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Comment Re:Had my first order cancelled by Amazon last mon (Score 1) 68

I live in Toronto, Canada, their warehouse is in a sister city. I don't think this is how it works out here, maybe has different operating guidelines compared to I always choose free shipping and the order is at my door the very next day. I am not a Prime member.

Comment Foreign content (Score 1) 103

Well, I am here in Canada often looking for DVDs of Bollywood movies. The only place I can buy then are $1 DVDs at ethnic grocery stores.

So yah, I have paid in the past, now its more online, some sudo legit IPTV/streaming providers stream movies netflix style, but its grey as a lot of streamed movies have no Copyright registration here in Canada.

Comment Netflix 4K only on Smart TV (Score 4, Interesting) 507

I had a lengthy conversation with netflix support, apparently, there is NO way to view 4K netflix content except for a smart TV that supports "software" as they call it. Essentially, its DRM as demanded by studio.

So as in my case, I have 40" 4K monitor, all the hardware, a 4K plan with netflix, 50mbps internet, but I cannot get 4K because its only available on these so called Smart TVs.

Before we argue, 4K content is a lot lot sharper. I do want it, but Netflix won't stream it to my PC.

Comment Not only cars (Score 4, Interesting) 185

After engineering, some of my friends went into IC design. There first few projects were rather painful.

They would sit in large halls where laid large sheets of competitors ICs. The competitor products were stripped apart, grinned few microns and each layer scanned into these large sheets.

There fresh out of college labor was in charge of then crawling over these large print outs and decoding the design.

Comment Amazon Employees (Score 1) 97

Amazon or any other big corporation does not pay taxes is a misnomer.

Such organization choose to spend this money in investment or give their money to employees as salaries and bonuses, amazon has 222K employees, if it spends half of this 10billion in employee salaries and bonuses, billions just went in taxes to the government.

Comment Immigration and Refugee asylum (Score 2, Insightful) 72

At the time of her death, just a reminder that she also represents why Immigration and Refugee asylum is essential.

Growing up in Iraq, she eventually migrated to Britain before creating a mark globally. Made the lives of many a little bit happier as art does.

Listen to the xenophobes and such talent may not get the recognition it deserves and humanity would lose talent that could have been.

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