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Comment Re:It must really suck... (Score 1) 540

You clearly don't work in software development on the Left Coast.

You're clearly still hand waiving on the subject of human nature. If you and 99 of your co-workers are selected to help set up a London branch and spend 18 months there, some of you might date. But employees who decide to buy a flat (at several times the price of housing back home) and get married are going to be in the distinct minority, not the rule.

And if you'd rather compete with someone making under $30k in India rather than the same guy making over $80k here (typical for my industry), you're pretty bad at math.

You're pretty bad at reading comprehension, if you keep skipping the part where it's your own government going out of its way to bring in workers to compete with you, Joe Citizen, for your "market wages".

Comment Re:What Clinton did (Score 1) 558

When Clinton did the same she probably thought she was telling the truth.

So, the she's-an-incompetent-moron defense used for the "smartest person in the room". Sounds like Catholic hospitals who suddenly start arguing that a fetus isn't a person the second they are sued for a preventable miscarriage.

She took bribes from Russia for selling them US uranium.


I trust you're calling bullshit when Democrats talk about Trump's business ties to Russia then, yes?

She failed to follow government guidelines for record retention.

True, but very common.

Very much horseshit, to be technical. She is the only SoS to use a private email server exclusively. And starting a mere two years after she publicly blasted the Bush Administration for their private servers. She also deleted tens of thousands of emails with the same authorization she had in setting up her server (none) which would have had her serving a few decades in prison for obstruction of justice, if her name was Hillary Smith.

That only refers to information you know you have, she didn't realized classified info was on the server.

Pure sophistry. Hillary knew full well that the information she was dealing in was born classified. Think about it for two seconds: if the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan sends an email about the state of nuclear tensions between that country and India, does it have to be marked classified before it is treated as such? You might not know the answer, but Hillary did as an Original Classification Authority, a high-level official who was given extensive training and responsibility over classified materials.

Hillary Clinton did not use Anthony Weiner's laptop, her aid Huma Abedin did, likely with her official State Dept email address.

Her agency, her responsibility. Ask any military base commander that's been sacked after some grunt screws something up with security or nuclear weapons.

The reason why the GOP focused so much on the private email server is because it was a legit Clinton scandal, one they didn't have to invent

FTFY. Hillary Clinton ran her own unsecured, unauthorized server and deliberately deleted evidence before an investigation. Other people have been sent to prison for far less - just ask the Navy man serving time for taking a few selfies on an unsecured, unauthorized cell phone.

Comment Re:Social gender values (Score 1) 147

Your continued hand waving, non-responses and doubling down on sexist stereotypes is also noted. You can stop prattling on about your study when the subject is medical doctors and cancer research. Really, feel free to stop beating that horse at any time, it's quite dead.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1544

How does it not have anything with them being Jews?

What part of "it could have been the Freemasons and the results would have been the same" are you having a hard time understanding? It has nothing nothing NOTHING to do with Israelis being Jews, and everything to do with them being immigrant racist imperialists. If you are a Palestinian and your family has farmed that olive garden since Charlemagne, you may be forced off your land by an immigrant who has a single Jewish grandparent from New Jersey, given free travel & a stipend plus other incentives to move to the country.

Are you deliberately ignoring the plain language of the Arab states and Hamas?

Israel created Hamas to undermine Fatah, take it up with them. And all the racist idiots prattling on about the Hamas Charter (which again was created by Israel) need to read the Likud Charter, which claims all the land to Jordan River. Land which is entirely Palestinian land under international law - including Jerusalem and the Right of Return.

Comment Re:More stuff that had no record of happening (Score 1) 1544

I haven't heard anything remotely like people being forced out of their homes.

Then you're speaking on a subject on which you lack the barest, remedial knowledge.

And you do realize you redundantly said force twice. Idiot.

You want to play grammar zionist nazi you might not want to leave a few words out of a sentence in the same post:

Er, what supposedly went down anything like that.

Pedant fail.

Finally someone who will get at the history of the region instead of offering up nonsense statistics.

You were saying?

Also, Palestinian is not a race. So that makes you the idiot.

Germany isn't a race either, yet people still speak of Germans. Idiot.

Comment Re:WHat I said on ars: (Score 1) 558

Not really

Yes. Really. "I used to support you until I had these Concerns!" == concern trolling.

I very happily stand by my judgement and comments. You on the other hand seem to be suffering butthurt because... I don't know, your idol turned out to have feet of clay? That's ok, It happens to everyone, but you'll grow out of it. Leaktivism will (hopefully) survive Assange the Dick.

Your hand waving and butthurt attempt at avoidance are noted. What part of "Wikileaks is in the publishing business, not the hacking business" did you have a hard time understanding? If you want Assange to publish dirt on the Kochs, Santa Claus, whomever, then get busy hacking so you can give him something to publish.

