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Comment IIRC, you don't have to give them the password (Score 1) 429

If I recall correctly, you're obligated to let them search your phone (i.e. had it over), but you can't be compelled to give them the password. I guess they could delay you while they try to browbeat it out of you, and they presumably could confiscate the phone itself because they can't see what's on it, so it might be a high-cost stance to take.

Thousands Of Disabled People Are Living In 'Virtual Utopias' In Second Life ( 49

"For many disabled residents, who may spend 12 hours a day or more in Second Life, the most important moments and relationships of their lives happen inside the virtual world," reports Backchanel. "For them, the fevered fantasies of a decade ago have become reality: Second Life is where they live." mirandakatz shares this article: Wagner James Au, who has written extensively about Second Life, estimates they may account for roughly 20 percent of users. Some active members estimate the number higher -- at as much as 50 percent... Abundant research shows imagining movement, without actually moving the body, can have positive effects on motor skills, balance, and learning... Studies suggest the therapeutic benefits of virtual reality extend beyond movement disorders -- to chronic pain, cognitive functioning in people with ADHD and PTSD, and social skills for people on the autism spectrum.
The article describes a 90-year-old former nurse, now living in a retirement community, who's spent eight years living in a Second Life archipelago called "Virtual Ability Island" with over a thousand other members. "Watching her avatar hike trails and dance gave her the confidence to try things in the physical world that she hadn't tried in a half decade -- like stepping off a curb or standing up without any help."

Congressman Calls For Probe Into Trump's Unsecured Android Phone ( 481

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: President Donald Trump regularly makes news because of his tweets. Now a congressman is making news because of the device the president reportedly uses to tweet. On Friday, Congressman Ted Lieu, a Democrat from Los Angeles, wrote a letter to the House Oversight Committee requesting an investigation into Trump's cybersecurity practices. In particular, he calls out Trump's apparent decision to keep using his personal Android phone instead of a secured phone the Secret Service issued him for his inauguration. The letter is also signed by 14 other members of Congress and calls for a public hearing to discuss the issues. "The device President Trump insists on using -- most likely the Samsung Galaxy S3 -- has particularly well documented vulnerabilities," the letter says. "The use of an unsecured phone risks the president of the United States being monitored by foreign or domestic adversaries, many of whom would be happy to hijack the president's prized Twitter account causing disastrous consequences for global security. Cybersecurity experts universally agree that an ordinary Android smartphone, which the president is reportedly using despite repeated warnings from the Secret Service, can be easily hacked."

Comment Non-sequitur (Score 1) 180

I wish MBAs were judged by their ability to support and enable coworkers to achieve a common goal.

That sentence is a non-sequitur. A MBA is a college degree, not a class of people. Having a MBA doesn't grant anyone magical armor to prevent their job performance critically evaluated.

Presumably you are using MBA as a trite shorthand for someone in management who studied business in college. Guess what? They ARE judged on their ability to do exactly what you suggest. Managers who fail to support and enable co-workers to do their job generally suck at their job and generally are rewarded accordingly no different than any other job. Having an engineering degree doesn't grant one magical powers of intelligence and competence nor does it mean they are good at engineering. Some people with MBA diplomas are very good at their job. A bunch more are mediocre and some really suck. Same as with any other type of degree and job.

Comment Not everyone cares about the company goals (Score 1) 180

The one thing most managers fail to understand that most people if given a goal and all the things they need to accomplish that goal will work steadily toward it.

Many people are like that but not all. If you've managed groups of people you would know that for every motivated and hard working person out there there is a malingerer who wants a paycheck but doesn't really want to do any work. I can't put numbers to it beyond saying that the percent of the population that will be lazy and uncaring given the chance is in double digit percentages. This is particularly true if the job that needs to be done is boring, hard, dirty, or tiring.

I don't know if you've had the pleasure of dealing with fraudulent worker's comp claims. I have. You'd be amazed the lengths to which some people will go to avoid work. Many more don't take it that far but there are plenty more who do just enough to get by. Just because you make a goal doesn't mean everybody is going to be inspired by it. I've had to fire plenty of people who would much rather watch youtube videos on their phone than do their job. Maybe that means I'm not the best manager but more likely it just means that those were people who really just don't care.

If you have to drive them something is very wrong.

Not necessarily. Let's take McDonalds for example. I think we'd agree that it is a successful business. I think we'd also agree that it's not the most pleasant place to work. Pay is low, the work is tiring and boring, and your co-workers are rarely bright and motivated. Goals? Most of the workers don't care much about the goals of the company. Turnover in that company is over 100% per year. And yet they are very successful despite having a largely unmotivated workforce that turns over constantly. The people that work there want a paycheck and they harness that, deal with it, and drive their workforce to do what is needed. For the most part your typical McDonalds worker doesn't give a shit about any goal you put in front of them. They are there out of necessity and are not true believers. And that's ok as long as you know what to expect from them and build the business accordingly.

Comment Different skill sets (Score 1) 180

Like a sports team, the manager of the team can rarely accomplish what the athletes can. The manager may have been a great athlete in their past, but usually they were not.

