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Comment Congratulations Apple! (Score 1, Interesting) 337

You've introduced the capacitive touch bar my wife's 10 year old HP Pavilion Media laptop has been rockin' forever!

(I really do to this day think that part of the laptop is really cool, except when I swipe to change the volume and it doesn't work the first time)

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

What are you, 12?

Your projection is noted.

And you're definitely acting like a massive Mac Fanboy here.

Whining at the fact that Apple has long been at the top of hardware reliability surveys is a pure Hateboi reaction. As is losing your shit and throwing your kitchen sink at the effigy of Steve Jobs you've constructed.

Replying to a 3 day dead article

And what do you think you're doing, Slick? And what do you mean, "dead"? An article isn't dead until comments are closed. Your elevator isn't going to the top floor...

to say "but but Note 7!" when we're talking about PCs and laptops.

Because you pulled a random search for recalls out of your ass, err, Google. Classic Hateboi nutpicking. Guess what, you can find Honda recalls too - doesn't change the fact they're more reliable than other car makers. You want to talk about PC's? Okay, lets talk about:

Dell recalls 4 million 'exploding' laptops

....and how it was a complete non-issue, because it wasn't Apple.

Read your own link? "The two main culprits that cause a malfunctioning cellphone battery are physical damage or use of a low quality, unauthorized charger." When Apple has a crisis so bad they recall an entire line, factory supplied chargers included, do let us know.

Should we now shift the goalposts to some other area?

Says the Hateboi who hasn't bothered to address the fact that Apple took the top spot in reliability, as the usually do. Specifically on laptops, when you wanted to wank on about....PC's and laptops.

Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score 1) 121

If you want unlimited data then you should pay extra for it. Is that not fair?

Already am. I'm also paying for Netflix. I don't want my cable company f****** with Netflix packets until Netflix pays them a blackmail fee, which they naturally have to pass on to me, despite my paying the cable company a pretty penny to be my isp. This is net neutrality 101....any more dumb questions?

Comment Re:no dvr capability.. limited channels.. no local (Score 1) 121

So you would rather have less functionality for everyone because you want your precious "net neutrality" bullshit.

Corrupt anti-competitive behavior is "more" functionality on what planet?

You just want unlimited data for downloading warez.

You use salt & pepper while licking those corporate boots, or do you take them black?

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 524

Problems with their Macbook Pros only acknowledged after a class action lawsuit:

And Samsung phones are blowing up on airplanes and setting people's houses on fire - but nobody GAF because it's not Apple. The problem for Hatebois is that Apple has been at or near the top of reliability surveys since the Paleozoic era of computing.

No, that doesn't mean they're flawless, Hateboi canards to the contrary. It means their shit is more reliable than everyone else's shit.

Comment Re:I'm speaking as someone who manages IT... (Score 1) 524

the publications department - but become much more problematic for field staff and managers (especially to start) because things aren't where they've grown to expect them to be

That's your confirmation bias talking. If you've spent any time supporting PC users, you've run into some that need a great deal of handholding. A couple months I had one ask me, "what's the Start menu?" when trying to get him to open the Control Panel - what's that prove?

But now that I know that you, personally, haven't had problems with your Macs... well that changes everything. Thanks so much.

Thanks for the hand waiving. Had to support a Mac where the OS has randomly decided to uninstall critical software because it's "not compatible", the way Windows 10 is wont to do, without asking?

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 524

From my experience, Macs work great .. as long as you only ever want to do the things Steve Jobs thought you should want to do. Which admittedly, is a good fit for most non-techies that just want email and a web browser. As soon as you try to break out of the mold though, things tend to take a nosedive very fast.


Just try sorting your iTunes list by path/filename. Yeah no juice there. You use Apple's library system or you piss off. There's no third option.

1) No one cares 2) nothing stops you from using another music player. Do you think Zombie Steve comes for you in the middle of the night if you install VLC and make some m3u playlists?

Or Flash. Sure Flash might be terrible in many ways, but you _still_ can't access like half the video sites on the web from a mobile phone.

Name five.

And of course, there's the age-old issue of lack of software for Macs

Name a product category where software isn't available for OS X.

A particular problem for gamers

BootCamp has been out for a full ten years now. Why don't you complain about the single button mice and lack of preemptive multitasking while you are at it?

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 524

Nobody, including bad people, are going to intentionally choose a market that's only 10% of the total when its just as easy to target the other 90%.

Then why did most web server exploits target IIS when Apache had more marketshare? Because it was never about marketshare, it was about products with shitty security.

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