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Comment Re:Donglegate? Really? (Score 1) 759

And the fact that this was moderated +5 Insightful shows why the industry has such a long way to go - men overreact and get defended, women overreact and get a tirade of abuse. (This is entirely outside the issue of whether any of the events in this story were appropriate).

I am close to giving up on Slashdot because it seems more and more filled with the rants of angry right-wing men. Is this because Rupert Murdoch's organs are now paywalled? Or is the United States slowly turning into Saudi Arabia, only without burkhas?

Comment It's worth noting that Richard actions... (Score 0) 759

...constitute libel in the UK.

Citation definitely needed.

This is a pointless comment because (a) this was not in the UK, (b) English and Welsh Law jurisdiction does not extend to the United States, and (c) English and Welsh libel law is not normative for the United States. So why make the observation?

Comment Re:Finally (Score 4, Interesting) 164

It seems that, just as when Russia was fighting in Afghanistan, the US is supporting the guys who include the Islamic fundamentalists against the people who believe in a more or less secular State. Assad may be unpleasant, but like Saddam he is trying to keep the lid on Shiite/Sunni warring.

If the US arms the rebels, they will be supplying equipment to units of the Taliban who will, as sure as day, subsequently use them against the West. It is hard not to be cynical and think this is all about arms dealers staying in business.

Comment Re:There was no unauthorized access. (Score 1) 113

I don't think you understand how the moderation system is supposed to work. There is no 'disagree' moderation. And your opinion, Anonymous Coward, is no better than mine. (however, I would submit, having seen collegiality in action fighting an attempt to corporatise an academic institution, that you are wrong.)

Comment Re:There was no unauthorized access. (Score 4, Insightful) 113

I note I was down-nodded for an honest statement of opinion. It looks like a lot of people on /. approve of Big Brother. But you miss the point. Corporatism is giving rights to corporations that supersede what we in Europe call human rights. The existence of corporations does not imply corporatism if individual rights are protected.

As an example, the Netherlands has an army but is not militaristic. North Korea has an army, and it is.

Comment Re:There was no unauthorized access. (Score 5, Insightful) 113

The point is whether, given the supposedly Enlightenment ideals of the Western idea of a university, they should have done. If they are just a corporation that educates people for money, that is one thing. If they are a university set up to stand for the possibility of a better society, that is another. Personally I prefer universities when they fight corporatism, not when they support it.

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