And few of the athletes can accomplish what the manager can if he's decent at his job. That works both ways. Different skill sets are required for both jobs. Management rarely gets to their position by being incompetent know-nothings. They got that job because they have specific skills just like every other team member. It's not that the manager is less talented than his team, it's that he has a different set of talents to bring to the table. Each team member focuses on their role and the whole thing works. The role of the manager is to remove obstacles and keep all the parts of the team coordinated and on task.

Comment Smartest guy in the room (Score 1) 180

I have yet to meet someone in upper management who knows more than his underlings.

Right... All those upper management people got there by being know-nothing idiots... [/sarcasm]

Yes you probably know more about your specific job than anyone else does. Guess what? The same is usually true for everyone in the company including management. And people don't generally get to management jobs without having a pretty good clue how things work. Management doesn't need to know every nuanced detail about how to do everything in the company. That's why they hire other people. It doesn't mean they are clueless, it means they don't have the time to do everything themselves and/or that they can hire someone who is better at a given task then they are.

Basically a smart manager hires people who are smarter than they are whenever possible. The guy in charge doesn't have to be the smartest guy in the room at all times. He just has to be the guy who can figure out who the smartest guy is for a given task (or the most economical person) and take obstacles out of their way. I have a staff of about a dozen people that report to me. For the most part I try to let them do their job without me bothering them. In some cases I actually can do their job better than they can but it would stupid of me to try because I don't have the time. That was why I hired them - I needed the help. In other cases they do their job better than I can so my job is simply to make sure they aren't interfered with. That was also why I hired them - they are better than me at those tasks. Nobody is an expert in everything and it's foolish to expect them to be.

The reality is that most of the companies would actually run better and make more money if not for idiots in charge.

You can say that about every job. Your company would do better if you were better at your job too. My company would be better if I were better at my job. That is always true in every job.

Any time the boss isn't around the company things work smoother and clients are more satisfied.

Sounds like you should be polishing your resume if your management is so incompetent.

Comment Won't work everywhere, or really anywhere else (Score 4, Interesting) 180

The article omits a critical point: that Swedish (Nordic) culture has an almost unique approach to authority that is particularly collaborative and consensual.

This model is not exportable to other contexts without a wholesale change of the destination culture as well...a bit more of an undertaking.

Cf the work by Geert Hofstede


PewDiePie Calls Out the 'Old-School Media' For Spiteful Dishonesty 903

New submitter Shane_Optima writes: After losing his Youtube Red show and his contract with Disney, the owner of the most subscribed channel on Youtube, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (aka "PewDiePie"), has released a video response to the Wall Street Journal and other mainstream news outlets, who have labeled his comedy videos variously as racist, fascist or anti-semitic. In it, he accuses the mainstream media of deliberately fabricating and misrepresenting the evidence used against him because they are afraid of independent content producers such as himself. In the video, PewDiePie discusses the recent actions of the Wall Street Journal, whose reporters sent nine cherry-picked and edited videos to Disney, which led directly to Disney's decision to terminate their relationship with him. These video clips and others used to "prove" PewDiePie's guilt have been edited (he claims) to remove all context, to the extent of using a pose of him pointing at something as a Nazi salute and using a clip where other players are creating swastikas in a game and editing out the part where he is asking them to stop. The most-cited video in the controversy involves seeing if he can use the site Fiverr to hire someone to create a video containing an over-the-top message for a mere $5. After a couple of laughing males unfurl a sign saying "Death to All Jews," he recoils with widened eyes and sits, apparently dumbfounded, for another thirty seconds before the video ends, without him uttering another word.

PewDiePie's video comes several days after a Tumblr post where he attempted to clarify that the videos were intended to be comedy showing "how crazy the modern world is." He has not yet used the phrase "fake news" in his response to the controversy, but given the current trends surrounding that phrase, it isn't surprising that his supporters are resorting to it frequently. Is this all just another unfortunate instance of collateral damage in the war against far-right political movements, is it a campaign of malicious retaliation by old media that is terrified of new media (as Felix claims), or was J.K. Rowling correct when she called out PewDiePie as a Death Eater? Err, I mean, a fascist?

Update: Apparently, canceling his Youtube Red series was deemed an insufficient response. Youtube has now removed the mirror of PewDiePie's "Death to All Jews" video because it "violates Youtube's policy on hate speech." The original posting of the video had already been marked private by PewDiePie shortly after the controversy erupted. A quick check of Vimeo and Daily Motion came up empty, so you're on your own if you wish to find out for yourself what the controversy was all about.

Comment Re:So how is this any different than before? (Score 2) 205

A large part of the problem is likely consumers just not knowing about it and the carriers not enabling the chips to drive business to their subscription services. A proper efficient market requires accurate information on both sides of the transaction.
Back when I had a Note 2 I hadn't even know it had come with an FM chip in it. After I found out I called Verizon to complain it wasn't enabled and their support in turn didn't even know anything except to tell me I need more data plan if I wanted to stream radio.

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