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Comment Jeezuz... (Score 4, Insightful) 127

First, it's a machine so the word to use would be vandalism and not bullying.
Second, three incidents in several years doesn't exactly sound like a real problem to me, especially considering they seem to have more than one unit deployed.
And third, who thinks it's a good idea to vandalize something that has cameras, honestly!

Comment 1,000 quatloos on the newcomer AI? (Score 1) 236

In some regards I'd argue that one deserved an insightful mod. The comment that actually had one (at this time) didn't deserve it, and no "funny" comments at all. Sad. (#PresidentTweety contamination is bigly sad.)

Consider the Fermi Paradox. Obvious resolution is that they're out there, but not talking to us because we're still amusing enough to bet quatloos on. What are they betting on?

Whether we create our AI successors before we exterminate ourselves. Right now the odds are falling fast. (#PresidentTweety again.)

Yeah, I'm speculating, but natural evolution is a kind of random process and follows many paths. There is some convergence, but it's still interesting to watch the various paths. The AIs are NOT coming from random processes and blind watchmakers, but will probably converge on the laws of physics without much of interest to watch. When our AI descendants get to that point, they'll get (and be able to understand) the greetings from the others.

Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 387

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

I've seen this on some W2 and 1099 contracts...and I simple line them out saying that what I do outside hours on MY time is my business and my intellectual property.

They usually agree easily as long as you're not in direct competition with them.

Most all of those agreements are boilerplate they got from their lawyers to try to cover everything, but most I find are amendable to reasonable changes like this.....

Comment Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 5, Interesting) 387

If you are a W2 employee and working on company time on your own projects, you might have more to worry about than being fired.

If you are creating new content, inventing a new gadget, etc....and you do it on company time, you may find that you DO NOT OWN what you have created.

Many if not most employment contracts/agreements have verbiage that states that anything you come up with on company time, belongs to the company.

They may not fire you, but they will now own it and you won't make any $$ on the side for it....

Comment Too transient, how about redoing it as a poll? (Score 1) 86

I've been reading a lot of these books over the last few years and would even be glad to contribute a few comments, but... Too transient to justify the effort. How about redoing it as a poll? The current poll has been basically dead for a week or two, and this would seem to be a much more interesting topic.

You could get the top candidates at random, but I'd recommend using Amazon to get the bestselling examples for the top 4 or 5 slots and collect the others in the comments.

Seems to be a problem with the Cowboy Neal option. If it was about the creation of Slashdot, there's not much grounds for recommending it. Perhaps an option like "Cowboy Neal doesn't read books anymore"?

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 2) 199

Consider this: a late night host shows up on TV and does a 5 minute monologue 5 nights a week. Most comedians spend about 3-6 months writing and testing material to do 15 minutes.

Using writers is the only way to create more than a small fraction of the TV time people demand.

Well, there are talented people out that that *can* do it. Hell, Robin Williams (rip)...could pretty much riff off anything any time anywhere....

There's talented folks out there that can do it daily and don't need a ton of writers behind them.

Comment Re:What happens? (Score 1) 199 the very least this will display to the world what anyone who watched SNL in the early 00's will tell you, that Jimmy Fallon is the unfunniest person on tv.

Well, he *was* quite adept at laughing at everyone else's jokes and bits on SNL when he was a cast member.

LOL..that guy could NOT keep a straight face during any skit....

Comment Re:bloat (Score 1) 54

I hear ya.

When I want a music player...I want a music player.

When I want video or streaming, I used the appropriate app.

I find with most things in life, the products that try to do all-in-one usually do none of them in a premium fashion.

I find it is usually best to buy dedicated units for most things, that are each engineered to do one thing and do it right.

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