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Comment Re:...Gag me... (Score 1) 314

Ever since iOS has gotten all the love MacOS just doesn't seem to be as nice as it was before. If I am going to get a MacBook Pro. I want a portable workstation, with a portable Workstation OS not a half Desktop OS and Half mobile OS.

I haven't found a good OS for real work station work. Linux comes the closest. However it is still very Desktopy because it is trying to appease the grandma. Where it needs to appease people who wants to get real work done.

Comment Re:Touch screen (Score 1) 314

Well mostly it would mean just slightly redesigning the hinge. So it would flip back like a Yoga, or Swivel and turn around. or perhaps something more innovative.
The fact their laptops don't have touch screens seems rather ridiculous being that they were the first company to introduce multi-touch technology to the consumer.

Comment Re:Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 232

Well also the more you have the more you can lose.

This really isn't new. Back in the great depression much of this discussion of this as well.

"I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'" - composed in 1934 by George Gershwin
"Folks with plenty of plenty.They've got a lock on the door. Afraid somebody's going to rob 'em.While there out (a) making more - what for"

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 4, Insightful) 263

However the law shouldn't had been such a blanket ban, but more targeted towards people who abuse the service. Stipulations such as a minimum living time, in the building by the owners say 200 days a year. Rules to insure that safety and equality measures are taken place as AirBnB does have a problem with people excluding minorities. In essence to make sure people who are using the service are not playing by a different set of rules.

Comment The few Web 1.0 Sites. (Score 2) 27

While myself like a lot of people had moved away from Yahoo, it wasn't from disgust like I had with other site, but more to the fact that other sites just did the job better for me.
The Yahoo Name isn't unredeemable however it will take a while to get the users back. And they have to be more than on-par with their competitors they will need to be superior.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 214

But that was exactly my point - that Greece's economy had not reached an equivalent maturity of France and Germany's, and they rushed through their entrance to the euro regardless of them not being ready. Had they instead waited and said, "You're not ready yet", then Greece would've had an incentive to make it's economy actually ready and join at a later date when it had undergone the necessary changes, hence precisely why it was a rushed state of affairs. They turned a blind eye to Greece's known problems because they just wanted to rush ahead with things.

Comment Re:It's the only reason (Score 1) 142

They were Apple Rumors that OS X always had an Intel CPU port ready for deployment. Also rumors of iTunes for windows.
And when hearing the rumors people dismissed it as why would Apple want to do that it would kill their market.
Having iMessage for android could be a smart move.
1. It encourages a larger wifi network so there is more texting and less expensive coverage.
2. It gets Android users hooked on Apple products
3. Gets ready for a backup plan in case a catastrophic problem with iOS

Apple is a huge company it has the money to spend on projects that may not get released just to hedge its bets. The market changes rapidly vendors who offer critical components can get finicky. Apple is big enough and smart enough not to take abuse from vendors. They keep backup plans in their pocket in case of a problem.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 2) 218

It is mostly due to Mathematical calculation vs. Visual observation.

The Planets part of the Solar System have been found using visual observation. A Dark planet so far away would be nearly impossible to find.

The Planets we found outside our solar system are from Stars that are having particular traits that that fit a mathematical model.

So just as how we found the mysterious 9th real planet basing the observation of the sun. Vs looking into the darkness to see if we find something.

If/When we do visually find it. I hope it isn't an upsidedown earth.

Comment Re:They didn't raise the price (Score 1) 214

Whilst I understand the logic behind your pedantry, I actually disagree with you. Why?

Because Microsoft never changes prices in the other direction on things like this when following the UK pound - when it was $2 USD to the pound back in about 2007 we sure as hell didn't get an 80% discount on stuff compared to where we are priced now.

So I actually think it is a price increase, precisely because Microsoft has never followed the pound - following the pound implies that these price changes will fluctuate up and down, but I'd wager this price increase isn't reversed when the pounds fortunes improve.

I think this price increase is absolutely justified given what we have done to our country and currency, however I also think cuts are justified when the pound is strong, and yet we never get them. In fact, only a couple of years ago the pound was back up to 1.70 - 1.80 USD and yet we never saw a price cut then.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 214

The whole point in the EU was to share wealth and bring all countries up to the same level so that the continent could move forward together.

It was a noble and sane idea, the problem is it's been rushed, which is why the euro has struggled, because as you say they pushed ahead with it long before that cross-continental equalisation of wealth and productivity had occurred.

So you're somewhat right and somewhat wrong, there was nothing wrong with the idea per-se, just the way it was implemented. I think some naively hoped that pushing it through would somehow speed up the process, but like many processes in economics and nature alike, you just can't rush these things. People are impatient, and that's where it all went horribly wrong.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 214

Even some of the most hard-right Brexiteers such as Daniel Hannan who has a massively long history of xenophobia believe that immigration shouldn't see greater control.

You're right, it really is only the genuinely far right fringes that are pushing that idea such as Jacob Rees Mogg and Nigel Farage. Even the hard-right aren't keen on the idea because they know we're so economically dependent on it.

Honestly, I suspect Farage admitting the whole NHS £350million was a lie within 2 hours of winning the referendum would've been enough to make people realise what they've done was stupid - the real peak realisation will be next summer when all the chavs realise they can no longer afford to go to Benidorm, but hey-ho, May seems intent on making a point now. I can't tell if she's grossly inept or if she's calling the far-right Brexiteers bluffs by showing them what happens when they get their way. Either way it's a dangerous game.

Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 1) 214

All trade deals that had any impact on British sovereignty had to be agreed by Britain anyway - see the current CETA debacle as an example, where one tiny little irrelevant region in Europe can crush an entire treaty.

So your argument is incorrect, there's no difference in the decrease in sovereignty, Britain was always part of negotiations and acceptance anyway, the difference now is we're negotiating from a much weaker starting point - we only have 65million people instead of 580million people. That necessarily means we're going to have to accept more compromise in favour of the larger parties (i.e. US, China, etc.) than we did before because we need the deals more than they do.

The idea Britain can bully other countries into trade deals that suit us is a naive and ignorant hangover of British imperialism where there's a view that we somehow still control half the world and can somehow still bully other countries to our whim. We can't.

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