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Comment Re:Time for USPS to sue him for defamation (Score -1, Troll) 142

USPS DID loose the package!

They they also lose your elementary school text books in transit right at that critical moment when your teacher was trying to get you to understand the difference between "loose" and "lose?"

the box was sitting in a Atlanta for over a month

Which was probably the same week when you'd have been learning about using "an" in front of words that start with vowels, though that still doesn't help that sentence make any more sense. An Atlanta what?

the recipient who's address is on the box

The recipient who is address on the box? Or did you mean "whose?"

It's getting pretty bad out there. It's a good thing people are spending thousands of dollars and hours reviving old 8-bit video games! Whew!

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 191

Yeah, he'll never get around, for example, to orders reducing regulatory burdens. Oh, right! Already done. Or any movement at all to start to undo the financial stranglehold that Obamacare has put onto people forced to fear IRS enforcement if they don't go broke buying insurance they can't use ... oh, right! Already done, with more under way. I guess we could run down the long list, but you already know it and you're pretending you don't so you can engage in more lefty denialism. Carry on! It obviously is your coping mechanism.

Comment Re:motivation (Score 1) 191

Hey, look! Somebody with reading comprehension and cognitive problems attempting to spin something in a childish way, and feeling smug! Which is exactly how the Democrats managed their last several elections, resulting in the loss of over 1000 legislative seats, both houses of congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court. But please, carry on! That would be awesome. Thanks.

Comment Re:scare mongering getting old (Score 1) 77

We froze both of our credit files after the identity theft. It's useful when stores try to pressure you to "save 5% now if you just sign up for our card." Nope. No can do. My credit's frozen due to identity theft. That shuts them up real quick. On the down side, though, we gave up on refinancing our mortgage a couple of years ago even though we could have saved money. It was too much of a headache to thaw our credit, get the mortgage quotes, and try to get everything signed before the freeze took effect again.

Comment Re:Radiation? (Score 1) 273

As AC said, not necessarily for things evolved to survive in it. Tardigrades for example can handle fairly large doses just fine.

The planets are also likely tidally locked, and solar radiation would be a complete non-issue for anything on the dark side of the planet. Life has no need for light after all, it had been thriving on Earth for millions of years before the first bacteria evolved a light-sensitive protein that let them detect daylight and flee to deeper, safer water. And many millions of years more before one evolved the ability to harness light for energy.

Comment Re:motivation (Score -1, Troll) 191

What happens is that when people don't get punished for the first few things, they start to realize that the normal limits don't apply, and the bad sorts start pushing the envelope. Eventually ...

... eventually you get Hillary Clinton in control of the Democrat party and being presumed to be the next president. But pendulum does always swing the other way. This sort of thing could easily damage Uber's reputation and user base, in a significant way, at the retail level. Just like with the election, people vote with their feet, especially when it's so easy to just go somewhere else (Lyft, etc).

Comment Re:What makes this special? (Score 1) 273

We're talking about space science - "someday" is usually presumed to be many decades or centuries in the future.

And is that all? Really? That's not too bad. Child's play once we get serious about astronomy and start building gravitational telescopes using our sun as the lens. What could you resolve with a 550-700AU focal length?

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. Or Not (Score 1) 273

No, rotation isn't required for tidal forces, just for those forces to substantially "massage" a planet. Just squeezing the planet doesn't add heat, the squeeze needs to be changing to generate substantial heat.

It's true you'll still get some tidal effects due to eccentricity, but they'll be far smaller than if the planet was rotating - if you imagine the tides squeezing a stress-ball into more of a football shape, rotation means the bulges are traveling around the planet once per day. Without rotation you'll get just a slight change in how tight you're squeezing as the planet move closer and further from its primary, as well as some very slight oscillation of the bulge across the surface due to the associated libration.

I suppose though if we're talking about tight orbits around a huge primary, even a tiny fraction of the original tidal effects could still be quite large.

Hmm, and there will be another effect as well - that of the pulsating "tides" from the other planets - after all the distance between their orbits ranges between only about 2x and 4x that between the Earth and Moon, except for the outermost at ~6x the distance. That would be a factor with Jupiter's moons as well. I wonder how the magnitude of the effect would compare?

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