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Comment Re:Free Publicity Rules! (Score 1) 1224

Governments that merely "fulfill the will of the people" eventually grow to the point where they deprive of the people of everything.

The USPS doesn't *have* to exist. FedEx, duh. UPS, duh. Internet, duh. Pony Express, duh. Handing out Christmas cards at church, duh.

Neither Microsoft nor Standard Oil were monopolies, and you didn't prove that they were. Even the Supreme Court will lie to a person's face.

The fallacy of Keynesianism is that, short of divine wisdom, government spending will never be done efficiently because it will neither reflect every single self-interest of thousands and millions that a free market is based off of, nor accurately sort wants and needs due to artificially inflated means. In layman's terms: the money will be wasted.

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