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Comment I don't think it's "most" states. (Score 4, Insightful) 664

Most states have some protection around advertising yourself as a "Professional Engineer" (PE) or similar term that implies you are licensed by the state to provide engineering services to the public. Only a few states apply this sort of orthodoxy to the general term "engineer", and the enforcement tends to be pretty lax.

Check on LinkedIn, there are several million people listing themselves as some form of Engineer--while most of them have an engineering degree from an accredited university, the vast majority of them do not have any PE licensure, for the simple reason that in many engineering fields there's just no reason get a state license.

Intel is in Oregon--and they employ thousands of degreed engineers and they definitely aren't PEs. Those job postings are advertised as "engineers" and the employees use the term "engineer" on their business cards and LinkedIn profiles.

Comment You can connect a MW of chargers anywhere (Score 1) 177

1. Chargers have local battery storage--they can charge low & slow from the grid and then dump that energy quickly into a vehicle battery.

2. There is a *lot* of power available from those power lines you see running parallel to every "major route"

3. Tesla has offered to collaborate with other manufacturers for access to the Supercharger network--none of them have taken Tesla up on that offer.

Comment That's completely false. (Score 1) 177

CCS does *not* support 350kW charging. If it did then you could point me to both a single 350kW charger installed for customer use anywhere in the world and a single car available for purchase which can use that charger. How can something be a "de facto" standard when it doesn't exist?

There is a de facto standard in 100kW+ charging, but it sure as hell isn't CCS.

Comment Yes, because Apple buyers aren't paranoid idiots. (Score 3, Insightful) 223

Apple doesn't do anything to prevent anyone from reselling or giving away an iPhone or Mac--there is a thriving reseller market for both. Macs hold their value much better than PCs do, for example; specifically because they last longer. Apple itself has a refurbishment program that resells pre-owned Macs & iPhones.

This is just about what happens when Apple sends some old device to an authorized recycler. Should Apple allow that recycler to piece out individual parts and sell them on a gray market? possibly selling hard drives with customer data still on them? Or should Apple insist that they shred the devices and recycle them.

Reasonable people could disagree about which strategy is more responsible--but in the grand scheme of things to get pissed about, this is pretty lame. Do you have any idea how many electronic devices don't get recycled at all? Who recycles your old cable box? Who recycles your shoes?

It's increasingly difficult to tell the difference between Slashdot and Breitbart--the same sort of manufactured outrage exist on both.

Comment No, the problem is that you (Score 1) 260

are so obsessed with identifying and calling out anything that looks like a "Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field" that you are unable to acknowledge that we are witnessing the future happening.

Elon Musk is indisputably a tech visionary--or else that phrase has no meaning at all.

BTW: so was Steve Jobs. It doesn't make you "immune to groupthink" to claim otherwise, it makes a fucking idiot.

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