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Comment Re:Checklist marketing (Score 1) 137

Why do many of them need to be on the small screen in the first place? You are going to interface the camera with a computer at some point so why not offload the menus for the rarely/never used settings to a PC or tablet?

While not having used this camera, I'm not going to comment on the merits of its interface, I don't really see why you think that the mere existence of an interface on the camera to change these settings harms you. If these settings really don't need to be changed often (/ever), then bury them in some sort of "advanced settings" menu that you can then ignore. Yours is the same mentality that we see from a lot of UI "experts" -- they proclaim that the way they want to use a product is the right way, and prevent anyone else from doing something different. Witness the whole GNOME interface disaster.

If the menu options get in the way of changing commonly-used selections, then the solution is to adjust the menus so fix that, not to remove everything that sjbe doesn't use.

Comment Re:some stats (Score 1) 414

hough, California has a higher-than-usual Hispanic population, so maybe nationally the % of Hispanic AP Exam takers is less than 7.

"Higher-than-usual" is putting it mildly; as of 2012 38% of the california population is hispanic, as compared to 17% of the U.S. population. (Source here), which seems to agree with other sources I found with a quick Google.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 3, Informative) 465

I am now blocked by tens of hundreds of people I don't know, for reasons _they don't fucking know!_ but apparently I'm in Wheatons "toxic" list.

Why are you so fascinated with talking to the type of people that would blindly choose to use Wil Wheaton's censorship list?

What if we have something in common and I would have stumbled across them to discuss something? We clearly have an interest in Star Trek. What if I make a product they'd like that they miss out on (and I miss their sale) because I'm blocked by them
If you're coming to Slashdot to get sympathy for your right to advertise your product to people that don't want to hear it (for whatever reason), you've probably come to the wrong place.

Comment Re:Launch on bootup (Score 1) 59

Possible answer to your question. From the article;

"Once installed, the main Project Sauron modules start working as 'sleeper cells,' displaying no activity of their own and waiting for 'wake-up' commands in the incoming network traffic," Kaspersky researchers wrote in a separate blog post. "This method of operation ensures Project Sauron’s extended persistence on the servers of targeted organizations."

So, how does it continuously poll network traffic looking for 'wake-up' commands? Is that not activity?

Comment Re:First cool site was 'the liquid oxygen barbecue (Score 1) 136

Besides the LOX demo and his invention of Refrigerant R-406A "AutoFrost", George was an Alpha Hardware Hacker at Purdue who presented at Usenix conferences. He got a grant to work on multiprocessing, and so he took two VAX 780's, and connected them by the backplane, creating a multiprocessor VAX. Digital Equipment liked it so much that they made a product of it, called the VAX/782. The CPU clock was 5 MHz and there were a lot of DIP-package digital logic ICs in there, with lots of space between them on the PCBs.

Comment Classic Steve Jobs and the Nascent Web (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Steve Jobs and some folks from Pixar were going out to lunch one day. While walking out of the building, Steve said "we have to find the killer app for the Internet". Steve and I both had NeXT workstations on our desks, and they had the first Mosaic web browser for NeXTStep on them. I'm not sure I even tried that browser, but we both completely missed that this was the killer app for the Internet.

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