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Comment Have been using Firefox since (Score 1) 319

it was called Netscape. Typing it this on 51.0.3 right now. Add-ons are what make it great and always my first choice.

"Normal" people I show the adblocking to including playing youtube videos without commercials are usually amazed.

Fuck Chrome. It hasn't even been a week since the last bullshit Google-lets-you-know-who-is-really-in-charge change to their spyware

Comment Re:Sorely needed in the US (Score 1) 234

Most districts don't want to pay anything, and the race is on to hand over everything to corporations for kickbacks (i.e. charter schools) - both sides of the red/blue aisle are guilty of that.

So they do shit like TFA (Teach For America) where they don't require licensed teachers to actually be in the classroom just kids fresh out of college with a BS in something who have no clue wtf they're doing and are supposed to "teach" kids that are roughly their own age and experience level.

They usually last a year at most, of course there are exceptions, but not many. I've seen some quit inside their first week because of how the kids are.

I've seen all sorts of dirty tricks trying to get rid of the vets with 30 years experience and who know wtf they're doing to save money.

Obedient docile dumb fucks is what politicians want anyway. They're easier to sway and keep them and their corporate masters in power.

Comment Re:Sorely needed in the US (Score 5, Insightful) 234

Their work is dealing with your shitty kids. Some are glorified babysitters and they're scared to do anything because the law favors the kids and the kids know it and most of those shitty kids are shitty because their parents are worse.

Good teachers are doing lesson plans long in to their personal time and doing shit for their classes while "off" over the summer. I've seen many pay for basic school supplies for kids in their classes out of their own pockets because the kid's shitty parents won't or can't.

I suggest you actually go to the school and see how it is before judging from across the street. If you're in an affluent area it's a different set of problems but still a shit load of work dealing with helicopter soccer moms.

They couldn't pay me enough to be a teacher. I've been in enough classrooms to know I'd go to jail, my patience and temper aren't suited for it.

Comment Re:Sorely needed in the US (Score 1) 234

I'm aware of a great many people who are working longer and harder just to keep their head above water living paycheck to paycheck with nothing to show for it despite this supposedly super low unemployment rate and great economic recovery (with stagnant wages).

You might be right though, I know nothing about how "more and bigger stuff" translates overseas.

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