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Comment Re:minimum wage jobs (Score 2) 84

Just walk into any healthcare facility in the US. Panopticon ain't in it. We've got cameras monitoring cameras and locks protecting locked drawers.

In college I worked for a large aviation company as a summer intern in a high security facility. It was more relaxed than the little hospital I work in presently. I just wish they would let us review the feeds so I could figure out where I left my glasses.

Comment Rear-view mirror. (Score 2) 159

I am reminded that when cars were first invented, there were laws put in place mandating that someone walk ahead of any self-propelled vehicle waving a red flag, for fear of scaring horses and making people uncomfortable.

Not automobiles as we know them.

Steam powered road tractors, mammoth agricultural tractors and heavy construction equipment. Ca. 1860-1896. Think township or county roads that were dirt or gravel tracks barely more than a single lane wide. Now do you know why you needed a flag man?

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 4, Insightful) 318

And unlike the career politicians he's actually followed through on his promises so far. Failure to repeal Obamacare is not a lie. He made the effort.


Obama "made the effort" to close Gitmo throughout his whole presidency, does he get credit for that?
Because a lot of people count that as a "broken promise".

It would be a pretty hypocritical that Trump gets credit for "following through on his promises" by introducing a completely stillborn turd of a bill that his own party wouldn't pass.

Or would you have called Obama a success if instead of he'd introduced a bill to just shut it down while boasting... "I'm the best negotiator, its the best bill you'll ever see, everyone is going to love it."
then two weeks later when its obviously garbage and not going to pass even his own party... he withdraws it and says, "I made the effort. now we're just going to keep it open. So there. Oh... and Mitch McConnell now owns it. It's 100% his problem now."

Comment Re:Discount != paying you. (Score -1) 89

FedEx is not paying anyone to install flash. Instead, they are offering a $5 discount. There is a huge difference.

On top of that, its offered as compensation for making you deal with the fact that you have to install flash. It seems a lot more like them saying:

'yea, this sucks that we have to ask you to do this, so heres a discount to kinda make up for it, we're really sorry :('

Which also sounds like they recognize that flash isn't what they should be doing and likely have at least a few people who are trying to remedy the problem.

But hey, the headline is WAY more clickbait-ready than if they had used "discount" instead of "pay you"

Comment Re: Lots of valuable information... (Score 1) 394

I've also been considering getting a VPN service. I run OpenVPN, in order to get to my home network while away. I've found a service, and one of the VPNs they support is OpenVPN. But I've heard that OpenVPN isn't that great in terms of performance. It doesn't matter now, because I don't push that much traffic through it.

But if the VPN is becoming my default route, performance will be much more important. Which has also let me to realize that I'll probably do somewhat messy routing, letting primary sites go directly out, while "other stuff" goes through the VPN. I don't care if advertisers know I visit Slashdot or Ars Technica, nor if I go to Amazon. It's all of those other links, like non-Amazon shopping or medical searches. Who cares if they watch me downloading OSS to compiler for Gentoo?

Comment Re:Norton (Score 2) 75

The difference now is that many hackers have developed tools for MITM attacks on https.

Yes and the same tools work with a self-signed cert or with HTTP. To make them work with HTTPS and a signed cert, you need to have a compromised CA signing cert. This is still currently mostly limited to nation-state adversaries.

Comment Re:Norton (Score 1) 75

Step one: Any browser that cares about security MUST stop regarding https with CA certificates as any more trustworthy that self-signed certificates or plain http.

Why? Plain HTTP can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination. HTTPS with a self-signed certificate can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination, but can be detected if you do certificate pinning or certificate transparency. HTTPS with a signed cert can only be compromised with cooperation from a CA. The set of people that can compromise signed HTTPS is significantly lower than the set that can compromise self-signed HTTPS.

Submission + - Why You Should Care About The Supreme Court Case On Toner Cartridges (

rmdingler writes: A corporate squabble over printer toner cartridges doesn’t sound particularly glamorous, and the phrase “patent exhaustion” is probably already causing your eyes to glaze over. However, these otherwise boring topics are the crux of a Supreme Court case that will answer a question with far-reaching impact for all consumers: Can a company that sold you something use its patent on that product to control how you choose to use after you buy it?

Here’s the background: Lexmark makes printers. Printers need toner in order to print, and Lexmark also happens to sell toner.

Then there’s Impression Products, a third-party company makes and refills toner cartridges for use in printers, including Lexmark’s.

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