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Comment Rich vs richer (Score 2) 12

This would be an interesting ruling though as ANY tax breaks would become illegal in the EU and thus there would be no viable way for companies to keep their business in the richer EU countries.

Umm, what? If they are paying taxes it's because they are profitable. Tax avoidance like Apple is doing is the difference between profits and more profits. You don't get taxed when you are losing money. Companies that are profitable now in "richer EU countries" would remain so, just to a lesser degree. Anyway the EU is a monetary union and there are rules relating to the flow of money within a monetary union. Just like the US being a part of the EU means that countries have given away some sovereignty in exchange for economic benefits. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Comment Unions are helpful (except when they aren't) (Score 5, Insightful) 249

Why do you need a union? As long as there isn't work coercion, if you don't like the pay rate, or the quality of the workplace, leave.

Unions are sometimes very good for society. Sometimes management is abusive or corrupt. Sometimes there aren't any good jobs available even if someone wants to leave. Sometimes the company is making excessive profits at the expense of workers. Sometimes unions can correct power imbalances. It's very trite to say "if you don't like the situation leave" but that's not realistic for many people. Many people cannot easily leave their job even if they want to. Unions can be very effective at correcting management abuses and protecting those who are likely to be taken advantage of. Many of the features of the modern working life exist thanks to unions including 40 hour work weeks, paid time off, worker safety laws, engineering standards, and much more.

Are unions always a good thing? Absolutely not. Sometimes unions forget about the health of the company and make excessive demands. Sometimes unions make the companies economically uncompetitive. Sometimes unions protect dead weight or problem workers who really shouldn't be protected. Sometimes unions engage in corrupt behavior.

Unions become a problem when they forget their purpose and get too greedy. Management gets unions when they forget about caring for their employees and get too greedy.

Apple should be negotiating the best rates it's from its suppliers. In fact, being publicly traded, it would be unethical not to.

Woah... hold on there. Just because a company can legally do something does not make it automatically ethical. Maximizing profit is routinely at odds with ethical and responsible behavior. The fact that Apple management has a fiduciary duty does NOT mean they have no other legal or ethical obligations. Fiduciary duty is merely one among many legal and ethical obligations of a company. In fact getting the best piece rate from a supplier often is actually counterproductive. Squeezing a supply chain for every penny actually results in unhealthy suppliers and is bad for the Apple in the long run.

Comment Re:It's Sony - duh (Score 1) 448

What matters is the intent, mens rea, the will to steal, and the intent to permanently deprave the rightful owner of his use of the item. This is critical. Without, you could become a thief without even wanting to steal anything, by mistake and accident, and I hope we can agree that this is not the intent of the law!

Unfortunately, we seem to have picked up a bunch of laws where mens rea isn't taken into account. Try looking up mala prohibita. It's far from an ideal situation, but it is the situation as it stands today.

Comment Re:Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse. (Score 1) 37

claim ignorance

Security is mostly / always at the cost of convenience, and often costs money budgets don't have (until it is too late).

I know that in our organization, security is always an afterthought, even though we in IT try to make it a priority. Decisions made by people who are ignorant are almost always wrong (broken clocks being right twice a day), because they are almost always based on convenience over security.

And when the inevitable security problems come up, they expect IT to fix them, without compromising all their stupid decisions along the way.

When ever someone makes a REALLY stupid suggestion (easily guessed passwords), I try to put it into terms they can understand ... "Why not set everyone's password to the exact same thing, that way when someone forgets their password, their neighbor can tell it to them! CONVENIENT!!!"

Comment Re: Hardly news.. (Score 1) 85

One race instills systematic impediments that create an uneven playing field holding back other races from equitably participating in the riches of our society. This is just wrong!

You mean like the SF quarterback who is among the %01, raised by white parents when his black parents abandoned him, complaining about being "oppressed"?

IF there are systemic impediments that create an uneven playing field, it is by those who keep insisting that there are impediments even in the face of all the proof in the world that such things do not exist, because the belief is what is holding these people back.

