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Submission + - Learning to Cook May Have Helped Humans Evolve Bigger Brains (medicaldaily.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Learning to cook may have helped the human brain grow, and may have led to the invention of tools, culture and civilization, scientists claim. Getting enough energy for a large brain by eating nothing but raw food takes up too much time, leading researchers to suggest that the advent of cooking would have provided early humans a much more efficient way of delivering calories to neurons or brain cells to allow the brain to expand. Researchers said that cooking would have meant fewer hours spent foraging for food and more time for social interaction and creative tasks, which probably contributed more the evolution of a larger and more complex brain, according to the study published Monday in the journal Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences.

Submission + - ACLU: Warrantless Electronic Surveillance Surges Under Obama (informationclearinghouse.info)

sycodon writes: The ACLU has released documents that show that in the last two years the US Department of Justice has conducted more warrantless electronic surveillance, involving spying on telephones, email and Facebook accounts, than in the preceding decade.

Chris Soghoian, principal technologist at the ACLU's Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, commented: "We're seeing a massive increase in requests for what as a technologist I would call metadata, so it's not the what you say, but the who you say it to."


Submission + - Maritz's VMware Legacy Defies Doubters (informationweek.com)

gManZboy writes: "When Paul Maritz became VMware's CEO in July, 2008, many expected VMware to fail--another startup whose market would taken away from it by an established powerhouse, Microsoft. Instead, Maritz made it tough for the traditional systems management vendors, including Microsoft, to keep up with VMware's management offerings, and took VMware to the point where it's nearly a $5 billion a year company.

Maritz says he hates confrontation.That matches EMC Chairman Joe Tucci's description of Maritz during an analyst briefing Tuesday as "probably the most selfless, mild mannered executive that I have ever worked with." But Maritz embodies a contradiction: behind that polite and considerate exterior, he has a keen appreciation of technology, and he's driven to an extreme to never lose a technology race. Just ask his rivals. You can bet his new role at EMC will be more than ceremonial."


Submission + - Curiosity Rover Swaps Computers, Gets Updated Arrival Data (spaceindustrynews.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Today, the computer that has been operating as Curiosity’s prime computer is being swapped with the backup computer. On Wednesday July 18, that computer will be cold reset, or rebooted, while in online, or backup mode, following the same process used to cold reset the redundant computer on July 16.

Submission + - The Cost of Crappy Security in Software Infrastructure (oreilly.com)

blackbearnh writes: Everyone these days knows that you have to double and triple check your code for security vulnerabilities, and make sure that your servers are locked down as tight as you can. But why? Because our underlying operating systems, languages, and platforms do such a crappy job protecting us from ourselves. A new article suggests that the inevitable result of clamoring for new features, rather than demanding rock-solid infrastructure, is that the developer community wastes huge amounts of time protecting their applications from exploits that should never be possible in the first place. TFA: The next time you hear about a site that gets pwned by a buffer overrun exploit, don't think "stupid developers!", think "stupid industry!"

Submission + - RIM is rotting from within, say employees (itworld.com)

bdking writes: Research in Motion's problems go far deeper than the incompetence of the BlackBerry maker's co-CEOs, according to employees who paint a picture of an insular culture infused with complacency, smugness and an inability to recognize the strengths of its competitors' products.

Submission + - Feds launch Carrier IQ investigation (bgr.com)

zacharye writes: Federal investigators have launched a probe in order to determine the legality surrounding the use of Carrier IQ software, which tracks smartphone activity and sends certain data to wireless carriers without users’ knowledge...

Submission + - Does Open Source Software Cost Jobs? (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: "John Spencer, a British blogger and tech educator, is convinced that free and open source software, which he's promoted for years, is costing IT jobs, as UK schools cut support staff no longer needed. But does the argument really hold up? It turns out that the services he's focused on are actually cloud services that are reducing the needs for schools to provide their own tech infrastructure. Of couse, it's also true that many of those cloud services are themselves based on open source tech."

Submission + - Law: Students, Teachers Can't Be Facebook Friends

An anonymous reader writes: Teachers can be friendly with their students, but they can’t be their friends, at least when it comes to social networks such as Facebook. State Governor Jay Nixon has signed Senate Bill 54, which goes into effect on August 28, 2011 in the state of Missouri. In other words, later this month it will be illegal for students and teachers to be friends online.

Submission + - 10-11 Hour Work Days (foundersatwork.com) 6

drc37 writes: My current boss asked me what I thought of asking all employees to work 10-11 hour days until the company is profitable. He read something from Joel Spolsky that said the best way to get new customers is to add new features. Anyways, we are a startup with almost a year live. None of the employees have ownership/stock and all are salary. Salaries are at normal industry rates.

What should I say to him when we talk about this again?


Submission + - MS hypes Win7 tablets for CES -- again (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: About a year ago at this time, we were all hearing exciting news about Windows-based tablets that Microsoft would be unveiling at CES. They would transform the industry and strangle the iPad in its cradle! Well, now the hype machine is starting again, for the same products that never materialized last year. This time around, though, the market has changed so much so quickly that Microsoft's tablet bid isn't cutting edge; as Ryan Faas points out, it's desperate.

Submission + - Most evil software patent?

junglebeast writes: 1) Highlighting search results (Google, No. 6839702)
2) Multiple-choice questionnaires (Microsoft, appl. 20100311031)
3) Use GPU to process video (Microsoft, No. 7558428)
4) Mouse-over images (Abelow, US. 5,251,294)
5) Generic user interface with icons (Henderson, US. 5,072,412 )
6) Shut down button (Microsoft, US. 7,788,474)
7) Point-to-point internet connection (Hutton, US. 6,108,704 )
8) Using a computer to do anything at all (Microsoft, No. 666 )

Submission + - VGA Awards 2010 - Red Dead Redemption = GOTY (vgrevolution.com)

Lashat writes: Here is the full list of VGA awards given out Saturday. Should be no surprise to any gamers out there that Red Dead Redemption takes Game of the Year honors. It's nearly impossible to dispute the award going to RDR. Some of the other awards, maybe not so much. (Halo-Reach=Best Multi-Player I'm looking at you.)

Submission + - Documentary on WikiLeaks Released (bryanhealey.com)

healeyb writes: SVT has released an intriguing documentary about WikiLeaks, entitled WikiRebels. It has a slant in favor of Assange and his infamous whistle-blower organization, but it does offer a window into the mindset of the people behind the group responsible for one of the biggest security leaks in American history. Be forewarned: Some content is for mature audiences only...

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