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Comment Re:The problem is? (Score 2) 127

Trump will be ending Obama's illegal abrogation of the welfare to work program legally passed by the Republicans in the 90s and signed into law by Bill Clinton. When that program goes back into effect, you have to be actively seeking a job or training to get welfare benefits and welfare benefits taper off $1 for every $2 you earn. It reduced the welfare rolls dramatically for 15 years until Obama illegally suspended it.

Comment Re:Pay the price (Score 3, Insightful) 127

I can guarantee that I could afford apples at double $60/ton picking wage, or even $120, but it would cut into the growers profits and probably make them less competitive with foreign imports from Chile. As I said in a post yesterday, when the illegals are gone, engineers and technicians will take their jobs, just a lot fewer engineers designing picking robots that work 24/7 and don't defecate in the fields, giving the customers food poisoning. It is a net win all the way around (except for the illegals that have to go home and get in line for legal immigration/guest worker programs).

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 201

Actually, agricultural companies would be forced to invest in harvesting machines and robotics that can pick the fruit. In the long term, it provides higher paying engineering and manufacturing jobs and actually reduces the cost of the fruit (robots are always cheaper, but they have a high entry cost. This will not happen until the cheap imported labor goes away though, because if you have $500 in cash you can hire 10 illegals for the day, whereas you are talking probably $10k/robot to pick fruit, even though it replaces 4 workers and doesn't give your customers salmonella from defecating in your fields...

Same thing with the garment industry and landscaping. We already have a number of mower equivalents to the Roomba in the $500-$1000 range, but people still want the illegal to come mow their lawn for $20 every week because it is cheap in the short term, even though the simple payback for a robotic mower is less than 2 years.

All those factories used to be in the US, they were moved to China and Asia for the cheap labor, not the natural resources or space... Singapore is less than the size of LA county for crying out loud. Most of the CMs like Foxconn are shifting heavily to robotics manufacturing anyway, at which point it doesn't make sense to pay all the overhead of manufacturing in China (foreign language, long distances, time differential, 3rd world employees and government, rampant corruption, rampant piracy, shipping costs, import costs and delays, etc) when you can for essentially the same cost locate those CM facilities in the US, especially if the US starts to be more reasonable on the regulatory and environmental requirements (clean air and water, but not the batshit crazy Obama regs).

Comment America Hating Small Mind (Score 1) 201

The US doesn't need to be 60% of the world's GDP, or even 20%. Assholes like you need a history lesson though.

We took our 60% GDP in that era and fed and clothed and rebuilt your ungrateful ass (and/or that of your parents and grandparents) through direct financial support, as well as imbalanced trade agreements. The goal was never to rule the world (or America would have immediately after WW2, we exclusively had nuclear bombs, as well as the world's largest industrial base and strongest military). But we didn't want to then and we don't want to now. Instead we used our economy to support democracies throughout the world and the spread of peace and democracy abroad. However, that task is largely completed, as you say, the GDP of the rest of the world has risen significantly (the GDP of the US has not fallen, contrary to your implication, others have just risen which in turn changes the fraction.) Making America great again has to do with returning to the posture of strength both financially and militarily as well as eliminating extraneous constraints on our economy internally. If you don't like that posture, by all means, do what you can to subvert US efforts abroad. You are subverting the nation that behaved as described above when it could have taken over the world. Conversely, I hope you like speaking Russian or Mandarin, because those are your two other options in the real world.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 2) 201

That BS might get you a +5 on Slashdot, but it is false on the face of it. STATE SPONSORED MONOPOLIES have realized that doing a poor job yields higher profit, so we end up getting worse services for more money when STATE SPONSORED MONOPOLIES provide them... (FTFY) Let me know when Apple or Samsung start making shit phones that rake in the cash, then your statement would be accurate...

The problem that we have in the US right now is that MONOPOLIES sponsored by the state and local government are controlling the internet access. If we had 3 ISPs competing head to head in every major market and a law that they must offer access to all the market and surrounding rural areas at the same prices, quality and speed would go up and prices would go down. That is just the way the market works. Right now ISPs have their infrastructure built out with 10 year old hardware and paid off. Their cost to provide internet service is somewhere around $15/month, yet they are charging between $60 and $90/month and the cable MONOPOLIES are laughing all the way to the bank. In some areas, internet service is propping up Cable TV companies that would otherwise collapse from lack of users. However, look at cities where Google fiber has come in (or even threatened to come in). The cable internet and DSL providers have built up their infrastructure, improved service and cut their rates (i.e. competition). Where I live, I have one choice of cable internet, or I would have to use dialup... and I live surrounded by 240,000 people (like within a 5 mile radius) and still I only have one choice...

" when the government provides a service, it's cheaper. When private companies provide the same service, it's much more expensive, because they have to make a profit."

Bullshit. Have you been to your local DMV? Government is in the same boat as these monopolies and their gross incompetence eats up more than any private company would make in profits. There is no market forces for them to provide better service or cheaper service. Whats worse is government has lethal force backing it up (don't believe me? try not paying your taxes and disobeying the armed GOVERNMENT agents that they send to your door.) You will likely end up dead.

Comment Re:Quit whineing you morons (Score 1) 201

I would rather pay $85/month for the same speed at every website than $80/month and have Netflix and other services throttled by my ISP so they can make it un-usable and try to force me to subscribe to their shitty cable TV service.

You are the moron for thinking that the regulation of MONOPOLIES has anything to do with big government. What we really need to start seeing is a federal law paving the right of way for local fiber co-ops, where you buy in and amortize the cost of your hookup over a 2 year contract and then you pay a fractional rate that covers your percentage of the total operational cost of the co-op. The greedy cable companies and DSL just need to die in a fire.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 0, Troll) 312

Because Dgstoyevsky apparently never learned the basic tennants of Christianity, chiefly humility. The loss of our Christian core in Western Civilization in general is where all the hate is coming from. Tolerance comes from love and humility, and humility comes from understanding and accepting your own imperfection and need for help.

I have seen so many couples split because they cant stand the other one because they have these quirks. Guess what... we are all imperfect and to love someone as Christ loves them accepts their flaws and all. Most of these people in search of perfection go on to find dissatisfaction again and again, in their marriages as well as life in general.

Comment Re:No it isn't. (Score 1) 137

OK, but even in the US, how do they achieve the lofty, high minded goal of promoting science and arts? By creating a profit motive for the creator to share with the world (i.e. copyright). So you can be pedantic, but my original statement still holds true to the key intent of copyright, which is to enrich creators and distribute their work to the people to the greater benefit of both sides. The net result is BOTH to promote science etc. AND profit the creator.

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