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Comment What the hell, Assange? (Score 1) 407

I just don't get why Assange and his Wikileaks participated in this. It does not help his side in any way, and in fact the emails are very damaging. They reveal that the Democrats planned violent anti-Trump protests. Signs were pre-printed and shipped to paid shills who acted as protesters. They told the media to stop reporting stories. They rigged the primaries to screw over Sanders. Assange revealing this kind of thing just plays into the hands of the enemies. Has he gone crazy in that embassy? I just can't figure out why he would deliberately harm his own side like this. He's really the one to blame here, not Russia.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 407

*I* sound like an idiot? Perhaps. You sound like you're off your meds. "The world is not going to let..." oh please, conspiracy theories are great, aren't they?

Don't be retarded, people will continue to do what is in their economic interest. Trump will change what that means. The result cannot be determined at this time, because if you think you have a crystal ball, you really are nuts.

Comment Re:I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 1) 407

I think you strongly misread Trump's motivations and likely response to an act of Russian aggression. I don't think Putin misunderstands, though. He can see clearly through the NATO talk.

Remember that Trump knows how to negotiate, and most positions that he takes are intended to be bargained away while he achieves his real intention. We haven't seen an actual negotiator in office for a very long time, so we may expect our Presidents to be straight man dupes for foreign leaders. That doesn't have to be the case, though.

Trump wants to save the US effort, or get funds for defending Europe. He has no intention of dropping out of NATO or anything like that. I mean, I doubt I am spoiling things for him by saying this. I suspect Europe's leaders will find the risk too high to avoid doing business with him.

Comment I have seen some crazy responses here (Score 4, Interesting) 407

Putin allowed these to be released to poke Obama in the eye. No more, no less. The fact that they feed into a long standing story of dishonesty and fraud on the part of the Clintons is incidental. He saw maximum value to let them go right before the DNC, because he knows, like I do, that these e-mails aren't going to decide the election. It wasn't worth holding them until November, as they'd be ineffectual then with all the mud flying in the last couple of weeks.

They are, however, one of hundreds of data points that will decide this election.

He doesn't "support Trump" at all. He'd prefer a HRC in charge - less risk, but he doesn't believe he could turn a US election anyway with any of his tools available. Those who believe otherwise are conspiracy theorists.

Comment Re:Encryption (Score 2) 272

I do not, nor have I ever, used my personal cell phone for work purposes. Key work people may have the number for emergency purposes, but it's made clear that me providing that number is a serious point of trust, and that it should never be used except for the most dire circumstances. My work cell not answering doesn't count. Clients are to *never* get that number.

About a year ago, I took a job where they don't provide a phone. I chose instead to purchase a separate line that is used entirely for business. Only a few personal contacts have the number (parents and wife, basically). If I ever leave the company, the line gets disabled (phone was purchased off contract) so I don't have to field calls from clients. Even if I choose to use the phone with a new employer, it will get a different number. The cost of the phone and extra line comes off taxes each year.

When traveling internationally, the phone gets backed up, wiped, and reinitialized with a separate ID that has no links to the old except for necessary work contacts. Something similar happens to the notebook. After returning home, what little new data is present is backed up, then the pre-trip backups are restored.

All devices are fully encrypted, so reinitialization gets a fully clean start.

Comment Re:A journalist does not know what is going on? (Score 0) 272

It wasn't a problem as long as it was happening to the little people. It happens to an elite personally? BIG PROBLEM. Elites have nothing but contempt and hate for ordinary Americans so why should they give a shit if we're being illegally searched? We can't even be trusted to vote correctly so we totally deserve anything horrible that happens to us.

Comment Re:Do not look into laser with remaining eye (Score 1) 88

Somebody fakes my eyescan successfuly once, it loses all future use to me

That's the real kicker. Imagine a password written on a yellow sticky, kept in your wallet. A password that is thus easily stolen, lost or duplicated. Now imagine that you cannot change that password, ever.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 5, Funny) 467

You mean Monster Aether? Plugs into the wall like those room perfume thingies, and spreads complex organic molecules tuned to the specific BT frequencies, to help carry the signal and keep it coherent. Reduces noise in BT headsets and results in a more natural, warmer sound, and completely eliminates bit-flutter. Comes in pine & lavender or sweet jasmine. Only €49,99

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 466

150 years ago nobody had ever flown, ever. So stfu and accept that past performance is not indicative of future performance. If everyone was like you we'd all still be living in straw huts because at some point in time nobody had ever lived in a wood framed house, ever.

Except, unlike communism/socialism, once those things were tried, they were found to work and to be superior. You're welcome to keep trying to perfect that which so many others have failed at, but do it where those who don't want to participate have to suffer the consequences along with you.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 362

The purpose of the vice president is to be the shoe in on the next round of elections if the presidency goes even reasonably well. If you think chairing the senate only allows you to break ties you are sorely mistaken. You'd be amazed what being the lord of procedure allows.

It's hard for anyone within the party to beat out an 8 year running VP for the nomination and hard for the other party to beat them for the presidency. All else being equal the only thing more challenging is beating the actual sitting president.

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