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Comment Re:Prior art (Score 1) 64

The reason to name Ray Tomlinson is because the set of header fields that we consider the core of an Arpanet/Internet email message originated with him. He, unlike Ayyadurai, was a humble man who freely admitted that there had been many people working on these concepts, and that his contribution by and large was to publish an RFC that laid out those developments at that point in time (1973-75) of what Arpanet email should be or was capable of. In reality, of course, messaging systems predate even the Internet by many years.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 64

Nothing so violent. A judge should hurt his feelings by declaring him a vexatious litigant. That's the appropriate route for those who use (and abuse) the court system for idiotic and abusive lawsuits.

But I think Ayyadurai is in the "there's no such thing as bad publicity" department. Doubtless he's thrilled that his claims are being talked about again.

Comment Re:Missing theory (Score 1) 47

A view Russian probes got lost while flying over HAARP, I think Phobos Grunt was the most recent one. The theory is that their electronics was grilled by these high-power transmitters. This one actually makes sense though.

This was obfuscation on the part of the Russians. According to the failure report issued by Roscosmos there were other reasons, including use of non-space-qualified components that were susceptible to radiation damage, and insufficient ground testing.

Comment Re:Next disaster will be smartphones and headphone (Score 1) 98

Try to find that level of performance or serviceability in modern power drills.

If you're willing to pay extra for the big funky chunky pro level stuff from Milwaukee or whoever, they all are designed for the user to replace the brushes and the chuck. If not, then it's still generally possible, but a PITA. With those cheap drills, the gears will wear out anyway.

Comment Re:That's why I pay to recycle monitors (Score 1) 98

There IS no place that disposes of CRTs for free.

In California, we pay for recycling when we buy electronics. The flip side of that deal is that we don't pay when we dispose of electronics, regardless of age. We just take them to the transfer station and leave them in a pile. This is cool for me because I get electronics cheaply from the Salvation Army, go through them for interesting parts, check the router database or whatever, and then recycle whatever I don't want for free.

Comment Re:Let's keep forging ahead (Score 1) 81

Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory, once remarked about hotels who don't use real keys for their doors, instead having credit cards to unlock a door.

Like a digital lock, a key lock is only as secure as its mechanism, and getting a better one tends to be expensive. Unlike a traditional lock, you can re-key a digital lock every time you rent the room.

Comment Re: dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 1) 81

Do a reset for free? That's a good one. It'll move more towards dealer only ability. Like Audi, need the dealership tools to reset your oil service light.

Not for all models. You can do it from MMI on modern cars, or on some older cars (like say the facelifted D2 A8) you can do it with a spock pinch on the cluster buttons. Or of course, you can do it with VAG-COM on those few vehicles which can't be reset without tools from inside the cockpit.

Comment Re:Will it be entertaining? (Score 2, Interesting) 42

I can imagine that eventually some kind of optimum strategy may evolve and all the teams use it, and then the cars will all do the same thing and the race will be boring.

If you all use the same safe strategy then nobody ever overtakes and there's no race at all, just cars driving in a circle. Essentially like F1 at its worst, but then... even worse. So at worst, everyone would use the same unsafe strategy, and it would basically just be betting on effectively random chance. Whose tires are just .001% better, who drives over a pebble and who doesn't. But more likely, every team would try to find places they could optimize, identifying different places and ways to push for just a little more speed. This will result in crashes, which frankly are interesting. They should build cars designed to be crashed cheaply. That will permit the maximum learning to occur in the shortest period of time, which makes the sport most interesting to automakers who have to take something home to justify their investment.

Comment Re:Not all of them (Score 1) 81

Is it possible to update these vehicles? Will the dealers do this for free?

It is physically possible, but I believe it actually requires a complete head unit replacement. Don't quote me on that, though. It could just be a module located in the trunk or something. They're not doing it for free. I don't think they're even making the option available.

Comment Re:Just like Steyn-Mann lawsuits (Score 1) 64

Except Mann isn't a fraud, and no one in the scientific community actually thinks he is, and why Steyn is being sued is for comparing Mann to Jerry Sandusky. Steyn is a polemicist whose stock and trade is making outrageous statements for the hoards of like-minded who want to believe science is a lie and Muslims are all evil.

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