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Comment Middle hollowed out, just like everywhere (Score 1) 40

Technology and globalization have "cheapened the middle" of almost every industry. Get used to it.

The most popular performers will do well, and even get bigger access to global markets, but the middle-ground is being hollowed out because the Internet gives consumers more choice and more access to old-but-good material. And, many amateurs give out works for free either to promote them or because money is not their goal. This gives for-profit performers competition who work for peanuts.

Concert, venue, wedding, and bar performances are probably the best source of music wages, not recordings.

The rich get richer, the rest stagnate. Welcome to the club!

Comment Re:Wrong even if correct (Score 2) 128

Ans please tell me why it is needed in the US economy. Also why not in others, like the EU, Russian or Australian ones.

The best I can come up with is that we are used to it. We have money, we put it in the bank and after a time we have a higher amount. That makes us feel good as we think we have increased our wealth. We have not. (Yes, for simplification I leave interest out of it)

0% inflation would be the be the best, because it will be a lot easier to notice if prices increased or not. If you pay 100 for your bread and suddenly it is 102, you know it has increased. If it goes to 98, you know it is cheaper.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 0) 392

The REAL pathetic thing is that people still think there is somehow a difference between the two parties. Spoiler alert: there isn't. Not really.
Well, there are differences, but those are pretty small. It is like asking the kids what fast-food restaurant they are wanting to go and one kid wants to go to Burger King and the other to McDonals.
Pretty big decisions for the kids, but for the parents, not so much. They don't want to go to either, but giving in to one or the other gives the kids the idea they have something to say and they stop yelling.

Comment Re:Once truth gasps its last breath... (Score 1) 392

"One is worse than the other" is like saying you have a coice when knee they break if you do not pay your insurance to Mario "Kneebreaker" Spumanti.
What is needed is a reform of government. And instead of repeating what some dead guys 200+ years ago said, you need to say things that are valid NOW. 200+ years ago the situation was not what it is today. If the situation is different, you can not do the same and hope for a good result, because that is obviously failing.
It is that not enough people are pushing for a real reformation of politics. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to change and the more resistance there will; be.
Change will happen and just as two tectonic plates will cause an earthquake. The longer you wait, the more violent it will be.

Comment Re:Yeah but... (Score 4, Interesting) 170

I have the perfect comeback to those ignorant fucks..."Are YOU gonna accept responsibility and pay for any and all damages if your site serves malware? No? Then you are knowingly aiding and abetting malware vendors, kindly fuck off".

If they want to be treated like legitimate businesses? Then they have to accept the responsibility legitimate businesses have. If a business doesn't secure their premises and cause harm to their patrons? They are responsible for the clean up, look at the mounds of money TJ Maxx and Target had to pay for their lack of security, but these websites want us to treat them as legitimate businesses show the same lack of responsibility as some fly by night topsite? Sorry can't have your cake and eat it too, either you have the same responsibilities as a real business or you don't deserve any more consideration than a cracksite or any other dodgy place on the wild web.

Comment #1TermDonald (Score 1) 392

Though you appear to decry use of derogatory nicknames, it is among the rhetorical tactics of the apparent President-elect.* During his campaign, he used such a nickname for each of his opponents: Low-Energy Jeb, Little Marco, 1 for 38 Kasich, Lyin' Ted (which some of his supporters attempted to reclaim as Lion Ted), and Crooked Hillary. Now watch leftards turn the practice back at "One-Term Donald".

* Faithless electors could yet keep Mr. Trump from officially becoming President-elect on December 19. There are eight so far.

Comment Vector animation is smaller than video (Score 1) 170

If you can't communicate your ad with a static image, a video

A scripted vector animation has a smaller file size (and thus costs you less to view in overage fees payable to your ISP) than the equivalent H.264 or VP8 video. But I don't see how a scripted vector animation of considerable complexity can be done with CSS transitions alone. It's usually script writing to a canvas or script manipulating CSS element styles or SVG paths.

Comment The Alt+Right is stronger than the Back button (Score 4, Funny) 392

You underestimate the power of the Alt+Right. It can undo presses of the Back button in your web browser. If you end up on a Dimbart article, and you click the Back button to escape what you see as reactionary bullcrap, pressing Alt+Right will bring it right back.

Comment Re:Buy a t-shirt, not a CD! (Score 1) 68

You want to support the bands you love? Buy tickets to see them live

That works only if the band is touring anywhere near you, which is likely not true of foreign bands. It also works only if the band either plays at all-ages venues or is still together after you turn 21.*

* In Slashdot's home country, many smaller music show venues require all attendees to be at least 21 years of age because of state alcohol control laws.

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