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Comment Re:Decipher (Score 1) 109

I'm really curious what made me "immune." I updated Transmission last Thursday or Friday to the version supposedly infected. I learned about the malware Sunday and immediately checked for the reported signs of an infected computer, of which I had none. I immediately upgraded to the clean version and as of last night, my Mac mini is still clean.


I did this just a few days ago (not the script, but removed all these KBs by hand).

While that's great and all, I'm not sure what to do moving forward. I'm certainly not believing Microsoft won't continue to try and insert these call-backs in future KBs and I'm not Windows-savvy enough to trust myself to identify future KBs that I would not want in my system.

Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

  • A physically sturdy connector, with a reference design of a socket that will stand at least 1,000 insertions and ideally 10,000 in normal use.

Not enough. MicroUSB is rated (someone else said) for 10,000 insertions. Insertion count means nothing if it's rated that way based on "perfect" connections. I am highly suspect that MicroUSB can hold up to anywhere close to 10,000 under normal, "human" usage.

  • A connector that either has an orientation so obvious that no one could possibly plug it in the wrong way, or one that works in either orientation.

I think you need to go farther with this one. The connector must be able to be connected in either extremely low-light or no-light conditions and not have the possibility of being bent or broken in those conditions.

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