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Comment Re: Fake (Score 2) 184

As you said, for the "Moon Landing Was A Hoax" theory to be true, NASA and the US Government would have had to silence thousands of people who worked on the project, the Russians who were our bitter enemies and who we were trying to one-up for putting a man in orbit, and thousands of amateurs listening in. Also, this silencing and cover-up would have to be both: 1) So iron-clad perfect that it eluded the detection of thousands of people over the decades and 2) So full of holes that a guy sitting in his basement looking at a video on his computer monitor could spot the forgery. Meanwhile, the conspiracy itself would need to be both so effective that they could keep all of these thousands of people who "knew the truth" silent for all of these years (through everything that the world has gone through in the past 40+ years) and so incompetent that they can't stop hoaxers from blurting out "the truth" all over the place.

This is the standard plot-hole of nearly all conspiracy theories: The conspirators need to be both highly effective and totally bumbling at the same time.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 450

I should have clarified. We cancelled cable TV. Unfortunately, we're stuck with cable for Internet access. Our only other options are DSL (slow and Verizon's looking to ditch it ASAP), mobile (which we use for on-the-go browsing, but isn't good for streaming a household's worth of video), and satellite (slow and expensive with low caps).

Our cable company (Time Warner Cable) hasn't pulled the "Internet Alone costs more than Internet+TV" garbage, but I know that other cable companies (*cough*Comcast*cough*) have. It's all part of their dirty tricks to keep people subscribed to cable TV so they can claim higher subscriber numbers and fend off questions about cord cutting taking off.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 450

Cable news channels do provide news. The problem is that they feel the need to fill up 24 hours with "breaking news coverage" and wind up with 20+ hours of filler (speculation, talking heads, etc) and 3-4 hours of actual news (on a good day). I get the same news content minus the filler from various sources on the Internet in much less time.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 1) 450

News I can get from other sources - either OTA or from the Internet. I don't need 24 hours of "in-depth" news coverage of an event when 20 of those hours are talking heads speculating about things to fill the time.

As for sports, we really don't care about that. Certainly not enough to pay $70+ a month for it.

Comment Re:It's A Bargain (Score 4, Interesting) 450

When we cancelled our cable, they wanted to raise what I was paying from $87 (for cable TV + Internet) to $137. I would be getting nothing extra in return. No faster speeds. No additional channels or features. It was just a $50 price hike for the sake of hiking prices. When I asked about the $99 promotional prices they were advertising, I was told those were for new subscribers, not people who had been with them for about 15 years. When I questioned why the price was so high, I was told that it was actually a "$150 value" so I was really getting a "great deal."

We canceled cable and now we're paying $35 for Internet plus $10 a month for Hulu. (We were already subscribed to Netflix and Amazon Prime pre-cord-cutting and would have kept those either way so those really didn't factor in.) After factoring in buying more DVDs and VOD content (from Amazon or Google), I figure that we were saving around $70 a month. After a year of cutting cable, our former cable company announced the usual round of large price hikes so we're saving even more now.

Comment Re:Another day, another idiot (Score 1) 406

Judaism doesn't seek out converts

We actually actively discourage converts. Potential converts must first be turned away three times. If after the third time, they come back again, we know they're serious. Then, they can begin a long journey of study before they can finally convert. Even the conversion, for men at least, can turn back potential converts. While women get it easy (dipping themselves in a ritual pool), men need to get a circumcision. And no saying "it was already done when I was a baby." Some blood needs to be drawn. If you're willing to go through all that, they you're definitely serious about converting and not just looking to switch religions based on some impulse that will change a few weeks later.

Comment Re:Intelligent (Score 2) 406

From what I've heard, Trump immediately regretted his choice, tried to get out of it, but then realized that he couldn't. When Trump and Pence walked out to make the announcement, they played the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want." That's an odd choice of music for announcing someone that was high up on your VP list.

Comment Re:So what is YOUR plan? (Score 2) 406

Many, if not most, of the communists "rooted out" in the 1950's were political opponents of Joseph McCarthy. He read from an empty list and ruined people's lives by branding them "Communist." The same will happen here if we let it and people won't speak up for fear of being brought before the new House Un-American Activities Committee under suspicion of being pro-ISIS.

And as far as visiting an ISIS website being a felony, take a look at this URL:

Without clicking it, does that go to a legitimate news story, a video of kittens playing, an ISIS propaganda website complete with beheading videos, or a discussion forum? There's no way to tell. Someone could easily click that link thinking they are going to a funny video and end up on a pro-ISIS website. Then, if/when the authorities kick down their door, they'll discover pro-ISIS materials in the person's browser cache. (That link goes to this Slashdot story. Or does it? Try clicking it to find out!)

Then there's the possibility of computer infection. What if you're infected with a virus/worm/trojan and it downloads pro-ISIS materials onto your computer without you knowing. Are you to blame? Can you be sent to jail and/or fined for this?

Comment Re:So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

He also called for re-opening the House Un-American Activities Committee. Combine these two proposals and you'll see political foes of whoever is in charge of the new committee being suddenly "discovered" as ISIS sympathizers. Oh, sure, they'll protest but there will be highly convincing proof - classified, but we'll be assured that it's highly convincing. People will know that it's a farce but won't speak up for fear of being targeted next.

Comment Re: So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

This is why the religious right is so pro-Israel. They don't love the Jewish people. In fact, they're perpetually puzzled as to why we won't mass-convert over to Christianity. (They keep telling us to worship Jesus or burn in hell and yet we STILL don't fall in line. What's wrong with us?) However, if the Jewish people have a state and, specifically, control Jerusalem, then Revelations is one step closer to coming into being.

It's also why they don't actually want peace in the Middle East. Imagine if tomorrow some master statesman arose who convinced everyone in the Middle East to stop fighting and just get along. (We'll ignore exactly how the guy's supposed to do this and just assume for the moment that he can do this.) What does this mean for Revelations? Suddenly, Israel doesn't have a whole log of enemies surrounding them. No enemies means no armies marching on Jerusalem which means no Second Coming.

They don't want Israel to be destroyed but neither do they want it to exist in peace. As long as Israel remains in existence and surrounded by enemies, their end-of-the-world story has a chance of coming true. (An extremely tiny chance, but it's good enough for them.)

Comment Re:Will they ban browsers with JavaScript? Program (Score 1) 282

Which leads to:

4. All businesses which require encryption moving out of the UK.
5. Hackers take advantage of the lack of strong encryption to decrypt data that needed to remain secure. (e.g. credit card information)
6. Criminals and terrorists use freely available strong encryption from non-UK sources.

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