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Comment Re:Who should we blame? (Score 1) 67

The people that did it.

Certainly, but they had help. Not surprised at this point, but somehow still disappointed to find no mention of "Microsoft", "liability", or even "blame" (beyond the titular question).

If there were liability for the customers' harm, then the makers would design and implement hardware and software with more concern about security and abuse. Not saying Microsoft invented the idea of avoiding responsibility (and actually unable to think of anything that Microsoft actually did invent), but they perfected it. Thereby Microsoft became rich and successful and the model for other companies. Latest reports are pointing the fingers at Chinese manufacturers, but they just sold what the customers wanted, secure in the legal protection of "You can't sue us no matter how much harm our devices cause."

Oh well. Pointless to spend more thought or time on Slashdot these days, especially in speculating on possible improvements. This article will disappear in a few hours, but maybe I missed something "funny"... Okay, found the only post with a funny mod, and it wasn't. Not surprised.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score 1) 66

probably because it was less about the money, and more about control over his company/baby/project

I guess I don't understand that.

The ONLY reason I work, is to earn enough $$ to fund my lifestyle I like when I'm not having to work.

If it were me and they offered me for something I started up, I'd sell it so fast your head would spin.

I'd much rather spend my time doing fun things that working or nurturing a company.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score 2) 66 Z would have been $24 Billion richer then, vs $57 Billion now.

I don't get it...sure, that's about double the money, but at BILLIONS of dollars, what does that matter really?

I mean, geez...I'd have taken the $24B and live the rest of my life on easy street.....

I'm pretty sure I could somehow manage to stretch out $24B over the rest of my years on earth....[rolls eyes]

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 198

Besides, the Tivo has been made obsolete already with streamers.

Not really.

I'm using Tivo as part of my cord cutting set up.

I have the Tivo Roamio OTA (comes with lifetime guide service) to record my local OTA channels, and I also have Tivo Minis to stream that from the main tivo to the bedrooms and office televisions.

The Tivo also has streaming built in for Netflix and Amazon, Hulu, etc...and like another poster said, it is good at searching through all of them for show or key words you want to search for.

I will say that the Tivo's interface with the Netflix and amazon prime is a bit slower than my Amazon FireTV and Roku's Iv'e played with...but the search across all of those in addition to all my local channels via antenna is great.

I did add the Amazon FireTV units to each TV that I could use Playstation VUE, and for $35/mo I could get all the "cable channels" I would have missed, like all the ESPN channels during college football season, I get FX, FXX, TCM, IFC...all the news MSNBC, Fox News, CNN...etc.

But I find that this set up is really working well. I have the TIVO for searching and DVR for OTA and the VUE on Amazon FireTV which had DVR capability for all those shows I described above....

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 546

I take it you were opposed to Chick-Fil-A's stance on LGB issues?

The company didn't discriminate against anyone, employees or customers, but the owner expressed his view points.

No, I have no problem with anyone expressing their viewpoints on subjects like this. Everyone is free to embrace or oppose what till recently have been very prevalent thoughts and traditional values.

Comment Re:Relationship of technology to this election? (Score 1) 325

Yes, you have convinced me you are fanatical and willing to repeat yourself. I could extend my responses, but there was no evidence of anything recognizable as sincerity or curiosity, so you have also convinced me that would be a waste of time and keystrokes. Or perhaps I should apologize for writing at a level that is too difficult for you?

I regard this discussion as pointless and closed. Feel free to repeat yourself some more.

Comment Re:Abusing Trump's compulsive behaviors (Score 1) 325

Gawdamn the backspace bug on Slashdot! Just lost a carefully prepared reply that had taken several minutes (and quite a bit of energy) to write. *sigh*

Anyway, I'll reduce it to "Why does anyone hate Hillary?"

Your sig looks familiar, so maybe you can just remind me of an earlier reply, but I still don't get it.

Comment Re:Relationship of technology to this election? (Score 1) 325

My first degree included sociology and I studied quite a bit about polling. I even followed up with math before switching to computer science for my second degree. So I'm telling you [tbannist] to stop projecting your ignorance or bias.

