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Submission + - Digsby quietly installs malware (lifehacker.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Instant messenging company Digsby has quietly included malware in an update to their client software that utilizes users' computing power and bandwidth while "idle" for a quick buck. When questioned, developers at Digsby claim that they have done no wrong and that users should not complain because the client software is "free".

Submission + - SPAM: Salk Proves Stems Cells Can Cure Genetic Diseases

destinyland writes: "The Salk Institute for Biological Studies just proved that genetic diseases can be cured by combining gene therapy with stem cells. With induced pluripotent stem cell technology, they actually corrected a defective gene linked to leukemia and other cancers in cells taken from a patient volunteer. "It's a pretty remarkable discovery that hasn't been extensively covered in the mainstream press," says their communications director, calling it "a major step in getting regenerative medicine from the laboratory to the clinic." A Salk researcher says that "If we can demonstrate that a combined iPS-gene therapy approach works in humans, then there is no limit to what we can do.""
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Submission + - Things not looking for the BBC's iPlayer (binaryfreedom.info)

An anonymous reader writes: The future of iPlayer, the BBC's new online on-demand system for delivering content is continuing to look bleaker. With ISPs threatening to throttle the content delivered through the BBC's iPlayer, consumers petitioning the UK government and the BBC to drop the DRM and Microsoft-only technology, and threatened legal action from the OSC, the last thing the BBC wanted today was street protests at their office and at the BBC Media Complex accompanied by a report issued by DefectiveByDesign about their association with Microsoft.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Windows 98 Blue Screen of Death tattoo (com.com)

mytrip writes: "Back in the day, it was skulls, snakes and Iron Maiden's undead mascot, Eddie. In the post-heavy-metal Internet era, to express your anguish, malaise, or traumatic childhood, you have to get a tattoo of the Blue Screen of Death on your arm.

The artist, 23-year-old Sam Rulz of Auckland, New Zealand, has this to say: "Paul's tattoo is based on the Windows 98 error code, which is what you see when your pc is f**ed. ..."


Journal Journal: The latest LiveJournal bannings

This is an attempt to briefly summarize what's going on at LiveJournal. Basically, two LiveJournal users got permanently banned (with no warning) for posting ponographic drawings of Harry Potter characters. Now, LiveJournal claimed (though not publicly) they were child porn, but the people in the drawings aren't obviously under 18 and the people in question didn't claim that they were. Unfortunately for Livejournal, one of the user

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