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Comment Re:Charter schools are parasites. (Score 1) 51

... and likely a member of a teacher's union with a vested interest in the current lack of accountability.

I work in IT. No unions. Vested interest? Yea. I'd be out of a job (again - it's not like it doesn't happen anyway). I made that pretty clear I didn't pretend to be completely objective.

I also work in schools that are already partially charters where the charter can fail under the public school name. I've also seen several failed charter schools roll back in to public and be even worse than they were before they went charter in the first place because of state DoE intervention.

Charter schools in most states are required to select their students using a public random lottery. There is no "cherry picking".

Not in my state. Someone else also mentions what has to happen to get rid of disruptive students. I can tell you in the public schools I work at it's bad because the charters have stolen away kids and resources, so to keep the money - which is based on head count - it pretty much takes a felony to get a kid kicked out and sometimes not even then.

Free advice: By referring to students as "inmates", you don't sound like you have much objective credibility. You would be more persuasive if you avoided that sort of language. Focus on swaying the audience, not insulting your opponents.

I suggest you stroll through some of your public schools in poor areas. They are prisons, be they fully public or pseudo-public charters.

Comment Charter schools are parasites. (Score 2) 51

They exist to turn a profit. Education should not be for profit. They are literally filter feeders and the kids get what's left over.

I work in K-12. I've seen both sides first hand including hybrids. Public schools could be better but Charters are a step back.

They're essentially the same as the privatized prisons only they can cherry pick their inmates to look better than they are while cutting as many corners as possible.

Comment I was a paid Pandora user (Score 1) 64

until they billed me for a year without my consent by changing my shit to auto-renewal without notice or asking (I was already getting tired of the small circle of songs on most of my stations anyway).

I canceled and never looked back. I don't stream shit now - fuck that - I'd rather have the files and the quality and control that go with them.

Can you still open their .xml and see the next umpteen songs you're gonna get whether you like or not? =)

Comment Maybe if it weren't on Facebook (Score 1) 412

where they will use every metric you can imagine and quite a few you probably can't to track this girl the rest of her natural life.

Also, don't they claim ownership of everything posted? Maybe she should be telling Facebook to take them down and if they don't comply sue them instead.

Facebook has dark profiles on people who don't have accounts. They do facial recognition and other shit to harvest as much data as absolutely possible. Embarrassing or not her parents have murdered her privacy for life. Damage is probably already done.

Comment Re:Corporate Boards are a HUUUGE problem (Score 1) 178

The intended purpose of a corporation is and has always been to make money above all else. Some people might have ethics, (largely) companies do not. Many other countries (mostly in Europe) do capitalism in a way that is far more beneficial to the worker than America does.

Other places like China/India are trying to out-evil us in the race to the bottom. India has a massive worker strike going on, probably the largest in history, I saw that on imgur, not covered in major media.

It should be obvious that the only reason a company would use an algorithm to manage people would be because it's cost effective - regardless of how exploitative that is likely to be as a result. I'm not sure a computer could care less about people than almost any given fortune 500 board of directors already doesn't. Sociopathy seems to be a requirement and seen as a boon for investors (who are mostly YOU and your retirement fund managers that you've never met).

Comment I've been reading a lot of audiophile forums recen (Score 1) 311

tly, looking for a good solution for my personal use case at work. I've found to be a gold mine of information.

I've never had any special love for Apple and especially not bluetooth anything. I read a bunch of posts there which I think this article from lifehacker mostly addresses.

tl;dr - audio compression, dead batteries, overlapping frequency ranges from other shit make bluetooth suck (although supposedly less so than in the past). I don't claim to be an expert just a reader.

Comment Why do I feel like (Score 5, Insightful) 90

this will just be used to collect biometric data of anyone who touches the phone and then be coupled later with other data to mine for ad scum and other equally vile and nefarious purposes?

I think it's interesting that Tim Cook comes out as some big privacy advocate but iDevices have unique advertiser ids and they're doing shit like this. It's more like who-can-be-most-evil-first race to the bottom of totalitarian turn key nightmare waiting to happen.

Comment Too bad I burned all of my mod points on the Apple (Score 1) 183

story. I very much want to know this too. I don't have a Facebook account but all family and whatnot do. I try to get my g/f to not post pictures and things of me but she does it anyway. I would love to see the profile they have of me (and what recourse there is for its removal). I have no doubt that there is one.

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