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Comment So baby boomers retiring are Obama's fault? (Score 1) 488

Workforce participation numbers have gone down because of baby boomers retiring and stubbornly refusing to not die instantly. That metric goes up and down over the course of history correlated directly to birth booms from about (wait for it) 65 years earlier.

So you don't realize this because you are (a) fucking retarded and (b) a liar, but you are blaming Obama for the post WW2 baby boom.

Comment That's just stupid gibberish. (Score 1) 1424

1. Superdelegates are in primaries, not the general.

2. She pursued superdelegates in the primary for the same reason that every candidate does (including Bernie)--because she wanted to win. She would have won the primary easily even if there were no superdelegates.

And this was rated Insightful? Idiocracy was a remarkably prophetic movie.

Comment Yes, but that's not what we're talking about. (Score 1) 1321

The debate was whether or not Bernie won the popular vote in the democratic primary. It is an incontrovertible fact that he did NOT. We don't elect people based on attendance at rallies.

I can't tell at this point whether you are trolling or just really believe that you can alter reality by stomping your feet and yelling.

Comment The claim was that Bernie won the popular vote (Score 1) 1321

That claim is false. Either you agree that the claim was false or you are a liar.

You are trying to change the subject--which is apparently what people do nowadays when they are caught in a lie, and that has contributed to this environment of fake news and information. Yes or no, did Hillary win the primary popular vote?

The only correct answer is YES--and thus the post by Hylandr was a LIE. Those are facts--absolutely irrefutable facts. I'm not going to debate them because they are not debatable.

Once we've established that incontrovertible fact--we can move on to discussing whether the primary was stacked against Bernie. IMO, yes--it was, just like it was stacked against Barack Obama in 2008. But Obama was a far better candidate with far broader appeal and he overcame the establishment bias. Bernie fought a valiant fight but fell short. In hindsight, I wish I had voted for him and I wish he had won. Not because I think he would have been a better president (I agreed more with Hillary's positions, I think she's smarter, more pragmatic, more experienced and harder working) but it really does look like Bernie would have had a better shot against Trump based on how the general election turned out.

Comment This is a complete fabrication. You are a LIAR. (Score 1) 1321

Hillary Clinton got 16.8 million primary votes to Bernie's 13.2 million. She won handily in both the popular vote and delegate total. She would have won by a huge margin even if there was no such thing as a superdelegate.

If the truth doesn't matter at all anymore, then why do we even both talking to each other?

Comment Your own link proves that you are a liar: (Score 1) 1321

"But in April of that year, the Supreme Court, in a case called McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, struck down aggregate limits on total giving to federal campaigns, allowing maximum donations to as many different committees as a donor wanted."

This was all completely legal.

Words have meaning, laws are laws, facts are facts. Something doesn't become "blatantly illegal" just because a bunch of whiny internet morons think it's unfair. You can't change facts by chanting a lie in unison.

Comment Okay...what laws were broken? (Score 1) 1321

The claim is that the "DNC was caught red handed doing things that are blatantly illegal". That is a statement of fact, it is either true or false. There's nothing subjective there. My question is, WHAT LAWS WERE BROKEN?

You've yet to produce a cite which says that any laws were broken, therefore I claim that you are full of shit. Feel free to prove me wrong.

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