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Comment If people care they will buy something else. (Score 2) 771

it's not rocket science. No one is being tricked into buying an iPhone, and other manufacturers aren't being tricked into copying the iPhone. If people really want a 3.5 mm headphone jack then other manufacturers will keep it and people will buy those instead of an iPhone. If not, then I guess it doesn't really matter and we'll add this to the list of legacy technologies that Apple has taken the lead on EOLing, causing mass hysteria from the technoratti and complete indifference from everyone else.

Comment You are protected by irrelevance. (Score 0) 85

No one is snooping on your private life, mostly because your private life is hella boring.

If you don't want to carry a cell phone then don't, but for the love of god please stop pretending that every three letter agency in the world is obsessed with seeing your lame dick picks. They really, really, don't care.

Comment A secure computer is a non-networked one. (Score 1) 51

Modern computer security is the equivalent of implementing bank security by distributing all the money from the vault into the cash registers of every store in a mall, and then hiring an army of mall cops to patrol all the cash registers.

IT professionals are the "mall cops" in this scenario, and unsurprisingly they keep telling us that we need to hire more mall cops and buy them all really nice Segways.

Comment Your tiny little brain can't understand this, but: (Score 2) 120

1. Apple pays all taxes required by law, and they play by the same rules as any other company.
2. Apple didn't break any laws by refusing to crack the encryption on one of their phones, if they had then the FBI would have pursued it rather than giving up--and Apple is innocent until proven guilty.
3. The FBI doesn't have the right to unilaterally refuse to investigate crimes just because they don't like the victim--that would be pretty fucked up.
4. By all accounts this was a local crime and will be investigated by the NYPD, not the "feds"
5. EVERY product can be decrypted, it just takes time & money.

Comment It's fine if you don't understand technology (Score 2) 364

I just don't understand why you want to post to a tech blog if you don't understand tech. If you have trouble understanding this article then you can probably get the neighbors 9 year old to explain it to you:

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