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Comment Re:Copy machine at stores (Score 1) 171

The main use I can see for such a machine is printing replacement parts for the cheap bit of plastic that breaks in a load of consumer equipment, but where the replacements are too difficult or expensive to buy. Unfortunately, doing that well will also need some kind of 3D scanner so that you can put in the broken bit and modify it (e.g. put in two parts and then drag them around until you have a single object).

Comment Re:Look up laws on booby traps (Score 1) 219

Hence what I said about "overly literal geeks". You think so long as you can find something that you consider to be logically consistent, that'll work and you are out of trouble. I'm telling you that is NOT how it works in a court. They very much take the "reasonable man" approach and factor in intent. Doesn't matter how clever you think you are, what matters is what the law says and how the judge applies it.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 513

Oh, shove it up your ass. The Christian religion/cult is exactly the same way. That's why 100% of our Presidents and 99% of our CongressCritters are Christian. That's why racists are screaming about "Judeo-Christian values". Christianity already took over the US.

Comment Re:"Built to think like a reporter"... (Score 1) 112

Unfortunately, true. Also interesting to note that journalism as a whole is sexist (many more males than females), racist (declining and way under-representative of minorities), and opposed to equal pay for equal work. So while they tend to champion such things as equality for all in theory - they really don't carry through in actions.

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