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Comment uh, he don't care about no stinking ethics (Score 1) 120

Then the question was, ethically, should we?

yeah- i'm sure he wrestled with that mightily.

what he wrestled with was the financial implications. Somehow they came to the conclusion that it would cost them more money to go ahead and break into that phone- probably because they'd have to start doing it all the time.

That's how that decision got made, not because of anything soft and fuzzy like ethics.

Comment Re:Some perspective here... (Score 5, Insightful) 268

-The ocean is alkaline, which means that stronger base electrolytes (as compared to the weak carbonic acid) still dominate the charge balance.

however the ocean is becoming more acidic, and that trend will continue. saying it's still basic is not reassuring in the least.

-This is an El Nino year, the higher surface temperature will release more oxygen from the ocean because gas solubility decreases with increasing temperature.

chances are good that El Nino year's will become more common, in part because the oceans' average temperatures will contiune to rise. so we can expect the ocean to continue to lose more oxygen.

-Most of the world's oxygen comes from the phytoplankton [], and their population dynamics are remarkably challenging to model. However, if they are not dying en masse, then the oxygen production will remain about the same; some may be redistributed.

what is en masse ? do you think we could detect a population drop of 5% or 10% ? is that en masse ? would it affect ocean oxygen levels ? yes, yes it would.

-The sky indeed is remaining above us, and not falling.

oh it absolutely is falling. slowly perhaps, maybe it will take 1 or 2 centuries. maybe a lot less.
And your point is that I shouldn't listen to the warnings from scientists, because they're all hysterical, but i should listen you ?
so we should do nothing until we're sure we're all going to die or something ?

Comment Re:Why not "Cooking for All"? (Score 1) 246

not that i think it's a bad thing to teach kids programming, but it most certainly is not going to help the US catch up.

The reasons the US is falling behind are myriad, but lack of programmers is absolutely, positively not one of them.

US companies are outsourcing programming and technical work of all sorts as fast as they can. Entire tech companies are basically reducing themselves to US-based management teams.

Teaching kids to program is not going to help that problem.

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