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Comment Re:I need money (Score 1) 222

I completely agree but I wager that America will be dead last to figure this out. I live in a midwestern red state where suffering is considered a virtue; especially if it's for work/family.

If you suggest that people ought not have to work, especially for basic survival needs, you're an evil communist/socialist/terrorist/unfavorable-ist-of-the-week.

No one (in American anyway) seems to notice the slavery to their incomes. I saw somewhere, I forget where, someone (probably foreign) pointed out the contradiction of American's worship of "Democracy" while having nearly everyone working and therefore spending most of our waking lives in a dictatorship under some CEO or equivalent.

Our system is broken. Having AI/robots take over everything will eventually result in (probably violent) revolution before people here come to their senses; if we survive that long.

Comment It's interesting to watch the class divide on /. (Score 5, Insightful) 222

Most people are posting the same 2 view points (with the 3rd probably being simply the experience sucks because reasons):

1.) Home theater systems are so much better now, mine is amazing and/or there are amazing ones available.

2.) People, especially in the 18-24 yo age group, are fucking poor and can't afford to go to the movies (most of these are ignoring the obvious, that they can't afford the home theater system either).

I'm not in either of those 2 categories (more like the 3rd, without the money or inclination for a huge home theater, apartment dweller and not rich with a deep loathing of crowds), but this seems like a poll worthy topic (no I didn't check to see if it already exists) with "Cowboy Neal is my projectionist" as a 4th?

Comment I guess you'll find out if you watch the movie (Score 2) 266

theaters. Minus the age restriction and free snacks this is exactly what some of the big theater chains are doing to try to get people to come back to the movies.

The AMC near me just ripped out all of their seats and put in leather recliners with enough leg room that people can walk by without you having to stand up (or so says the wife, I haven't been yet). Unfortunately they can't control the kids on their fucking phones and rude dumb fucks talking.

I remember what it was like to go to the theater and actually be engaged by the movie and not the other assholes in the room. I feel bad for people too young to know what that magic is like.

Comment You sure about that? (Score 1) 101

For example, I don't and have never had a Facebook account but it's a well known fact they have dark profiles and my wife uploads pictures with me in them to Facebook without my consent as do other family members.

You don't sound like you're living in the woods, off the grid, in a cabin with your gruel and wood burning stove so chances are SOMEONE has a picture of you online SOMEWHERE without your knowledge.

Comment Re:Can't speak for the new one (Score 2) 93

Well, for one thing, because they could probably take out a row of machines in a computer lab before a teacher would even notice?

It's far more subtle than just throwing a laptop on the floor and jumping on it (or 8 ... yes, this happened, no, the parents didn't pay a cent and the kid left the district without consequence).

Comment Never. (Score 3, Insightful) 159

This is part of the long slow march back to locked down shitty platforms and completely closed hardware. This is the phone/appliance-ification of your shit.

People don't understand the freedoms they're losing. By the time they realize it it will be far too late (it pretty much already is at this point). Even the term "walled garden" doesn't make it sound as bad as it is.

What really gets to me is it takes talented, highly educated people in niche fields to create this shit and they're selling out hardcore to some of the worst evils imaginable and giving no fucks (the over arching cultural imperative, at least in America, of "I got mines").

It's a shame there aren't more RMS style zealots; maybe even some with billions of dollars to throw at preserving and perpetuating freedom.

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