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Comment How can Oculus know which code to remove? (Score 1) 24

Carmack posted something pretty long saying he was not only extremely disappointed in Zenimax's expert witness, but was essentially barred from seeing the evidence he used. How can you remove stolen code if you don't know what to remove?

While it appears that Zenimax is going for the jugular here, it is almost certainly a negotiating tactic to get a large stake in Oculus. They're not interested in VR, but it would be a safe way for them to keep a foot planted in the market should it become big enough.

Comment Re:Apples for apples (Score 1) 67

Hi there, I've founded and run - and sold! - several businesses in the US, just did another one. I know how tax deductions work. And I know, too, that if you lose money at the end of the day you don't have to pay income taxes. But you still LOST MONEY. Paying tax means you made a profit; not paying tax means you didn't make a profit. Currently Tesla is spending more than it's bringing in, so it loses money. You don't make "profit" tha way...

Comment Re:Stupid, stupid questions (Score 1) 275

This. Exactly this.

Nobody experiences fear weekly about losing their job to a robot" unless they are mentally unstable, or they are literally in the midst of an automation wave in their own company and they are watching coworkers get let go.

Hell... even the cashiers at mcdonalds or the grocery store who are literally watching them install self-serve checkouts a few feet away don't worry weekly about losing their jobs to robots.

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