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Comment Re:Is there a windows store for desktop windows 10 (Score 1) 84

Is there a windows store for the desktop version of windows 10?


I did not even know that. Does it also Work with Windows 7/8?

It was released with Windows 8.

It only carries the new 'modern ui' apps. There are a variety of technologies in place to make the apps more self contained (more sandboxed); as well as let you potentially deliver the same app to Windows Desktop, tablet, and phone, (and xbox) consumers in one transaction.

Its not all bad. The original 'metro' was far too "phone/tablet" and lousy for desktop. The only one I personally use is Netflix.

Its gotten better, the apps will run in windows now ("small w" windows ie not full screen), and they added title bars and so on to the desktop version but I still have zero desire to use it for games or anything paid.

Myself, I like steam and gog. Both steam and gog are cross-platform (mac+windows+linux); which I actually value a lot vs (winphone+windesktop+xbox) which I do not value at all.

I could see the Windows store coming to replace random download sites for a lot of things, and that would be a good thing for the user experience and for safety + security. (e.g. it would be a good source for stuff like CPU-Z, qbittorrent, Acrobat Reader, Dropbox... etc etc... ) Having all that in the windows store would be good for the windows platform -- updates could be centralized instead of each doing their own.

The trouble with that is right now none of those apps will actually currently work if delivered by the windows store; due to the restrictions and sandboxing etc. CPU-Z I think needs admin rights to get the CPU information it reports, which store apps can't have. Dropbox needs shell integration which store apps cant' have. qbitttorrent... not sure if the windows store can distribute GPL stuff due to GPL license rules on making source available via the distributor...Maybe it is? And acrobat reader installs browser plugins etc which the again... app store apps can't do.

So... its a neat concept, that needs to happen but the chasm between what an app store app can do, and what windows desktop users need is still too wide.

This is why MS is focussed on games -- games are generally pretty self contained, and they are hoping to tie it together with xbox which makes sense, and may be of some value to xbox owners... to be able to play chunks of their xbox library at home or on their laptop...

The point being... a good app store run by microsoft would be good for the windows ecosystem. However, if Microsoft tries to squeeze out the other app stores, that would be a bad thing.

Comment Re:because... (Score 1) 84

That Steam works. As a player, it does exactly what you expect. It handles the deals with the companies that want to push their stuff on their platform, they have a decent return policy that pretty much ensures whoever sells through them has to deliver a working product, they do have a very well working installation tool that (at least so far) didn't cause any problems for me (if a game worked AT ALL on a platform I chose, it did install without a problem), in a nutshell, Steam "just works".

I can't really say the same for anything MS has pushed. Ever. Just yesterday during an install of a Visual Studio component I got a cryptic error that was due to me having to restart the machine before that VS component could be installed. There was no, zero, indication that this could be the problem in the first place.

I don't really expect MS to be any more useful as a game delivering platform for games they didn't produce if they can't even get their act together for the software they themselves have 100% control over.

Comment They have a LONG road ahead (Score 1) 84

If they really want to make the Microsoft store a better choice than Steam (or, hell, ANYTHING), they really have a lot of hard work ahead of them.

Hell, at this point, even buying a Mac and swallowing the Apple store instead is a more viable alternative for any gamer than to accept the train wreck the MS store is.

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 109

Also Celsius is based on something familiar to everyone. Water boils at 100 freezes at 0, easy.

Anyone can tell you 7 is cold and 70 is hot. What does Fahrenheit relate to? Who knows?

I would venture to guess that hardly any American would know how to dress really at 7C or 70C...they are meaningless in every day use here in the US.

It depends on what you are used to and have grown up with....

I instantly know what to wear and the comfort zone of a day outside with the high at 76F. AT 76C I'd have no idea what to put on....

It isn't like when I listen to the weather forecast that I think " close is this to the freezing or boiling point of water?". You just know from years of experience and growing up with every day normal weather and activities.

And being that Slashdot is a US centric site...most of us here are used to getting our stores with the units of measure we're used to dealing with here, and not having to stop, hit google and find a conversion site....

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 109

I hope you realize that 129.2F means absolutely nothing to the majority of the world. ;)

I don't really care much about the rest of the world, as far as common every day things like watching the morning news for the weather to see the temperature, etc...and know how to dress, I have little to no contact with folks outside the US.

And since Slashdot is a US centric site...most things are (and should be) in the units of measurement we are all used to.

Comment Re:ABM systems equal escalation? (Score 1) 50

We can have enough missiles pointed at you to turn all of your major cities into slag, but we won't do it because you have enough missiles pointed at us to turn all of our major cities into slag. The MAD balance depends on both sides being unable to defend themselves, only retaliate. If one side can nuke the other side's cities and shoot down the retaliation, there is no balance. One side wins, the other loses. How is that hard to understand?

Of course there's such a thing as not wanting war, like why would Americans want to kill Russians or Russians want to kill Americans today? But MAD isn't about that, it's about a power balance where war would doom both sides. While an arms race stalemate might temporarily keep us from destroying each other, I hope that lasting peace will come from a more positive source of inspiration. Because I never really expected MAD to last forever.

Comment Re: TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 203

Probably a bad idea. Any active action to prevent the police from gaining access would probably be considered obstruction of justice, any non-police duress won't stop there. It would also prove the phone in question is programmed to respond to your fingerprints, which by itself is evidence. Perhaps it's your teenage kid's phone that he forgot and you're bringing it to him, possession is not proof of access.

If you do want a panic button and is willing to deal with the consequences it should simply irrecoverably wipe the device. Either way offer only passive resistance. If they have to do paperwork and time runs out, tough. If they try the wrong fingers and run out of attempts, tough. Configure your device any way you want up front but don't help, don't obstruct. But if you're seriously worried I'd just turn it off and use a PIN.

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