Or, think of it this way, the whole DNC "you can't make it because rich white people are keeping you down and you need our (DNC) help" is patently offensive and racist. Partly because it is run by "rich white people" telling poor black people they need rich white people's help. If that isn't fucking racist, I don't know what is.

Comment Re: Hardly news.. (Score 0) 85

Tribalism is based on Evolutionary group behavior. Humans cannot really survive well as individuals in an evolutionary setting.

You cannot nullify millions of years of evolution by simply willing it away. So, while you "struggle to understand", I don't struggle to understand, because it is easy to understand. It isn't an "irrational emotional response", it is bred into us, and is pure instinct, just like breading itself is.

The other option to this is that we are not millions of years old evolutionary creatures, but are a creation of a deity, much much younger. And as a creation, then we must argue over which creation story is correct, and thus begins the "tribalism" that occurs over such arguments.

Personally, I like to think that tribalism is neither good nor bad, but how things "are". My tribe (aka Family) exists, my choice of friends (alliances) extends my tribe. I get along with some other tribes, and I don't get along with some other tribes. It isn't binary, but often appears that way.

My particular view is also one of the reasons why I am a Libertarian. Because, as long as your tribe leaves my tribe alone, to live as we see fit, and I do the same, I really don't care what god you believe in, what OS you use, what race you are. The problem are those people who DO care what others believe, and do ... and demand that I follow their rules.

Comment Re:AV only helps if you are bad (Score 2) 185

Precisely. It's like the idiot light on your car for gas/overheating/whatever. If you failed to note the problem, it might warn you. Find a lightweight program and suck it up. I ran without AV from the late 80s to about 2011, and then I gave in based on the more subtle threats that were becoming common. Just not running scripts and untrusted attachments wasn't feeling entirely safe in an age of hidden filesystems that could get past air gaps.

For the record, i'd never gotten anything I knew about and no AV was ever able to find malware on my personal systems. No guarantees, but it was a pretty good record.

Comment Seriously, we have the government we deserve (Score 3, Insightful) 280

Russia has INVADED and IS OCCUPYING a neighboring country (one they laughingly signed a note to protect, no less).
China is essentially playing Age of Empires 2 in the South China sea, grabbing territory by building watchtowers and not giving a fuck about what anyone thinks.
The EU is disintegrating as people start to realize manually bolting countries together doesn't actually make them act like a single country.
Our economy is a sham based on completely phony numbers, contrived to enrich a tiny cadre of elites that drift in and out of power (always making more money with each step) like minglers at a garden party.
Our media is essentially a giant cumrag, soaked and dripping with the lowest-common-denominator vulgarity and venality.
We have one candidate for president that is a COMPLETE ASS and a know nothing buffoon who's like a cartoon character of himself, while the other candidate is corrupt to the very soul of her being, if she HAD a soul.

And what we're worrying about is whether films fairly represent women?

Where the fuck are the Visigoths to come climbing over OUR walls? Seriously, it's about time. If Rome was like this near the end, they probably welcomed it.


Google Tests A Software That Judges Hollywood's Portrayal of Women 280

Slashdot reader theodp writes: Aside from it being hosted in a town without a movie theater, the 2016 Bentonville Film Festival was also unusual in that it required all entrants to submit "film scripts and downloadable versions of the film" for judgment by "the team at Google and USC", apparently part of a larger Google-funded research project with USC Engineering "to develop a computer science tool that could quickly and efficiently assess how women are represented in films"...

Fest reports noted that representatives of Google and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy appeared in a "Reel vs. Real Diversity" panel presentation at the fest, where the importance of diversity and science to President Obama were discussed, and the lack of qualified people to fill 500,000 U.S. tech jobs was blamed in part on how STEM careers have been presented in film and television... In a 2015 report on a Google-sponsored USC Viterbi School of Engineering MacGyver-themed event to promote women in engineering, USC reported that President Obama was kept briefed on efforts to challenge media's stereotypical portrayals of women. As for its own track record, Google recently updated its Diversity page, boasting that "21% of new hires in 2015 were women in tech, compared to 19% of our current population"....

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