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Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised? (Score 1) 66

That's easy for you to say after the fact. And velcro+tang aren't the best examples, they're quite simply concepts.

But look at the 2016 list of spinoffs:

Lots of stuff on there that would have been deemed unnecessary or a waste of money by private investors.

Comment Way under-budgeted (Score 5, Insightful) 180

I appreciate the sentiment, but 120 million euro is way, waaaaay too little for a project of that scale.

Personally, I have the option of a 500Mbit line, but I have friends who live just a few kilometers away, who are stuck with ~10Mbit DSL or less. Based on my experience in the ISP/telco world, you can multiply that amount of money by ten, and maybe that'll be enough. For one country.

Comment Re: Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 395

can you list some of these so called useful things an android phone can do by permanently knowing were a device is ?

Traffic information, recommendations for nearby restaurants or venues, generally everything where using location data can be useful, especially aggregated location data, from which you can gather patterns.

And on a more specific level, the ISP/telco I use has a version of NetPerform, which helps gather data about the quality of the network, to show where coverage should be improved.

Of course, everything you can do with always-on location data is in the "nice to have" rather than "need to have" category, I have no argument against that. But it does enable some rather convenient features.

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