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Comment Re:While the intent was good... (Score 1) 80

It will happen eventually, it will either take a new generation of computer literate representatives to get elected, or such an egregious abuse of DRM by businesses that it becomes a national topic. People having to hack their cars and such just to change the oil may get the job done.

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 80

Kinect was originally intended to be required, but they dropped it pre-release because of the backlash.

Split screen was a bad joke

The big external power brick is annoying, yes they are learning, but the PS4 didn't have an external power supply at launch, so it may be more accurate to say they are learning to copy Sony.

Slower RAM interface and less processors tasked with gaming (at least at launch) ended up cutting their performance by ~25% compared to the launch PS4.

I am not a fanboy and I have both systems, but I waited 18 months before I bought my Xbone, and I bought it for $200 on a flash sale. Hardware has gotten so good that the limiting factor in game detail and quality really is the game it'self, which is why you probably didn't notice a difference.

Comment That was never the issue with DRM (Score 2) 80

"...we imagined a new set of benefits such as easier roaming, family sharing and new ways to try and buy games..."

OK, fine, but thats not what people were pissed about, and you know it. There is no rational explanation for DRM (aka digital non-rights) to prevent resale. You want to digitally revolutionize and save money on distribution and make things more convenient for your customers? Fine, but give me a button in my Xbone UI that says "release rights" or some such or better yet, an online marketplace to resell digital content I no longer want. Why should I give up the fundamental right of resale on my $2000 plus library of games just because the original seller saved $7 on not having to sell me a physical disc, case and manual? Hell, digital should give me more rights or a discount, like the right to rent my copy out to others when I'm not using it.

This was a straight up money grab by MS and the developers, and the consumer bitch slapped you down because there was real meaningful competition. Own it and move on.

Comment Re:deploy this, and you arent a state anymore. (Score 1) 195

We guarantee the right to protest, not riot. If a group is rioting, the crowd must disperse immediately. This glorified RV is not the right solution, the right solution is to send out the national guard with orders to shoot rioters/looters. If you don't respect the rule of law, I have no respect for you or your position or your life.

The black lies matter cartel is directly responsible for the Dallas mass shooting that you reference and they are a bunch of lying race pimps who have been proven wrong at every turn and their only goal is to whip up emotion of the ignorant population they take advantage of (not the entire black population) for their own political advantage. Unfortunately, if you allow yourself to be ignorant and lied to, you expose yourself to this and further if you choose to riot and destroy others property, you should be harshly punished. If you fight with the police or disobey lawful orders, you may get shot. Stupidity and ignorance have consequences. The war on black men is waged by other black men (2245 blacks murdered by other blacks https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-t... ) not police http://www.dailywire.com/news/...

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 268

You are basically imagining the world of Star Trek... Sorry, we are nowhere near there. Yes, we will continue to automate simple, repetitive tasks. I now deposit all my checks via my smartphone. When I need to get cash, I go to the ATM. When I have a problem, I want to call or go in and not wait in a long line or talk to a robot online, I want a real human being, and I don't want to have to wait for 30 minutes. The aforementioned advances in technology allow me to do just this. Yes, the bank may have a few less employees, but for the last 40 years the banks I visit always have a manager, a business accounts person and 2-3 tellers. They probably serve more people today, but they still have the same numbers.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 151

TA was definitely a fun game. I sunk many hours playing that game, and have fond memories of going to the library to use their "high speed" internet connection to download new units. However, aside from the opening cinematic explaining the plot, it didn't have much of a story, and it plays more like 40 man call of duty, you can't work that much strategy because the game is not well balanced and is at its core just a harvest/build race to the superweapons. StarCraft and Brood War on the other hand are what I would consider a modern digital version of chess, where you can work out strategies and counters, rather than just racing for resources/unit builds.

I am a little disappointed in how Blizzard is doing it though. They should release them as an expansion for Starcraft II for $10 OR a standalone purchase of whatever they want to charge. I am sure they rebuilt SC on the SC II engine anyway.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 303

I'm actually a great employee, but I have been around long enough to know my rights and know when some CEO is pulling BS moves to line her pockets via big bonuses for saving the company money at my expense. I even understand when companies have to downsize due to market forces/bad economic conditions etc., but I expect them to come out and acknowledge that is what they are doing and offer their employees all the benefits that they are entitled to.

For far too long we have treated C-level managers like employees, when in reality they are the company, and if I had my way we would have a law that it is assumed that the board and CEOs on down the C-level are assumed to be aware and are inseparably criminally liable for any corporate action that is illegal (not the lone guy acting against stated corporate policy). This back door layoff scheme is fraudulent on its face (depriving laid off workers of their benefits for the enrichment of the company) and they should all be perp walked out of IBM and charged with a few thousand counts of fraud.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 4, Interesting) 303

This, exactly. They are trying to cheat their employees out of unemployment benefits, and if I were telecommuting and unable to relocate, I would refuse to accept the terms and I would not hand in my resignation either. I would make them fire me and let their HR department know that I expected unemployment and a severance package as if I were laid off. If they try to withhold unemployment benefits, I would get a lawyer and start a class action for unemployment benefits, legal fees and punitive damages for bad faith and contact my state AG to start an investigation.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 2) 155

Please cite Trumps campaign promise (not some offhanded thing he said once) about scrubbing "irrelevant or excessive" statements from the internet. Seems like most of his speeches would get scrubbed right off the bat.

