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Comment Works for me and I have Ad-Blocker turned on (Score 1) 102

Submission + - How UC Exploited Visa Programs to Outsoure IT to India (latimes.com)

Nova Express writes: "Using a visa loophole to fire well-paid U.S. information technology workers and replace them with low-paid immigrants from India is despicable enough when it’s done by profit-making companies such as Southern California Edison and Walt Disney Co. But the latest employer to try this stunt sets a new mark in what might be termed 'job laundering.' It’s the University of California. Experts in the abuse of so-called H-1B visas say UC is the first public university to send the jobs of American IT staff offshore." And the American IT workers who were laid off were required to train their foreign replacements.

Comment Trump mentioned in the actual article (Score 3, Insightful) 432

"We're encouraged by the pro-growth policies of President Trump," Fields said when announcing the investment shift from Mexico to the Flat Rock facility.

While this is not quoted in the opening paragraph, this would seem to be a significant factor in the decision, and thus maybe worth at least a passing summary in the Slashdot blurb?

Comment Hey look! It's another MSM Russian Hacking Story! (Score 4, Insightful) 574

Security experts have been warning of possible foreign hacking for decades. But why this sudden spate of "Russia hacked X" stories now? Why not back when our Secretary of State was running an illegal, private, unsecured email server through which she transmitted classified information?

Simple: The Washington Post wanted Hillary to win the Presidential election, and reminding people how her action made it easier for Russian hackers to gain access to classified information wouldn't have helped her. But publishing it now helps support the false narrative that the Russians were behind the DNC leaks, not disgruntled Democratic Party staffers, and thus supposedly harms President-elect Donald Trump, whom the Washington Post and it's employees almost universally loath. That's the entire reason the story is being written and published now.

Further reading here and here.

What do you think the under/over is for MSM "Russian Hacking" stories between now and January 20?

Comment Real Story, Fake Narrative (Score 2, Insightful) 236

I'm sure the Russian government recruits computer talent in the many ways listed in the article. I would suspect the U.S. government does much the same.

The fake part comes in: Why publish this piece now? Why not, say, during the massive OPM breach?

Simple: Publishing it during the OPM breach would have harmed Obama, whom the New York Times and it's employees almost universally adore, while publishing it now helps prop up the false narrative that the Russians were behind the DNC leaks, not a disgruntled Democratic Party insider, and thus supposedly harms President-elect Donald Trump, whom the New York Times and it's employees almost universally loath.

Remember, among the revelations to come out just after the election were how the Times abandoned objectivity to go after Trump and how the entire newsroom is dedicated to driving a predetermined narrative rather than carrying out an objective search for truth.

This story was published because it fits an (unproven and probably false) narrative that Russia "hacked the election" because it theoretically harms Trump.

Further reading here and here.

Submission + - SPAM: Warrant for Wiener's Laptop Unsealed 2

Xenographic writes: The warrant used to seize Anthony Wiener's laptop has been unsealed in redacted form, which details their efforts to clean up any leaks of classified information from Hillary's private server, which the warrant tells us was filled with classified information. Specifically: "In February 2016, the State Department completed its review and determined that 2,115 of the 30,490 emails contained information that is presently classified. Out of these 2,115 emails, the State Department determined that 2,028 emails contain information classified at the Confidential level; 65 contain information classified at the Secret level; and 22 contain information classified at the Top Secret level." So as part of their investigation, they had to search out and destroy any information that might exist on Wiener's laptop. We already know from Podesta email #10587 that Hillary's staff believed that one of the items on Hillary's server was a Top Secret picture of North Korea. In that email, Brian Fallon wrote: "The rumor was not that ODNI had completed the review and determined only one was not TS and the other was, but rather that they had only reached a definitive conclusion on the one (we think the North Korea email that supposedly relied on satellite imagery) and were still deciding on the other."
Link to Original Source

Submission + - "Lawrence Lessig Was Talking Out His Ass" (battleswarmblog.com)

Nova Express writes: A small sideshow to this year’s Electoral College circus was Lawrence Lessig’s Amazing Disappearing Faithless Electors. The Harvard professor, Creative Commons founder, and all around political gadfly boldly declared that “at least 20 Republican members of the Electoral College may not cast their votes for President-elect Donald Trump.” That’s just 18 more than the 2 that actually flipped. One wonders how Lessig arrived at his grossly inflated count. Indeed, Lessig spent much of the 2016 election cycle making mystifying moves and puzzling pronouncements.

Comment Pretty stunning if true (Score 2) 50

As rival chaebol, Samsung and LG hate each other and avoid doing business with each other whenever possible. (It was a huge deal when LG and Hyundai merged their semiconductor businesses together into Hynix, and that was only because building new wafer fabs had gotten too expensive to keep going it alone.) Especially since LG is smaller than Samsung. Samsung must really have felt that was the only way to solve their problem...

Comment Yes, Obamacare helped ruin health insurance... (Score 0, Flamebait) 497

...in order to force taxpayer-funded abortions on the American public.

You may think that's an exaggeration, but look how tenaciously Nancy Pelosi insisted on the provision during the debate over Obamacare, forcing Stupak's block of flippers to cave rather than give it up.

Look how fervently the Obama Administration insisted that the Little Sister of the Poor must pay for abortifacients rather than come to an accommodation as required by the law.

ObamaCare was meant to fail as a means of forcing the full socialization of American medicine, true. But it was also designed as an instrument of the culture war, and one Democrats were determined to defend no matter how many legislators lost their seats over it.

And as for the current state of ObamaCare, take a look here.

Comment India just tried to go almost completely cashless (Score 4, Informative) 258

Overnight and without warning, the government banned bills worth more than about $1.50. The result has been an absolute disaster:

97% of the Indian economy is cash-based. With 88% of all outstanding currency no longer usable, the economy is coming to a standstill. The daily-wage laborer, who leads a hand-to-mouth existence in a country with GDP per capita of a mere $1,600, no longer has work, as his employer has no cash to pay his wages. His life is in utter chaos. He is not as smart as Modi — despite the fact that Modi has no real life experience except as a bully and perhaps in his early days as a tea-seller at a train-station. He has no clue where his life is headed from here.

These people are going hungry, and some have begun to raid food shops. People are dying for lack of treatment at hospitals. Old people are dying in the endless queues. Some are killing themselves, as they are unable to comprehend the situation and simply don’t know what to do. There are now hundreds of such stories in the media.

Small businesses are in shambles, and many will probably never recover. The Hindu wedding season has just started and people are left with unusable banknotes. Their personal and family lives are now an utter disaster.

Banks and ATMs are running out of what little cash their is shortly after they open.

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