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Submission + - Goldman Sachs Trading Source Code In the Wild? (

Hangtime writes: The world's most valuable source code could be in the wild. According to a report by Reuters, a Russian immigrant and former Goldman Sachs developer named Sergey Aleynikov was picked up at Newark Airport on July 4th by the FBI on charges of industrial espionage. According to the complaint, Sergey prior to his early June exit from Goldman copied, encrypted, and uploaded source code inferred to be the code used by Goldman Sachs to process in real-time (micro-seconds) trades between multiple equity and commodity platforms. While trying to cover his tracks, the system backed up a series of bash commands so he was unable to erase his history that would later give him away to Goldman and the authorities. So the question, where are the 32MB of encrypted files that Sergey uploaded to a German server? Have they been copied beyond that point? The possibilities: the potential to either make someone fantastically, filthy rich by front-running (trading ahead of) Goldman Sachs or bring down the entire US and possibly international equity markets. Where in the World is this Source Code?

Reuters Reporting

ZeroHedge Blog Commentary and Copy of the Complaint

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