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Journal Just Some Guy's Journal: Avoid the Ramada 5

This isn't tech-related in the least, but my family just got back from staying at the Ramada Inn in Kearney, Nebraska. It wasn't pretty.

Not that Kearney is a likely destination for Slashdotters, but for those who might find yourselves there: you've been warned.

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Avoid the Ramada

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  • That's definitely worse than the business trip I undertook at the beginning of '08. I stayed at a Best Western in South Carolina, and the couch in the room had several nice large pink marshmallows behind it. Let me repeat myself "pink marshmallows behind the couch in January". I could get pink marshmallows behind the couch on or around February 14 of any year, but 11 months later?

    Since it was a business trip, and I was getting picked up daily by the office men at the other site, I took the shuttle from t
    • Oh, it was more of a business/convention trip. I was going to the state meeting of Freemasons ("Grand Lodge"), so it wasn't quite totally idle time. Any day away from the ordinary is a good day, though.

      • That's odd, a fellow suggested not too long ago that I should think about Freemasonry as a way to network, etc. Also, I don't know that he was a Freemason, just that I know that he was French (from the country, not some US-bastardized French descendancy). I've heard it's an induction based organization, as opposed to open invitation, but then, I don't know that much about Freemasonry in the first place. Besides, I've just not got the free time (uni, wife, 40+hrs-job).
        • There's a pretty good Wikipedia article [] on it. It's a good way to meet people, but I'm finding it to be much better as a way to make friends. None of the guys in my lodge would be remotely helpful as business contacts, but I'm glad to know them personally. Oh, and you pretty much have to ask to join. Although attitudes are changing a little, it used to be strictly forbidden to recruit, and from what I can tell most Masons still follow that.

          I definitely understand about free time. With 4 kids age 8 an

          • Absolutely great information, thanks for the heads up.

            I'll have to think about it (factor in the new viewpoint)...

            Boy, we /.'rs do get OT fast, eh?

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