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Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 636

Uh no, in an actual true communist society, there would be no state, as it would have withered away. It is an utopia, but the core idea is that when all means of production are shared, there will be no need for a government to keep corporations and so on in check.

It's about as realistic as the libertarian vision of the 100% free market, but there you have it.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 606

First off, you're citing the Mises Institute, one of the most hardcore libertarian FYGM organizations around. Of course they'll spin some free market-friendly spiel.

Secondly, look at the median income:

Which three countries are in the top 5, above the US? That's right, the Scandiavian social-democratic countries. I know our classical liberal and libertarian shitheel politicians have been trying to run the system into the ground for a while now, but we're dealing with them in due time.

Please stop talking about Europe as a whole, as if you can paint the whole continent with one brush. There are vast cultural and political differences from north to south, and east to west.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 5, Informative) 606

The social programs have been raised to the maximum sustainable level - really, they couldn't be any higher without creating a positive feedback loop, eliminating more of the private sector in favor of benefits, as some argue already has happened to some extent.

That's funny, because around here we have much more extensive and well-funded social programs. Oddly enough, no such positive feedback loop has happened. Rather the opposite, in fact.

Comment Re:Dumbest idea ever (Score 1) 202

Sure, but have you done the calculations for how much energy you need to burn off to melt even a 5cm layer of snow? Even if the grid wasn't strained enough as is, this idea would completely murder it.

We don't need self-clearing roads, we need adequate mechanical clearing and cars with good winter tires. Cheaper, easier and less waste.

Comment Re:Worse than senseless (Score 1) 202

"cheap and durable"

You're talking about a panel with electronics, solar panels, LED lights and an engineered glas surface that is both durable and sufficiently transparent to let sunlight through, while having enough friction to function as a road surface. Never mind all the support infrastructure, cabling etc.

And you're saying it's both cheaper and more durable than tarmac or concrete? Are you insane?

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