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Comment Re:So much goddamn bureaucracy. (Score 1) 70

You should definitely re-evaluate your understanding of politics.

Anarchists are generally left-wing (except anarcho-capitalists, maybe), communism specifically requires the complete withering of the state, there have been plenty of authoritorian right-wing regimes.

It's not a left/right one-dimensional axis. It isn't even two-dimensional, it has a hell of a lot of dimensions.

Personally, I lean towards libertarian socialism. Think on that for a while, it's a real thing.

Comment Re:The biggest lie americans believe (Score 1) 122

No, fair competition killed Blockbuster. That is not necessarily the same thing as the "invisible hand of the free market". If Blockbuster had been just a little bit aware of their position and what the future of movie/series watching would look like, they could have owned the entire segment. That would have been completely in line with free market philosophy, which doesn't mind monopolies at all, because it erroneously considers all actors to be rational, and considers companies unwilling to exploit their customers.

As reality has shown, this is not true.

Comment Re:The biggest lie americans believe (Score 1) 122

The Free Market is what allowed a small upstart company like netflix to destroy a juggernaut fortune-500 company that was blockbuster.

No. Netflix won because Blockbuster refused to innovate and were way too slow to realize that streaming is the future. The mythical free market didn't kill Blockbuster. Blockbuster killed Blockbuster.

The free market was what (almost) put kodak out of business. They refused to invest in the burgeoning digital camera market, trying to prevent it from happening and doubling down on film cameras. Thats not what the market wanted and they got put in their place.

That has nothing to do with the mythical free market. Kodak simply didn't follow the technical advances in camera technology, and paid for it.

Comment Blade Runner (Score 2) 1222

For me there is absolutely no contest. Blade Runner (director's cut or Final Cut, obviously) shows a world that is fleshed out, a world that feels real and realistic, where your natural reaction is "yeah, this is how the world could be in 50 years". It's not huge on special effects fanfare, technology exists naturally in the world and no big occasion is made of it. It feels natural and grounded.

The Fifth Element is a close runner-up. It's just so big and colorful and goddamn French, like nothing else. It's a visual extravaganza and one hell of a ride.

And I have to mention Dredd as well, because like Blade Runner, it just feels real.

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