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Comment Re:it is the wrong way... (Score 1) 291

Its my impression that in some cases exactly the opposite will happen where instead companies will simply put $$$ into carbon offsets and not pay any extra taxes or even less taxes via the cost of a competitive offset market.

So its possible that the richest biggest polluters will not curtail their output but instead pay a potentially voluntary tax possibly even a lesser amount.

But I haven't looked into that too much and I'm prepared to be updated corrected and informed now.

Comment Another 'thin edge of the wedge' moment. (Score 1) 125

I have not read all the comments or the FA, but my knee jerk thinking is this is another in a long history of 'thin edge' moments.

So many negative and 'unforeseen' consequences would follow something like a law including wording of a 'cyber threat', once the framework is in place allowing things to be classified a such, the whole game changes to what is or isn't a cyber threat, and the root problem(the law) is forgotten. Much like what happened with DMCA, Patriot Act and so much more.

Its been my experience that the 'internet' takes care of itself and when there are attacks we all find ways to fix them and don't need a law to 'help' with doing that.

What do you think?

Comment Re:What the ??? (Score 3, Informative) 398

Boundaries of stupidity. They are using Stackless Python (NO multicore support) on the server.
No they dont, They disconnected people left and right, basically kicked them out of that node and made them reconnect. Its been what, 7 years? and they still didnt figure out how to do live migration.
He failed to mention your FPS counter also goes to 10% :) It takes HOURS to kill one ship in that SHIT hack of a lag fix mode.
Instead of implementing proper multicore support, or even dividing load among many racks they run everything in ONE python thread ....

This 100%

Time dilation is a kludge at best, it serves only to make large fights just bearable instead of impossible.

The single threaded nature of EVE is grossly apparent in large fleet fights where all input is processed in order, so if you commanded your ship to go in 10 different directions, your ship goes all those directions in order, even if the last command was an all stop, and during the larger fleet fights this may take minutes to complete so most likely you are way out of position, add to that weapon cycles, reload cycles, warps, jumps and lots more to the queue that are stacked and processed in order with no real time consideration.

IMHO what they really need to do is groom the queue for redundant ship commands, Yes an upgrade to multithreaded for all kinds of good reasons, but grooming the command queue will net them huge improvements in playability when the fights get big.

GNU is Not Unix

OpenOffice.Org Now Under LGPLv3 107

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "Sun has moved to the LGPLv3 license. In his blog Sun's Simon Phipps cites worry over software patents as being one of their main reasons for this move: 'Upgrading to the LGPLv3 brings important new protections to the community, most notably through the new language concerning software patents. You may know that I am personally an opponent of software patents, and that Sun has already taken steps in this area with a patent non-assert covenant for ODF. But the most important protection for developers comes from creating mutual patent grants between developers. LGPLv3 does this.'"

Submission + - Legal threats halt iPhone crack

An anonymous reader writes: BBC News reports that the British firm UniquePhones plan to sell software that could open the iPhone to non-US networks has been put on hold following legal threats. Apparently a 3am call from a lawyer claiming to represent AT&T warned that selling unlocking software could constitute copyright infringement and illegal software dissemination.

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