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Comment The answer isn't begging for money owed. (Score 1) 185

All of these are American companies benefiting from our infrastructure, workers, consumers, defense, etc.

Why aren't they simply being made to pay? Close bullshit loopholes. They want to move all their shit somewhere else? Great. Let them be a parasite on some other country.

Comment I needed something simple and (Score 2) 284

didn't have a lot of money. Bought a Thinkpad T420i off of ebay for $180 (came with 4 gb ram and a 160 ssd). Swapped the ssd for an extra 240 I had laying around and spent another ~$21 on another 4gb stick (this model only takes 8 gb).

Runs quite well. Linux Mint 18 (using cinnamon), customized the UI a little, usually run 2 workspaces with a VM in the 2nd one. It's actually more responsive than the pirate copy of Windows 8.1 the vendor included lol.

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