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Comment Re:Norway switching off FM ? (Score 1) 303

On the one hand I agree with your argument. On the other, it's the reason why a lot of the US has poor internet speeds. Maybe "a company can continue to be profitable" isn't sufficient. I think the consumer impact/benefit needs to be considered as well. I wouldn't argue turning off FM provides much consumer benefit though.

In market economies, consumer impact/benefit is generally what determines whether a company can continue to be profitable. If there's no benefit, customers won't pay, so there's no profit. The thing to remember, however, when it comes to commercial radio, is who the "customer" actually is (hint: it's not the person listening to the radio, unless it's a subscription service like SiriusXM).

Comment Re:aggression inevitable? (Score 2) 243

You should begin that with: The Nazi bomb (threat) begat the US bomb. They were working on one, then put it aside because you cant occupy countries that you've turned into glass, and the Nazis were all about conquest. But Szilard (via Einstein) warned Roosevelt that, once the basic science was known, any of a number of players could develop the actual bomb, and that we should have it first.

Comment Re:Putin isn't dumb or totally ignorant (Score 2) 296

Sure, the next step will be that any ISP or Internet-connected data provider will be required to assist in providing these "encryption keys". Which is also impossible, but gives the government a lot (more) of control and legal justification for raiding facilities, interrogating people, etc.

Comment Re:Let's just get the makers vs takers out of the (Score 1) 1116

This is the capitalist version of "let them eat cake." Because god help them if the proles feel like they deserve some of the money they're making capitalists.

They do deserve some of it - the amount that falls at the intersection of the supply and demand curves for the kind of labor they provide.

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