Cracking down on print press, TV, radio and internet for demonstrably false statements (the sky is green) is a different thing and in general a good thing if we can do it. The press gets special privileges for the express purpose of passing information to the public. If the press gets it wrong, either on purpose or inadvertently, there should be serious consequences to them because an irresponsible press can devastate the nation. I have always liked the idea of no programming or commercials for a duration equal to the time they gave that topic for the last month with a PSA static message displayed that they were wrong and a text of the correction below that for TV. Something similar for radio, and for Newspapers, a full front page above the fold blank with the correction in 20 point font minimum half the page taken up by the correction.

However, that should apply only to the press (businesses run for the dissemination of information) not to individual citizens who can say whatever the hell they want up to the point of libel/slander. Booting politicians out of office for repeatedly lying to the public (either on TV or print/online) should get them sanctioned or kicked out after something like 3 strikes over less than 3 months.

Also, we have to be talking about demonstrable facts, not controversial topics. The sky is green/I was at X today when in reality I was at Y, that kind of thing. If you get into controversial topics like anthropogenic global warming, etc, those topics are not settled fact (regardless of how hard the environmental nuts stomp their feet or how loud they shout) and generally hotly debated.

Comment Re:Free stuff (Score 1) 318

You have a recipe right there to start WW3... Good thing you are not in charge.

When somebody comes into your house and puts huge amounts of military power on your doorstep the normal response is to develop nuclear weapons to achieve strategic parity.
US stationed Nuclear weapons in South Korea and let Israel have nuclear weapons. Both countries developed weapons in response so you dont get to blame them for your bloated defense budget.
Stop with the victim blaming. The days of "She asked for it" are long gone

So the US, Israel and South Korea all have defensive nukes and that justifies rabid, totalitarian dictator states getting them. You must be a special kind of stupid to think that there is any kind of parity between democratic states having strong militaries and nuclear weapons for defense, and countries who want to rule the world or watch it burn getting them. Your kind of logic says that because police have guns, the criminals deserve to have guns so that it is a fair fight. Your reasoning is completely and utterly flawed because you assume that all states are equal and neutral, when reality clearly shows us that some states are evil and should be sanctioned and prevented from gaining any more power until they can shape up and treat their citizens and their neighbors properly...

Comment Re:Free stuff (Score 1) 318

Let me know how not having a missile defense shield works out when North Korea finally manages to start hitting things with their thermonuclear or dirty ICBMs (it is only a mater of time, as they keep at it unchecked). Or when Iran starts shooting ICBS at Israel, or Russia starts shooting ICBS at Eastern Europe. Defense is one of the fundamental things that the government is supposed to do. Yes, there is suffering abroad and at home, but there has always been suffering, and will always be suffering, it is impossible to eliminate, and charities do a far better job than the government at alleviating suffering. What anti-military types like you fail to understand is that conflict requires both sides to stop for peace to resume.

Hypothetically, if someone hates your guts for some reason and come to your house and start hitting you in the face with a baseball bat, someone needs to make them stop, or they will just keep going until they get tired (which might not happen for a long time). You want the police to come and make them stop with their tasers/guns (coincidentally more powerful than a bat). The military are our tasers/guns/ability to project force around the world. There are evil people who would rule the world if there was no constraint on them (look at ancient history, it was a procession of countries conquering the known world one after the next: Sumeria, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, British empire, et al.) They all rose up and conquered the much of the known world.

The Germans tried to do it in WW2, but were defeated by the US, the USSR wanted to do it for 70 years but were held back by the US and MAD, the Russians and Chinese would like to do it now, but are held back by the US. North Korea wants to invade South Korea, but is held back by nearly 30,000 US troops stationed there. Notice the trend? Since the US rise to superpower status, the aggressors who would conquer and rule the world have been held in check. If the price of a relatively peaceful world is a few people who have to find support somewhere other than the government teat (or heaven forbid, get a job) I can live with that, and the millions of lives saved across the globe by not having WW3.

Comment Re:LOL GLMDesigns = pwned (Score 1) 318

Some people have no baseline on reality and so are easily fooled. As you say, the entire military budget for FY 2015 was under $1Trillion, so unless this report is referring to pesos, there is no way they misplaced 6x their annual budget. Not sure WTF this DoD IG report is referring to, but it aint real money for FY2015.

AC may very well be trolling.

Comment Re:Potential Damages? (Score 1) 318

And then watch the government ban all drones without a pilots license and a license for every drone, make it a felony to fly one without above and go around jack booting everyone's house looking for drones and arresting hobbiests at the local parks. I can almost guarantee that is what would happen.

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