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Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1) 102

TIOBEs index is fundamentally flawed, I've posted here analysing why on numerous occasions and in great detail, and whilst my posts on the topic have always been modded to +5 Slashdot still regularly posts drivel based upon it, and people still seem to debate those stories even though they have exactly no merit whatsoever due to the fact the data behind the story is fundamentally broken.

I still have literally no idea why Slashdot posts stories based on TIOBE, and why anyone bothers to debate those stories as if the premise they're dragging from the index has any merit whatsoever. I can only assume TIOBE pays Slashdot for Slashvertisments at this point.

I'll give TIOBE credit, it has in the last year or so updated it's methodology to be slightly less than worthless rather than just completely worthless, but it's still ultimately just a shade of worthless in it's methodology. It looks like they're now using someone who passed high school statistics, rather than someone that failed it. They really need at absolute minimum a statistics graduate though if their index is to be of any value.

I've long said that if they want to drastically increase the value and worth of their index, then rather than counting how many results they get for "C Language" on YouTube, Amazon, Baidu, and Wikipedia which tells us pretty much nothing about it's usage, that they at least switch to using results from Jobsites, and open source project sites. That way they can start to measure what's actually being used, rather than what a bunch of unrelated search engines are confusing their search for.

Consider this, C++ is a (relatively) old language, but one that has been updated, by searching Amazon for "C++ Language" you may therefore get more books on it than any other language, but that tells us absolutely nothing about how much it's being used, as many people who read the early books may have long retired and the books may be entirely irrelevant now, but Amazon still lists them whilst newer C++ developers are buying the newer books it's possible that usage has stayed relatively static for example - the increase in books does not necessarily correlate to an increase in developers. The same problem rings true in other ways for all their other search results.

By using job sites it may still not tell us anything about retirement, but it does at least tell us the trend. Using open source repositorites can be a good indicator of actual usage, though it misses out the entirety of the corporate closed source world which may or may not use a completely different set of technologies.

So whilst TIOBE currently tells us nothing of value, it could be changed to tell us what companies are hiring for and hence using or intending to use, which is helpful, or it could tell us what open source projects are using, which is useful information as it gives you an idea of what open source developers are choosnig to use even if it's not necessarily representative of the whole market.

Short version: TIOBE needs to change it's methology to be meaningful, or Slashdot needs to stop posting stories based on it that are almost certanily incorrect, or at least aren't verifiable by anything from TIOBE.

Comment Re:How to delete your phone number from facebook (Score 1) 103

Someone else suggested that when I've mentioned this before, but the issue is that MSN used a Hotmail account that I had set up years ago specifically for MSN, whereas LinkedIn used one of my actual proper e-mail addresses.

If I had to guess it would be that MS was transferring IP address data of machines we connected with + real names.

Comment Ignorance shouldn't be an excuse. (Score 3, Informative) 37

The biggest problem in IT Security, is all the decision (those people outside of IT) claim ignorance, as those IT guys just talk techno babble.

So when there is legitimate problems, they just ignore IT and tell them to fix it. Vs. trying to take some time to learn about the problem and see if there are other solutions than just a computer fix.

Comment Re:Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in (Score 1) 74

Which is why a lot of people do not like soap operas. Science Fiction offers an escape from our humdrum life to a more exciting one. While a soap opera we just relieve the awkwardness of our teenage/young adult life.

However a good show needs to be strong characters and plot. Many shows while may had been initially popular due to strong character or plot, just don't have the same re-viewing popularity after it has been seen, because if it had a good plot but dull characters you don't care because you know what happens, or strong characters and weak plot you just don't care because there isn't anything driving what is going on.

Soap Opera get a bad rap because of their history of being cheaply produced and written just so they can get many episodes out over a long period of time.

Comment Re:I'm making a note here (Score 4, Interesting) 88

Life is like D&D.
If you work hard add + 3
If you have passion add + 2
If you have advanced education + 1
If you have gotton education in that area + 1
Are you willing to make additional sacrifices to your life (you will get a chance to reroll after each sacrifice)

Now roll the dice. 10 or higher you succeed. 18 or higher you are successful, natural 20 Critical success you roll a natural 1 you automatically fail badly.

Comment Re:GE Invented offshoring (Score 1) 109

The problem is Six Sigma is good for manufacturing, however GE pushed it to other things where the cost of insuring that level of accuracy was greater than letting the mistakes go threw.

So for example following 6S will cost a team 1 day a week of extra work roughly 10 weeks a year of extra work to prevent a problem that will cost an extra weeks of work ever 3 months that will take a week to fix (4 weeks a year) that is just money wasted due to being paranoid of making a mistake.

Comment Re:Skeptical or terrified? (Score 1) 109

GE isn't what I think of as a Start-Up.
As GE is one of the largest companies in the world Currently #11 on the Fortune 500. Having been around for 124 years, there is a well defined GE Culture that is nearly hard to break. For a startup you need to be quick and nible. The culture will need to be flexible smart and not hung up with titles, that isn't GE.

Sure they may be the current leader of IoT however that doesn't make them a startup. I have seen the jobs for the IoT division and mostly they just want a bunch of academics (were having some is a good thing, however too many causes in the box thinking) and not so much focus on real world skills. Hence a lot of the security concerns of IoT. As the focus is on make it work, vs make it sustainable.

Comment Re:Good lord.... (Score 3, Informative) 174

Now I'm usually one to jump on bad stats given that I took a further degree in stats, but the first line of TFA answers your question:

"The study entitled State of Mobile Device Performance and Health focuses on the second quarter of 2016"

58% of all iOS devices sounds way too high for sure, until you recognise their broad definition of failure which can include failing to connect to WiFi, app crashes and so on.

So effectively the study is saying that in Q2 2016 58% of iOS devices suffered some sort of fault, but that fault might not actually be a big deal.

Beyond that I didn't read the report because I couldn't be bothered to sign up even with my junk details, so I can't really comment on how accurate their methodology might be, and hence how accurate their results might be, but if you're interested it's here:

I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that 58% of iOS devices suffered some kind of glitch in that period - all it would take is one buggy release of a popular app such as Facebook and the number is bound to shoot right up without it ever really being Apple's fault (beyond arguably not better vetting the quality of updates of apps perhaps).

When I Googled the report though, the first result was actually the 2016 Q1 report, where the results are the exact opposite:

I suspect therefore one of two things, either it is as I say and one broken major software release on a device or set of devices can greatly sway the stats in a quarter due to their broad definition of "fault" or they're just making these numbers up as a clickbait to try and get you to sign up to build up their userbase for monetisation purposes through ad revenue or similar.

I'm swaying towards the second, not that I'm a cynic or anything :)

Comment Re:How to delete your phone number from facebook (Score 1) 103

I had a friend on MSN messenger who I knew in real life, we'd never connected on the internet in any other way whatsoever so the only way to link us was via MSN.

I was on LinkedIn but only with 10 or so contacts, all of whom were recruiters and had no common links between me and my friend on MSN.

One day when I logged into LinkedIn it suggested my friend from MSN as a contact, given that the only way to link us was via MSN it was clear that long before MS bought LinkedIn it was engaging in illegal data sales/transfers with LinkedIn and LinkedIn was willing to buy/accept illegal data too, and use it to try and grow it's business.

It seems that pretty much all big tech companies violate data protection laws. The law just seems to not get enforced against them.

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