Yes that really is the issue right there, isn't it? Because either wikileaks is a publisher, and Julian is editor-in-chief and responsible for policy, or blah blah blah blah

Word salad is boring and needs more radishes. And again, if you think Wikileaks isn't leaking something you want seen, then stop whining and start poking at some servers. Otherwise, you're just another partisan hack engaging in character assassination. Or you could go work for David Brock, he's still in business, and then you could start getting paid for this tripe.

Comment Re:Tables are turning (Score 1) 476

There's no way to correctly assess "pollution and environmental" external costs.

Hand waiving. The costs of reclamation after mining are quantifiable, as are black lung, slurry spills, CO2 emissions, etc.

It's astounding that some people claim that renewable energy is cost competitive without subsidies, but hey, taxpayer money is the best kind of money and the whole renewables industry is politically-driven.

An astounding lack of self-awareness. You know this is a story about reps in a state government trying to assign a "sin tax" to solar power, yes?

Hundreds of billions of dollars per year of government

You mean the same government that has an enormous bias towards fossil fuels, yes? You know that the U.S. military is the single largest user of fossil fuels and has overthrown democracies to keep oil flowing in petrodollars, yes? Where all the lobbying money from all green energy moneys combined could be found in couches of the Exxon Mobile foyer?

Comment Re: Israel bulldozing terrorists' houses (Score 1) 1544

So you're demanding that Palestinains get to demolish the homes of terrorist IDF personnel who murder and bomb Palestinians? You're demanding that Palestinians have the right to bomb anyone who looks like he might be an Israeli police officer on the grounds that he is a "militant"?

If zionists were held to zionist reasoning, Israel would have ceased to exist by 1950.

Comment Re:Don't be obtuse (Score 1) 377

The article is talking about people who are basically saying they've lived in the city forever and are now being displaced from their hometown. And they should have some kind of right to say because it's been their home so long.

There's something about this "ability" concept that illusive? You almost had it:

In my market, I've owned a home for 6 years and the price has doubled. I put 20% down originally, so as an investment

Almost 60% of Americans cannot handle an emergency that costs them $500, much less save over a hundred thousand dollars for the down payment on a home in San Francisco. A cheapass home at that, because you would looking at closer to $200,000 down payment for the median price.

Comment Re:Ayn Rand Jihadism (Score 1) 377

Yes, the $1.5 trillion includes them all. However, it doesn't matter if it is city, county, or state - the people living in California have to pay ALL of it.

Of course it matters. Taking sums from half a dozen separate entities and pretending it's a giant sum owed from the state is sophistry. Would he (or you) take the debt from every for-profit entity in the state and pretend it's a single lump sum?

He isn't saying you shouldn't have ANY regulations, just too many. Also, you didn't address, or deny his point.

I addressed and denied his point by pointing out it's extremist dogma. Wanting deregulation for the sake of deregulation is as sensible as more regulation for the sake of regulation.

Comment Re:Madness (Score 1) 377

Reality has a well known anti-Libertarian bias. Cubans have better health care than you do - for $300 per person, per year. Common, be honest with yourself for .0002 seconds - the goal of any business is to make maximum profit for minimal costs. If a business doesn't have to moderate its prices through regulation or healthy competition, it will happily cornhole you eighteen ways till Sunday.

Comment Ayn Rand Jihadism (Score 0) 377

Let's start with the biggest turd in the punchbowl:

Over $1.3 TRILLION in government debt, much in underfunded public employee union pension obligations.

Your own link states that is lumping all obligations together, from "state, cities, counties, school districts, community colleges, special districts, agencies and other authorities" and then pretends that is debt owned by the state. Lets get real here - you take the debt owed from every gas station, almond farm, movie studio, and defense contractor, I'd bet a signed, autographed copy of Atlas Wanked that it's going to be a much, much higher figure than $1.3 trillion. ZOMG?? How can California possibly afford capitalism!!!!!

High state income taxes, and overall it's one of the highest taxed states in the country.

1) Civilization costs money and requires basic services
2) Government provides better services for a fraction of the cost compared to capitalism

A regulatory and legal climate that stifles growth and drives businesses out of the state

You mean you want companies to be free to exploit employees, customers, shareholders, and resources without any measure of restraint.

Schools that are some of the worst in the nation.

By Randian design. Step 1: slash public school funding (thanks Reagan!) Step 2: complain that public schools are failing (because you gut their funding, fool) an need to be replaced with privatized charter schools that are worse than the public schools they replaced.

Some of the worst roads in the nation

Low taxes have high costs, as does the capitalist belief that public roads should all be built on the public tax dollar, but mass transit needs to be self-funding.

Widening income inequality, driven by coastal elites enacting policies that make it increasingly difficult for the poor and middle class to earn a living in California.

Like when Jerry Brown spent years opposing a real minimum wage increase before finally caving in, when he opposed state single payer (that passed the legislature twice under Arnie), and let college students go on taking it up the ass on tuition. You're finally talking sense!

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