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Comment Ability to close any account should be mandatory (Score 1) 46

Even if it needs government regulations to enforce it;
All on-line services with a subscription of any kind,
shall be required by Law, to provide an equally easy mean of terminating one's subscription,
with requirement to drop everything but legal accounting.
It should also be made mandatory, to provide full access to all raw data and aggregations from an account.
All data collected by on-line services about Me, shall be viewable by Me and, I shall be allowed to revoke access to it by said service at any-time.

Comment Re:Poor monkeys (Score 1) 50

I realize it's impossible to have a rational discussion about animal research, but every scientist I know makes a serious effort to use the simplest species possible and to minimize its discomfort. For example, the Courtine group developed their technology in rodent models before even trying it in primates. Even "chronic" animal studies are brief relative to the human lifespan, and the time that an animal model has to live with the consequences of an experiment gone bad are much shorter than a human volunteer.

In best case these monkeys will be, or are already euthanasied.
In worst case they will be maintained a miserable life of a paralyzed animal and recycled for other unrelated testing to some other lab facility for a discount.

The only rational question is weather there is really no other alternatives.
Since we discuss this after the facts, I only hope those involved into these experiments and taking care of the lab monkeys had enough ethics to keep the rational question in mind with no definitive answer.

Comment If you search one's trashcan you will find junk (Score 4, Insightful) 205

Publishing one's mailbox content, it is no surprise to find junk.

Thus I am not surprised a political figure in need for more funding is receiving frivolous solicitations from a person with questionable mental health. And guess what, when a public political figure has to smile and be kind with all ppl, even those that are disturbingly ill. This is even more important if your are in need for funding.

Comment Could be transport conditions (Score 1) 121

So, likely Samsung could not really reproduce the defect and verify the causes in their own lab or they would not have shipped replacement devices with same defect.

One possibility is that the battery, charging circuits or even the heat dissipating glue to keep the battery in-place gets damaged during shipment. How much control is there on sea containers for extreme temperature variations, humidity or vibrations?
I can figure thermal glue loosing contact with the battery (or other hot operating component) on extreme temperatures. Or contacts loosing proper alignment on some vibrations frequencies and amplitudes. Could also be low pressure during flight transport that's causing damages to the battery. Would explain why a Note7 caught fire in a plane.

Comment Re:I had Prodos on My Apple][e in 1983-84 (Score 1) 81

There were at least two versions of the LC ROM and there was multiple revisions of the Apple][ Motherboards. Some had a socketed dip chip.
If you used the wrong LC ROM, you got garbled font display as the data alignment/interleave was wrong. One version of the ROM required piggy-backing a line to the IC so it could address the char values range for lowercase.

About the graphical text environment that allowed you, lowercase text and mixed text and graphic. It was brought by a software suit named like Mibbit.

Comment I had Prodos on My Apple][e in 1983-84 (Score 3, Insightful) 81

> is pretty remarkable, considering the Apple ][ and ][+ don't even support lower-case characters.

Wrong, there was a Prodos for the Apple][

> Apple ][ and ][+ don't even support lower-case characters

There was a program that piggy-backed the char display and used graphic mod to display lowercase characters, even supported accentss. Had bee used by word-processors back then. AppleWord and the Jane environment.

And Yes I affirm, there was a Prodos for the Apple][ back then.

Comment Re:Old Saying (Score 1) 460

One solution would be having prepared statements for shell commands instead of doing those risky string concatenations.

And I have stopped using rm to delete files because this command is way too stupid and can take options from file-names.

I use find command,
run it dry once to show what is found
then run find stuffs-to-trash -delete

Comment Re:Make them all Caddys and Priuses (Score 5, Interesting) 748

Disguise all self driving cars as police cars... That should keep the drivers in the cars around them from driving as if there are no rules...

You have a good point with your funny comment.

Autonomous cars should have a very distinctive indicator light marker.
Slow vehicles have to use an orange rotating beacon here.
Cars operating autonomously should have something similar.

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