consider yourself religiously equal to a heterosexual couple? No.

Comment Re:Any Excuse? Yes. (Score 1) 277

I've read most of your comments in this thread and the analogies and conclusions are all flawed.

1) A desert eagle is a poor home defense solution. I have locked doors, soon-to-be camera feeds with secure offline storage, and a 9mm. Defense in depth.

2) Under most circumstances, it is absolutely criminal to open my unlocked front door if I have not invited you in.

3) Passwords and usernames are for Identity and Access. In fact, the term "IAM" for Identity and Access Management is common in IT organizations. The AAA protocol for network Authorization, Authentication and Accounting exists to make sure people are who they say they are, only go where they're allowed to go, and that such accesses are properly logged.

You act as if we shouldn't even be trying to be secure in our online accounts... or are you? You then go on about how important it is that no one break your twit account.

The only part of your discussion that approaches coherence is the concept of "reasonable" security. Yes, no security is absolute; all security considerations in all facets of life are about likelihood and risk of a danger, cost, and mitigation. Sure, if someone is writing some ad-hoc utility that has minimal operational impact and no personal data, cleartext passwords probably wouldn't be a risk in itself. Its the fact that salting and hashing with proper algorithms takes almost no effort, and provides benefits, and is a universal best practice out of habit. If this technology advances to the point of being easy to deploy and easy to maintain with minimal effort, it could and should become perhaps the next password storage best practice.

Comment Re:In their defence. (Score 1) 417

>Got that? No filtering, no internet. That's just the way it is.

No internet. It's not their fucking computer, and they didn't tell people they were going to intercept any traffic the students believed would be secure. I work in financial services, and the internal, company owned equipment has big "WE CAN SEE EVERYTHING YOU DO ON THIS MACHINE" labels on the login. Want to look at porn? Hop on the guest network.

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