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Submission + - The legal challenge against adblocking is failing over and over (thenextweb.com)

chasm22 writes: "Wherever you stand on the adblocking debate – often somewhere between the protection of people’s rights not to be bombarded or a destroyer of jobs and industries – there’s no getting around the fact that if you’re anti-adblocking, you’re on the consistently losing side, legally speaking."

Submission + - MS Web Site Joins the Blocker Blockers (microsoft.com) 3

mikeebbbd writes: MS Support web site will no longer work with any kind of cookie or script blocking. The home Support page puts up an ugly block page, and if a deep link is used it displays text only and a large blue bar on top complaining about the blockage and how "you agree" to allowing all access "by using this web site." Bollocks. All incentive (i.e. some support) is now gone for sticking with Windows; at least in the past you could limit cookies etc. to MS domain only. Now more than 1/2 dozen other trackers must be allowed in.

LG Presents Solar Powered E-Book 139

MikeChino writes "At first glance, e-readers offer a great set of benefits over paper-bound books – they’re light, versatile, and a great alternative to lugging around a tote full of dead tree tomes on your next trip. However these new reading mediums have one glaring fault — can you imagine the frustration of running out of juice mid-sentence and halfway through Infinite Jest? LG's new solar e-book aims to address this issue by harnessing the sun's rays to power its display. The device features a 10 centimeter wide thin-film photovoltaic panel that can power the reader for a full day's worth of reading after 4-5 hours spent sitting in the sun."

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