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Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 380

Are you sure you wouldn't rather tell me you can't talk to strangers until they promise they've read a link that Hillary told you to show to people whenever they ask you questions? I mean, you've put in all this effort to avoid ever backing up your own position with thoughts of your own, so why stop? Unless it just feels good to you to admit you really don't have anything coherent to say about pretending to throw away your vote.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 134

My mother spent most of my childhood while I was learning metric ranting against the metric system. She was absolutely convinced it was a plot to rip her off: that a gallon of milk would be rounded down to 3 liters and still cost as much, that a 5 pound bag of sugar would be rounded down to 2kg and cost as much, and so on.

The "shrink ray" effect of inflation proved that switching to metric was not necessary to rip everyone off, but I suspect that at the time, enough housewives felt the same as her that attempts to switch America to the metric system went nowhere.

Comment Re:My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 1, Insightful) 100

Steam should be sponsoring WINE project, and start getting it stabilized for STEAM. I've long proposed that WINE could be the final nail in the coffin of Microsoft, if it becomes the full replacement to Windows. Imagine all the Specialized Windows Software, that is dependent and only available on Windows, being tweaked enough to run in WINE. It is a way to wrest some of the control of Windows APIs from Microsoft.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 0) 134

Actually, you can't point to any actual numbers that indicate it is a problem. All the predictions of disaster have failed to materialize. And things NOT predicted (like the Greening of Africa) that may actually be a benefit to the planet are ignored. CO2 is a natural gas, one that Plants love. Increasing CO2 increases plant biology, which will increase food production and continue the Greening of large areas as plants and increased rainfall mix to create new forests and jungles.

The only thing you can do is say that CO2 is slightly higher than before. You cannot say that CO2 / Global Warming / Climate Change is bad, because that is simply a subjective claim.

So, keep up with the hysterics.

Comment Re:From where does the FAA get power to regulate i (Score 1) 33

Where does the FAA claim it gets the power to regulate drones which are only engaged in INTRA-state commerce and flying too low to interfere with interstate air traffic? Seems to me that's the state's job

From 49USC app 1301 - the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 ...

No, no, no. Not what I meant.

From where in the Constitution, in the face of the 10th Amendment and Norton v. Shelby County 118 U.S. 425 (1886), does the Federal Government's Congress claim to get the power to delegate to such an executive branch agency?

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 380

Hey look! Another failure to utter even a single sentence on the subject matter at hand! Fascinating. Someone so dedicated to his cause, and so unable to muster the wit and energy necessary to construct sentences about it. OK, so it's some sort of cognitive problem. That's a shame, I feel for you. Since you can't form sentences to express your thoughts, I'll make it easier for you by giving you multiple choice. Just pick the one that describes your thinking.

1) Fustakrakich knows that voting for a third party cannot possibly result in that third party candidate actually being elected, but does know that depriving one of the actually viable candidates of votes will result in that candidate's opponent being more likely to win. Thus Fustakrakich is actively choosing to support the person most likely to benefit from his action: Hillary Clinton. This is a conscious choice. Because Fustakrakich has to maintain his slashdot street cred by pretending he doesn't really support Hillary Clinton's long career display of lying and massive corruption, he's using this back-channel way of supporting her. His inability to simply say all of this reflects the depths of his embarrassment over his poor choice and his growing awareness that his entire philosophical stance is based on badly mixed premises and contradictions, and that saying anything out loud in his own words will expose him to having to reconcile his broken world view with reality - a process he finds too painful, which causes him to regress to juvenile insults and painfully bad ad hominem and hissy-fit foot stamping in order to distract from that dawning realization on his part. And so he childishly tries the "Well, just talk to my daddy! He'll explain what I mean!" tactic of refusing to articulate his own thoughts, and attempts to steer any expectations that he might be clear on the subject over to another person's writings, in hopes that that will somehow spare him from having to examine the fragile, self contradictory constructs on which he's built his thinking.

2) Nah, there's no number two.

Comment Re:Apple's on the wrong road (Score 1) 101

They occasionally undercut their competitors. The first flash iPods were cheaper than any other consumer device (including USB flash drives) with that much flash because Apple anticipated the demand and bought up an entire year's flash production capacity from several suppliers, getting a reasonable discount. No one else could get flash chips at close to the rate that Apple was paying for a while. More recently, they've used their cash reserves to build factories for suppliers in exchange for the first year of output from them. They end up paying less for chips than anyone else, and the suppliers then get to keep operating the factory and selling the output after Apple has moved on to wanting the newer process.

Comment Fellow Gen-Xer here (Score 1) 300

Yeah, all that. I bought into the same life script. I'm behind where you are, however. I don't have a portfolio, and my wife and I still have leftover college loans we're working on. And two kids. We're focusing on the college loans at the moment. After that it's portfolio time. We'll miss maybe the next 3 years of investment while we focus on getting caught up.

And like our millennial friends under discussion, I have a side job. The whole purpose of which is to get those old college loans paid off so I can get to Happy Portfolio Land and start working on my retirement. I can pay the bills with my current job easily, but progress on old debt is glacial without the second income. I hope to be where you are right now, as soon as I can manage it. And I'll check into your reading list - sounds interesting.

And I'll also offer up a good tip to anyone reading this article this far down. I know an excellent way to score a second job, which I discovered accidentally and has worked well for me: Work well at your current job, and then quit under amicable terms, and offer to help out after you're gone.

If your current job is something you could do part time from home (and let's face it - a lot of IT jobs with a little creativity and a few bash scripts could be), then make that happen. Use your time at work to groom it as a second job. Optimize everything. Work it like you're trying to put yourself out of a job. Then put in your two weeks after you find something better. At this point your negotiation skills will come in to play. Make your pitch. Your employer gets the benefit of having the same work done, by the exact same guy, but at half price. And they don't have to pay for insurance, vacation time, etc. Your new job will cover all that, and your old job will become your extra income. This isn't theoretical advice either, I have actually done this.

A few style points to mention. Give old job your cell phone so they can contact you, but let them know that your full time job is a priority. Don't endanger your bread-and-butter job over any issues with the side job. And one last point - if you do this, do not cheat on your taxes. Ever. Claim all your income. Your old job will be reporting you as a liability, so the IRS will already know about you. Play it above board, always. You'll thank me later.

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