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Comment Calling bullshit. (Score 1) 177

> Both Google and Apple kick the rank and file salesmen a spiff in exchange for moving one of their phones

Citation required, because that sounds pretty unbelievable--especially considering that most Apple phones are bought at an Apple store (from an employee paid hourly & not on commission) or online.

Comment So you want to be a dictator. (Score 3, Insightful) 579

You don't mind governments, so long as they only spend money on things that you and you alone think are worth spending money on. So the only form of government that you'll be happy with is one in which you are the supreme authoritarian ruler. You'll forgive the rest of us for not signing up.

Pretty much all zealots are annoying--but I find libertarians to be especially so. They're stupid, they don't know that they're stupid, and they are certain that everyone else is stupid.

Comment Why do you feel the need to lie? (Score 1) 113

30 minutes of super-charging gives you an extra 180 miles, not an extra 50.

This is how I know that Tesla is going to be super-successful, because the fact that most arguments against EVs include over-the-top lies indicates that the fundamental problem is (a) ignorance and (b) an irrational fear of change. History has taught us that both (a) & (b) will auto-correct.

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