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Comment Gen X are even greater job-hopping flakes! (Score 2) 214

I say this as a Gen-Xer.

My parents were in careers where you could reasonably be expected to work in the same company all your life. but things are different now. Not sure if the job market is more turbulent, or attitudes have changed. Perhaps this is a result of changes in corporate culture, or faster moving technology resulting in a lot of companies expanding, contracting, forming and collapsing. I get the impression that it was a similar situation for workers during the industrial revolution as well.

And companies are part of this change. If a department needs a new manager; they might consider hiring from the lower rank, but they're just as likely, if not more, to advertise from outside.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 92

I can't give you an exact link as I don't have time to go through the video archive but I CAN give you the place to search...H.A. Goodman's YouTube channel which is where I originally saw the numbers. He is pretty good about backing up his vids with links to the exact figures and he covered the election from the very first primaries all the way through to the end so if you need a source for 2016 election figures? He's your man.

Comment Re:Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 92

I have an FX-8320e and on stock clocks when I'm just web surfing and watching vids? It pulls between 14w-39w according to the built on power monitoring on my Asus board, that is with 4 cores parked BTW, and when playing games? I average between 59w-75w which again depends on whether Windows has any cores parked which with most games rarely using more than 4 threads? I usually have at least 2 if not 4 parked, in fact the only time I see all 8 cores running is when I'm doing video transcodes and multitrack audio DSP renders.

So yeah running an FX-8? Really not expensive and I have numbers to back it up which as you can see it would take over a decade to make up the difference in cost between an AMD FX and an Intel, the same numbers would hold true for Ryzen.

Comment Re: Forget the graphic cards... (Score 1) 92

Nothing wrong with the FX series, as long as you remember programs compiled with the Intel Cripple Compiler will be slower (but that is true of Ryzen as well) but if you look at benches made with GCC instead of ICC you see exactly what you would expect, the FX-8 sits between an i5 and an i7 depending on how multi-threaded the program is. I personally see absolutely no reason to upgrade from my FX-8320e as I'm getting better than 60fps on all my games (most better than 90fps) and even on heavy workloads like multitrack audio DSP processing it frankly works faster than I can.

As for Hillary? Anybody who could read the numbers knew she would lose a good year before the election. When she announced her candidacy her approval rating? 15%. After nearly a year and a half of the DNC rigging primaries for her, the MSM practically falling over themselves to kiss her ass and even running stories by her for approval? Her approval rating was...14%. Nobody in history has EVER won the POTUS with numbers that low so no shit she lost, she was about the worst possible candidate the DNC could possibly run, a rich influence peddling Wall Street insider that Wikileaks showed was getting her ass kissed by the MSM and cashing big fat checks from nasty dictators like the Saudi princes and if that wasn't enough? Her team pushing a narrative that she deserved it because she had a vag instead of anything she had actually done and that it was owed to her ("Its her turn" which they hung up on giant signs at all her rallies) just made her look even more arrogant and condescending.

Comment Re:I'll end up buying several because fuck Nvidia (Score 2) 92

I know you are being funny but if you don't want to buy a new card every other year? You are better off buying AMD as they age a LOT better than Nvidia cards, and that isn't even counting how more often Nvidia cards seem to cook than AMD from what I've seen at the shop. Gamers have even come up with a name for AMD aging better, they call it AMD Fine Wine Technology and having gone through countless cards at the shop? I can see the difference, the AMD cards seem to be able to play mainstream games for longer than Nvidia cards.

Comment Oh, good lord! (Score 1) 447

This is a pretty mad interpretation of "accessing a computer system". BK don't have "access". They have sent a message. They didn't receive any response, attempt to receive a response or have any means to receive a response.

And even if you can stretch the definition to cover that use, it seems like a crazy misapplication of the law - one designed to cover activity that actually does something harmful rather than getting a different device to do what BK have the capability of doing with your TV anyway (i.e. read out a description of the product).

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 2) 296

They could do significant damage - but "reduce to rubble" is quite an overstatement.
What do you think the expected lifetime is of an NK artillery battery wielding a gun big enough to hit Seoul, after their first shot? The US and South Korea have some very excellent counter-battery radar systems; I would guess that the artillery arrayed on the south side of the border would be most immediately tasked with placing rounds on the origination points of NK artillery rounds.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 3, Interesting) 296

It's entirely possible the 25 million people in and around Seoul care.
Just what do you think would happen when those Tomahawks show up on NK radar? Do you believe that NK doesn't have one or two nuclear warheads on top of short-range missiles with Prime minister Hwang Kyo-ahn's address on them? And hasn't let China, South Korea, and the US know?
There's no doubt that, if the US decided to "Desert Storm" the country, they could land hundreds of missiles and destroy all or most of NK's fixed military. Whether or not that would lead to destruction of Seoul, or a nuclear exchange with China, within 72 hours of the first salvo is an exercise left for the reader.

Comment Re:Cutting edge new features vs reliability, use c (Score 2, Insightful) 235

Actually I would say this XKCD fits Linux better as I'd say that is 90% of the distros out there, just reinventing the wheel and making just enough changes to make them incompatible with each other and break shit.

The really sad part? If you could get all those devs to quit wasting their energy making yet another minor variation of the same OS and instead were to pour all their energy into one distro? You'd have an OS that would curbstomp anything out there in just a couple of years...but it will never happen, instead they will just keep cranking out distros until all the OEMs quietly adopt secureboot and all that is left to run Linux on is high priced workstations and cheapo ARM maker boards.

Comment Re: Stolen Goods (Score 2) 416

Merriam Webster defines theft as

" the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it"

. Collins has

"the dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession"

Not all of them specify the depriving the original owner of it, but it does seem that the loss by the victim, rather than the gain by the perpetrator is what makes this theft. If I take yourproperty and immediately destroy it, I've still stolen it even though I don't have it.

Comment Doesn't pass the sniff test (Score 1) 233

United are causing a PR nightmare here. There is not enough they can pay twitter to make them take United's side. Just censoring twitter would be pointless given how the mainstream media and every other website is crucifying United.

If we look at the deleted tweet it's clearly using an Indiana Jones clip. Possibly this one. Tagging @IndianaJones (An official studio account) may simply have caused an overzealous account admin to see it and make a copyright complaint.

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