Short summary: It is quite easy to deliver any poll results you are being paid for. LOTS of ways to rig the results, but the more "scientific" pollsters play games with framing and even priming in contrast to the older and cruder techniques of manipulating the questions and possible answers.

It is even easier to produce a poll that produces garbage. For example, serious polling has to involve pre-polling to test the questions.

The hardest thing is to produce an honest poll that gives you meaningful insight into any deep issue. REALLY hard to keep the pollsters' mindsets and prejudices out of the results before you try to figure out what the results really mean.

Comment Dilbert used to be funny (Score 1) 325

I think the money went to his head a long while ago and it became a boring business. I think he lost his sense of humor, too, but he's getting ideas from around the Web and he has hired a couple of editors to pick the ones he illustrates for his strip. Nothing that feels like his originality there.

As regards Trump, I think it was a head fake. If Trump wins, he gets to say "I told you so" and if Trump loses he'll claim credit and say "If I hadn't scared, you then Trump could have won."

I still can't understand the rabid hatred of Hillary (except for the misogynists), though their viciousness has finally got me to like her a little bit in spite of the lawyer thing. I started neutral towards Trump, but now I think he's a pathological liar and I definitely hate liars. Probably a sociopath, too, but there are plenty of them running apparently successful businesses.

Comment Relationship of technology to this election? (Score 1) 325

Interesting post, and if I ever saw a mod point, I might give it to you, even though you only posed the questions.

Anyway, it's obvious that technology is influencing elections in many ways, but mostly for the worse. Just picking a few examples off the top of my head:

(1) Scientific polling that makes voting feel meaningless
(2) Precise gerrymandering that distorts the House of so-called Representatives
(3) Trump's self-immolation via Twitter

Still no funny comments and the ones modded insightful weren't, and the discussion is almost expired...

Comment Non-issue? (Score 2) 155

It does suck if your phone doesn't get the performance that could be achieved (and is achieved by other phones) but I'm not sure what this would mean in real life.

Do you need this performance on a mobile device such as a phone? As the data transfer test proved, it's not eight times slower for that, it only takes somewhat longer.

I thought it was normal the fewer flash chips perform worse.

Comment Abusing Trump's compulsive behaviors (Score 2) 325

Of course the amazing thing is that Trump probably thinks the tweeting is helping his campaign. He doesn't even want to stop, though Hillary would be helping him greatly if this gimmick discouraged him from tweeting. Like Sun Tzu says, you shouldn't interfere when your enemy is punching himself in the face. (Actually, I'm still entertaining the hypothesis that Twitter actually brainwashed Trump with Alt-Right links.)

I still think it's kind of unfair for Hillary to exploit his weaknesses, but then again, I think Trump is asking for it. Near as I can tell, no one forced him into this ritual humiliation. Kind of a shame he didn't have any good friends who could persuade him not to, and if he thought Bill Clinton was being a good friend when he encouraged him to run against Bill's very own wife... Well, there goes any claim to high intelligence, as if the Donald's campaign hadn't been proof enough.

If there were some similar comments already, I would have appended mine. Nothing showed up yet, and the participation in Slashdot these days is so low that I'm not expecting much before the article dies. The moderation is not helping (as usual), but I have a new question about some discouraging "award" I recently received. Couldn't find out anything about it, so I guess I should care even less, eh?

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 2) 546

As a Non-American I find this fixation with guns absurd.

I was going to answer, but I see the ScentCone has beat me to most of my valid points, especially about the Oz example.

So, yes, I fear for my existing gun freedoms.

And as that you are a non-American, it shouldn't really matter one way or another to you, should it?

It's nice that you're interested, but you really needn't bless us with your 'superior' and more 'civilized' outlook on weapons where you live. If you don't like to have full freedoms like we have here (guns being one of them) then fine, stay where you are, but don't moralize or try to talk down how we have things here.

None of your business....

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 4, Insightful) 546

His flagship policy is to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. keep the ILLEGALLY border crossing Mexicans (and anyone else using that border) out.

There's a big difference.

I don't think many Americans have problems with LEGAL immigrants.

We just want them to sign the fucking guest book on the way in, you know?

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