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Comment Too bad I burned all of my mod points on the Apple (Score 1) 181

story. I very much want to know this too. I don't have a Facebook account but all family and whatnot do. I try to get my g/f to not post pictures and things of me but she does it anyway. I would love to see the profile they have of me (and what recourse there is for its removal). I have no doubt that there is one.

Comment Lol (Score 4, Insightful) 93

"But now I feel like this is extremely dangerous.

No fucking shit, it always was.

It gives you a false sense of security.

Sounds like wealth redistribution - Darwin style.

I'm not ready to be a test pilot.

Well, obviously you should have been since wanting to be an early adopter of a nascent technology that hasn't been thoroughly vetted at all to DRIVE YOUR FUCKING CAR sure sounds like test pilot to me.

Probably get modded down. Don't give a fuck. I think this shit will/has been pushed out the door too early because money. Wait til it kills someone else.

There are lawyers with erections they're not even sure how they got right now.

Comment From the article (Score 3, Insightful) 482

Clinton is making it clear that for Democrats, immigration is an issue primarily about Latino voters --- not tech donors. The tech industry has sometimes thought of itself as first among equals when it comes to the "immigration reform" coalition --- now thereâ(TM)s reason for it to worry it might be last. ...

Some in the tech industry continue to nurture the hope that Congress can come together to pass a bill that just expands high-skilled visas, avoiding the political thicket of other immigration reforms. (During President Obamaâ(TM)s first term, bills to increase high-skilled visas were actually the closest to immigration reform that Congress came, though they were voted down by Democrats.) ...

But itâ(TM)s still impossible to miss the message: Tech, and everyone else, needs to take a back seat to unauthorized immigrants and their families (millions of whom, of course, are US citizens and voters).

Yea. That makes sense. So she has not deviated from her "Say anything to get elected" course. Shocker.

(Note: I replaced â" with --- because quote didn't like it)

Comment Never10 (Score 1) 376

Stop this shit with GWX Control Panel or Never10. I started off using the former on my g/fs computer but once I saw they were stepping up their "optional upgrade" (It's neither), I looked again and found an even better alternative. This is just an executable - I ran it through totalvirus.com first I'm sure you will too.

Personally I have Win 7 Ultimate on my primary machine (gamer here) and have never seen an nag window but other machines have other versions that have and I'm sick of it. I've even seen a few at work which are supposed to be disabled.

Come on Valve, this is your time to shine. Go STEAMOS Go.

Comment Amazing isn't the word I would use. (Score 1) 184

Depressing is. China is working hard to out America America.

They don't have to destroy unions where there never were any.

These pictures just look like cleaner more expensive sweat shops to me. I wouldn't be surprised if they were carefully staged too, like their empty apartment buildings and whatnot.

Comment That's the reason for these programs in the first (Score 2, Interesting) 62

place - that they don't have to hire anyone. It's another form of temp worker program. They don't owe benefits don't owe pension or 401k matching nor do they even have the possibility of being sued despite the kid being too young to work basically anywhere.

How much would they have paid a professional security firm or on staff IT to audit them and get this result?

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